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That evening after supper, Emma went up to her room to fill out her diary, and while thinking about her day she heard a loud “Meow,” and there outside her window at the top of the old house, stood the cat that she had seen in the morning. She crossed the room, sat on the window seat and let the cat in, but quickly closed the window as a cold wind blew into the room.
The cat that she had already named Sox, because he had white paws entered the room with no fear at all, climbed onto her lap and curled up, and promptly went to sleep.

After what seemed an eternity, she eased the cat off her lap, and went downstairs to tell her father and mother about her day. When she returned there was no sign of the cat, it had disappeared despite the fact that the window was firmly closed.

Next morning after a hearty breakfast, Robert agreed to accompany Emma, back to the churchyard and they climbed the steep cliff steps that led up behind the baker’s shop, to the cliff top. She showed her father where she had seen the eyes watching her, and where she had met William.

“Look Emma,” Robert said, “This is a bit far-fetched, isn’t it? First witches, and now eyes watching you, and disappearing cats etc.”

“Yes it is.” Emma replied.

She hesitated and then continued, “But, Look there” she said pointing. “The flowers William brought, and look at here there’s more paw prints.”

Emma heard a plaintive “Meow” and looking down quickly saw the cat, materialising at her feet, She looked up at her father, and said as calmly as she could “Here is Sox, appearing again.”

Suddenly there was a loud roar above them, and on looking into the dark interior of the Yew tree that spread it’s branches, over their head’s like a huge umbrella, they could make out the outline, of a huge panther stretched out along one branch.

With an enormous leap the beast came down from the tree, then sat down on a fallen gravestone. Emma and Robert stood transfixed, Sox wasn’t frightened but got up and went to the beast, rubbing against him in a submissive manner.

They then heard a laugh behind the tree, and out popped Emily Brown from one side and William from the other, and without actually walking they glided to the panther’s side, which promptly lay down.

“Now that we are all together, we must make a plan” Emily said.

Emma plucked up courage, “A plan of what?” she said quietly.

“Why to save Rufus here, and his family from being caught, I’m sure I told you last time we met.” She continued.

Robert and Emma slowly shook their heads, Emily looked at them perplexed looked at William, “Haven’t you said anything, William dear.”

William shook he head very fast and stammered like a machine gun, “Told them, No not me, not yet, how could I have? Far too busy, helping Mary and Ben out, watching harbour an’ all.”

The panther sat up and yawned “Can’t we get on?” He said gruffly, and then sinking back down again growled “I don’t mean to be rude, but Mariah and the cubs are waiting, up there.” He pointed with one huge paw, towards the moors beyond the Lynch gate.

Robert and Emma looked at each other and laughed nervously. Robert was the first to speak.

“Emily, What’s this all about?” He asked tentatively.

Everyone except Emma turned and stared at him.  But the only one who replied though was the panther who demanded.

“What sort of Policeman are you? Don’t you read the papers? They’re up in the moors, even now hunting for my family. Why even yesterday, the Bodmin evening paper had the headline Man-eating Panther seen in Farmyard, I ask you, this is the 21st Century, we’re vegetarian.”

Emma stepped nervously forward and replied. “I don’t know where you got the idea my dad was a Policeman, actually’ he’s a Postman, and a jolly good one at that!”

Emily Brown, the Panther called Rufus and William, all seemed shocked, and at length, it was Emily Brown that spoke first. “Not a Policeman! But, but I asked for a Policeman, a detective, I know I did!” Her eyes filled with tears and she turned to Robert reaching out her hands for his. “You look so kind! You’ll help us. You will, won’t you?”
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Family Events from our database for today May 12

1618 - Christen: Ann LAWES-598, Lincoln LIN UK

                                                             Lincoln - Castle Square

1731 - Christen: John LAWS-34949, Mealrigg CUL UK
1800 - Birth: Jerimiah LAWS-48560, Perryville, Boyle, KY USA
1831 - Christening: William LAWS-34950, Mealrigg CUL UK
1836 - Marriage: Jonah LAWS (Glassworks Foreman) -7375 and Barbara CORMACK-7376,                      Stockton Upon Tees DUR UK
1866 - Marriage: Edward  LAWS (Marine Store Dealer / Pedler)-3783 and Harriett OXBOROUGH-            3784, Caledonian Road, Battle Bridge, Islington MDX (All Saints)
1870 - Birth: William Durrant LAWS (Sailmaker) -4345, Great Yarmouth NFK UK

                                                            Great Yarmouth NFK

1879 - Marriage: John FROST (Private 56th Regt) -42868 and Elizabeth LAWS-42869,
           Carisbroke IOW UK
1880 - Marriage: George Albert ALDRICH-124767 and Mary Ann LAWS-124768,
1885 - Birth: Wilfred Charles Barry LAWES (RN 211823 Boy under Training) -32074,
           Mousehole CON UK
1890 - Birth: Luna LAWS-118914,
1894 - Birth: Lucas LAWS-39786,
1897 - Burial: Robert LAWS-53488, Stockton Upon Tees DUR UK
1900 - Birth: Baden Clement Alfred LAWS (Infant) -3677, Horsford NFK
1908 - Birth: Gertrude Mary LAWS-121273,
1909 - Marriage: Julian Asa LAWS-34176 and Lucy Cordelia JOHNSON-34177,
1910 - Birth: George LAWES-122326,
1913 - Birth: Patrick Wellesley LAWES-125401,
1917 - Birth: Lewis Lee LAWS (MM3 US Navy) -37885, OK>Albuquerque NM USA
1923 - Marriage: Haskel Warren LAWS-119128 and Blanch Marie SAVILLE-119180,
1923 - Death: William James LAWS-9239, Townsville QLD AUSTRALIA
1931 - Death: Emma LAWES (Widow) -2795, Bath SOM UK
1948 - Will  Proved: Edward Henry LAWS (Hall Porter) -5458,
1974 - Death: Della LAWS-41467, Bell Co KY USA
1976 - Death: Spencer Blackburn LAWS-118631, Lenoir NC USA
1977 - Death: Dorethy LAWS-4146,
1986 - Burial: Garland LAWS (SSgt US Army) -37956, Houston, Harris Co TX USA
2000 - Burial: Joan Theresa LAWS-49569, Christchurch NZ
2008 - Burial: Bertha Christine LAWS-124576, Ipswich SFK UK

                                                        St Nicholas Street, Ipswich SFK

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