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The witch stood the broomstick against the wall, and walked into the cottage, the broomstick & the cat followed her, and parked themselves next to the fireplace. Robert & Emma followed in trepidation a few steps behind.
          Before they could speak the witch called out in a shrill voice. "Teapot! ... Time for tea!”  She turned and snapped  “Don't just stand there with your mouths open, like little baby birds, Sit down!” and then smiled and repeated, “Sit down, please.”

They sat down at the table that oddly was already set for three people. 

          "Teapot! You be mother!" She ordered.

With that, the teapot raised itself from the table and poured out three cups of tea, Emma saw her father was in shock, his mouth open and a glazed look across his face.

Emma looked around the table, at one side she saw a cake-stand, stacked with scones which were still warm, melted butter oozing from them, dripping into little yellow pools, on the table cloth. At the other side a pot of strawberry jam and a large dish of thick, delicious clotted cream.

          Robert rubbed his eyes, was he dreaming?  No I 'm not he thought, as the cat rubbed against his leg then sprung onto his lap.

The witch spoke, "Oh yes, he likes you, but then I knew he would.”

“Now then! Let me introduce myself. I'm Emily Brown. You are Robert Nelson, you are a Policeman and this is your daughter Emma she's twelve years old. You are a Policeman aren't you? A detective I do believe, but then we all get thing's wrong sometimes, don't we?”

          Robert was about to tell her he wasn't a Policeman at all, but a Postman, and dyslexic not a detective, when she continued “We need your help down here, there's been some funny goings on.”

She continued without waiting for an answer, “The other day, I was in the Post office, where I meet my friend Mary Brewer, she lives up at Tredegar Farm you know, nice cottage she has, her husband’s dad used to be station master up at Tregorran Junction. Got a lovely garden too, lots of cats, dogs, pigs and goats quite a menagerie.” she hesitated then added, “But now where was I. Ah yes, Mary she told me that at night she's seen odd lights out on the river, and Molly who lives by the river just by Constantine Cove, says she heard boats very late at night four nights in a row last week, and Mortimer he is ferryman at Palauan was almost run down by a powerful launch travelling without lights, just last night, and … and.... Oh dear!  I've forgotten the rest.” 

She suddenly took on a faraway look then said dreamily, “I suppose you'll be wanting to get off and get unpacked, and here I am chattering on and on. Never mind we'll be seeing you tomorrow won't we."

          With that she promptly got up and led them out into the sunshine, "Well!  Bye for now," she said quite abruptly.

Robert & Emma walked to the Landrover, Emma turned to wave goodbye, but Emily Brown was nowhere to seen, both she and the cottage had vanished into thin air, but there in the middle of the field, washing its face sat the cat.

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Family Events from our database for today May 05

1685 - Marriage: Jonathan LAWS-47159 and Mary UWAN-47160, Heddon on the Wall NBL
1754 - Christen: William LAWS-34420, Padiham LAN UK

                                                           Padiham LAN UK

1795 - Christen: Vitruvius LAWS-5927, London MDX UK (St Seperchure)
1799 - Birth: William LAWS (Retired Husbandman) -56343, Kirkwhelpington NBL UK
1809 - Christen: James LAWS-6178, Gosport HAM UK
1811 - Marriage: James LAWES-2102 and Mary MAIN-2103, Northwood IOW UK
1826 - Birth: Richard Willoughby LAWS (C J Navy Retired) -55048, Bengal INDIA 
1835 - Marriage: Stephen LAWS-8527 and Elizabeth BOND-8302, St.Mary Newington SRY UK
                                                          Newington SRY UK (now)

1840 - Marriage: David C WILKERSON-45974 and Harriett Matilda LAWS-45972, Mercer Co KY
1848 - Marriage: William LAWS (Bricklayer) -53938 and Mary RUMBLELOW-53939, 
           Mildenhall SFK UK
1862 - Residence: James Snoad LAWS (Retired Wine Merchant) -4316, Lambeth SRY UK
                                      Lambeth palace, home of the Archbishop of Canterbury

1863 - Will Proved: Henry LAWS (Seaman Sailmaker an Out-Pensioner of Greenwich) -5062, 

                                                                Greenwich KENT

1865 - Birth: Clarrisa Emma LAWS-29577, Pike co IN USA
1867 - Baptism: Hugh Alan LAWS-57750, Stanwell MDX UK (St Mary the Virgin)
1867 - Baptism: George Lewis LAWS-52222, Hawkinge KEN UK

                                                               Hawkinge Kent (now)

1869 - Birth: Anthony John LAWS (RN 164153) -5434, Sunderland DUR UK

                                                               Sunderland DUR 

1878 - Baptism: Thomas LAWS (Coal Miner) -3813, Bedlington NBL UK
1882 - Birth: John Thomas LAWES-2878, Kirby Bedon NFK UK
1889 - Birth: Ernest Edwin LAWES (Gardener) -32216, Bishopstoke HAM UK
1892 - Birth: George Henry LAWS (RN K9202)-47629, Sunderland DUR UK
1893 - Birth: Isaac Eddie LAWS-49193, 
1903 - Death: Nathaniel R LAWS-29640, 
1908 - Birth: Joseph Walker LAWS-121799, South Shields DUR UK
1912 - Birth: Constance LAWS-50984, Horsham SSX UK
1943 - Death: David Andrew LAWS (RAAF Lieutenant P479)-32319, New Guinea (KIA)
1951 - Residence: Frederick James LAWS (Ag Lab) -3673, Horsford NFK / Death Norwich NFK 
1957 - Death: Eva LAWES-46018, Colwood, BC CANADA
1961 - Death: Lawrence Joseph LAWES-124238, Southsea HAM UK
1996 - Death: Millicent Mary LAWS-125119, 

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