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Next morning Emma awoke early, to the smell of freshly fried bacon, it made her suddenly very hungry, she slipped quickly out of bed, popped on her dressing gown and slippers, and started down the stairs. Below she could hear the clatter of plates, and the sound of a kettle whistling merrily to itself as it came to the boil.

Emma was surprised, when coming down into the room; she saw not her father, but a large woman of mature years bustling about like a mother hen.

          "Hello, Who are you?" Emma asked, but then she remembered, "Are you Mary? You are aren't you? She asked hopefully.

          "Course I am" the woman replied smiling at Emma, “Who else would I be, But there again at this time of year, village is full of strangers.”

“Mind you, some is stranger than others " She continued "Master Robert has gone up to the harbour, said he would be back in five minutes you'd better start without him. I'll do tea and toast when he comes in, now you'll be having a proper breakfast, not like lots of young people today ".

          "Where is that boy!" Mary said to herself " Master Robert will be talking to the fishermen, the vicar, the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker, and woe betide us if he meets Emily Brown, it'll be after lunch when he returns"

She then turned and smiled at Emma " I don’t suppose your dad has changed a bit that way, for all his years. A postman talks to everyone, its part of his job, especially hereabouts.”

“Why when I was a girl, and working at the big house over at St. Davids’ postman was expected to play a game of tennis, before going on his way, mind you they had more time then, no vans then, I remember that man rode an old brown donkey.

          "Hello, Is anyone up there?" a voice called from outside the kitchen window, which startled Emma for she knew her father’s voice,

          "Where are you, Dad?" she called back.

          "Down here, in the boat" he replied, "Not floating on thin air, like Emily Brown".

"There’s a basket with a line attached, lower it down and I'll pop in the groceries and then if you pull them up, I'll follow up this iron ladder.”
          Emma stepped out of the kitchen on to a little balcony, and looking down she saw her father some twelve feet below her mooring a boat to a ring on the sea wall. Emma found the basket and lowered it to her father, who loaded the groceries into it.

          "OK Emma, Pull it up. I'm coming up now.” he turned and called down. “I'll see you later Will. "

It was only at the mention of this name that Emma noticed a boy about her own age get up from behind the sail. He untied the boat, and pushed off from the sea wall, and a sudden breath of wind filled the sails and it was off, dancing over the waves like a cork.  
          “Who’s that, Dad?”

Mary replied before Robert was able to answer, “That was Emily Browns’ sisters’ boy, William Brown, you’re bound to see him about the village, he seems to pop up just when you least expect it, a bit like his aunt” 

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Family Events from our database for today May 09

Excluding birth & marriages post 1914

1755 - Birth: Rose LAWS-55553, Necton NFK UK
1802 - Marriage: Thomas LAWS-7214 and Catherine TURNBULL-7765, Jarrow DUR UK
1802 - Christen: Ann LAWS-3157, Lychett Minster DOR UK
1853 - Marriage: John LAWS-117343 and Selina Maria SMITH-8506, LONDON UK
1860 - Birth: Robert LAWS (General Labourer)-3666, Horstead NFK UK
1861 - Birth: Hattie Stanley LAWS-124327, Jersey City Heights NJ USA
1864 - Death: John LAWS (Gentleman) -7330, Kings Lynn NFK UK

                                                             Kings Lynn, Norfolk

1874 - Occupation: James LAWS (Railway Porter) -37820,
1875 - Marriage: Walter LAWS (Sailmaker) -6419 and Sarah Ann Heyden HEYLETT-6420,
           Great Yarmouth NFK UK

                                                           Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

1882 - Marriage: Edwin D LAWS-46273 and Catherine RUSCHLI (German ancestry) -46275,                    Crown Point, Lake Co IN United States
1885 - Birth: James Robert LAWS (Ag Lab) -9052, Swannington NFK UK (St Margarets)
1887 - Birth: Harry Archibald LAWS (Currier) -36833, Ipswich SFK UK

                                            Old House in St Nicholas Street, Ipswich SFK

1895 - Marriage: Joe HANLEY-49225 and Lucretia LAWS-49224,
1899 - Death: Samuel LAWS (Lodging House keeper) -9198, Montpelier Street, Brighton SSX

                                                                   Brighton SSX

1904 - Birth: Edwin Ferry LAWS-26425, NZ
1909 - Birth: Julian Asa LAWS-39358, Diaz, Galeana, Chihuahua, Mexico
1913 - Death: Helen Harriett LAWES (Spinster) -2410, Cavandish House, Bond Road,
           Mitcham SRY UK
1916 - Death: Ellen Ann LAWS-6830, Aspley Guise BDF UK
1928 - Arrival: Claude Douglas LAWES (Machine Parts Salesman) -143396, Honolulu,
           Hawaii Territory, United States
1933 - Miscellaneous: Reginald LAWES (Commercial Traveller) -27567,
1933 - Will Proved: Frederick Charles LAWES (Commercial Traveller) -27566,
1933 - Miscellaneous: Reginald William LAWES (Farmer)-2423,
1933 - Will Proved: Charles LAWES-1590,
1934 - Death: Florence Northam LAWES (Widow) -2046,
1939 - Death: Sally LAWS (Widow) -39470, Canning Town ESS
1946 - Death: Myra Lucinda LAWS-40978, Los Angeles CA United States
1957 - Cremation: Arthur Albert LAWS (RN K12116) -47628, Islington MDX UK
1962 - Death: Eula B LAWS-42356,
1966 - Death: Robert Douglas LAWS-123191, Boscombe HAM
1966 - Miscellaneous: Elizabeth LAWS-123179,
1966 - Miscellaneous: Robert LAWS (Building Manager) -123178,
1969 - Death: Ada Mary LAWES-1525, Fareham HAM UK

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