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LFR May 11 Number 512

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The flight of steps led steeply up the cliff, firstly between the cottages, then between high walls behind which secret gardens hummed with honeybees, when they reached the top they came to the old church and its surrounding graveyard.

Emma sat on an old stone to catch her breath, and suddenly got that feeling that she was being watched, all the hairs on the back of her neck prickled, and those on the cat stood up and it started to growl angrily deep in its throat. She looked around but saw no one, but the feeling remained, then looking deep into the shadows she perceived a pair of shining amber eyes watching her, which promptly disappeared.

Emma looked around for the owner of those eyes but could not find them. It was then that she saw a paw print at the edge of a puddle. It was huge, not that of the cat, which was still sat where, they had stopped but that of an animal much larger altogether.

Turning to the cat she said, ”Did you see that?” The cat replied with a knowing “Meow” and suddenly dashed off down the steps. At which moment, she heard someone clearing their throat as if about to speak and turning back, she saw a boy with a bunch of flowers kneeling by a gravestone, only yards from her.

“Hello” he said quietly, “I’m William.”

Emma smiled and replied “Yes I know, my dad told me, who are the flowers for?”

“Just friends, well, your great uncle and aunt actually, Look this is their grave.”

“Emma looked and saw that the stone was engraved with their names, Robert Nelson, R. N. and his wife Louise, late of this parish. They stood up and walked to the steps, and as they descended to the village below they chatted and laughed as if they had known each other for always.

When Emma returned to Captains Row she found her mother just getting out of the car and her father struggling with her bags. Mary bustled around everyone, as ever the mother hen, everyone too excited to take in what Emma had to tell, she was of course, pleased to find her mother had arrived, but disappointed to see that she had her left foot in plaster and walked with the aid of crutches. Later she discovered that her mother had tripped over their pet cat at home.

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Family Events from our database for today May 11

1618 - Marriage: John LAWS-7350 and Honor JAMES-7349, Mortlake SRY UK
1679 - Marriage: Esechiell NORTON-27411 and Elizabeth LAWES-27412, Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK
                                                            Newcastle upon Tyne NBL

1715 - Christening: Jane LAWS-5866, Richmond on Thames SRY UK
                                                        The Thames at Richmond, Surrey

1725 - Marriage: Robert ATKINS-1845 and Dorethy LAWES-1846, Upwell NFK
                                                                      Upwell Norfolk

1771 - Marriage: Thomas LAWES-30843 and Elizabeth COMPTON-30844, Bishopstone by Salisbury WIL UK
                                                            Bishopstone Wiltshire

1782 - Marriage: Wiiliam BROWN-27448 and Ann LAWS-27449, Hexham NBL UK
1794 - Birth: Thomas LAWS (Farmer 70 acres 3 labs) -3753, Hevingham NFK UK
                                                                 Hevingham NFK

1816 - Death: Anthony LAWS-27504, East Heddon NBL
1829 - Baptism: Elizabeth LAWS-28975, Stratton Strawless NFK UK
                                                        Stratton Strawless NFK

1829 - Baptism: Mary LAWS (Baker) -3603, Monkwearmouth DUR UK
1829 - Christen: Elizabeth LAWS (Silk Winder) -3416, 
1835 - Death: Sarah LAWES-30327, Chitterne WIL UK
1839 - Marriage: Richard NEAVE (Market Gardener) -30230 and Hannah LAWS-30231, Norwich NFK UK
                                                          Norwich Cathedral Norfolk

1845 - Marriage: James LAWS (Army Nurse (Twin)) -3895 and Mary Ann (Polly) LOWE-3896,                  Rush IN USA
1850 - Marriage: Thomas LAWS (Coal Heap Keeper) -4247 and Dorethy SMITH-4249, 
1856 - Baptism: Charles (Illegitimate) SYMONDS (LAWS)-33986, Litcham NFK UK
                                                                 Litcham Norfolk

1856 - Baptism: John Henry LAWS (Horticultual Labourer / Gardener) -7310, 
1862 - Christen: Charles Edward LAWS-4527, Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK
                                                           Newcastle upon Tyne NBL

1878 - Marriage: David John WALDING (Labourer) -9684 and Isabella LAWS-9685, Penge SRY 
1888 - Will Proved: Richard LAWES-1355, 
1900 - Death: Abigail Eleanor LAWS-33457, Waymart Wayne Co. PA USA
1902 - Death: Emma LAWS (Servant / Spinster) -7945, Workhouse, Mildenhall  SFK
1906 - Death: John Thomas LAWS (Cattlefood Manufacturer) -7948, Southport LAN
1908 - Birth: Edith Bessie LAWS-1210, Putham Market NFK UK
1911 - Birth: Mary H LAWS (T3 US Army) -37860, 
1915 - Enlistment: Harry LAWS (ARMY Private 23415) -54444, Norwich NFK UK
                                                      Norwich (St Peter Mancroft) NFK

1916 - Death: W E  LAWS (RFC Airman 2nd Class 3091)-45156, 
1922 - Birth: Russell LAWS (RNZAF Sergeant 421515) -45132, Napier, Hawkes Bay NZ
1926 - Death: Alexander E LAWS-29637, 
1926 - Will  Proved: John Nicholas LAWS (Railway Wagon & Carriage Examiner) -4008, 
1929 - Death: Thomas LAWES-27568, Penylan Lodge Road, Caerleon MON WALES
1935 - Arrival: Ethel Annie Louise MYER-9136, San Francisco CA United States (My Grt Aunt)
1935 - Arrival: Albert LAWS (Tobacco Agent-7641, San Francisco CA United States (My grt Uncle)
1946 - Death: Arnold Alfred LAWS (Stores Clerk & Workhse Officer) -29128, East Dereham NFK 
                                                              East Dereham NFK

1951 - Death: Alice LAWES (Widow) -123022, Ipswich SFK UK
                                                      St. Nicholas Street, Ipswich SFK

1959 - Miscellaneous: Frank Reginald LAWS (Mechanical Engineer) -53052, 
1965 - Death: Samuel Leonard LAWS (Pensioner) -7596, Kirkley SFK
1979 - Burial: Joe LAWS (T4 US Army) -38009, Houston, Harris Co TX United States
1992 - Death: Lyle Jackson LAWS-50612, 
1997 - Death: Dorethy Emily LAWES-35191, Terrey Hills Nursing Home NSW AUSTRALIA

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