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LFR May 21 Number 522

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Family Events from our database for today May 21

1717 - Marriage: George JOBLIN-27487 and Anne LAWS-27488, Heddon on the Wall NBL
1729 - Death: William LAWS-118725, Manokin, Somerset County, MD United States
1772 - Marriage: Edward LAWS-5797 and Susan WIFFAM-5798, Feltwell NFK UK

                                                                Feltwell Norfolk

1783 - Marriage: Valentine LAWS-7504 and Susanna STEVENS-7505, Norwich NFK UK

                                                               Norwich Cathedral

1809 - Birth: Harry LAWES (Wood & Coal Mcht) -149, Basingstoke HAM UK

                                                                   Basingstoke Canal

1810 - Marriage: Robert LAWES-2610 and Catherine KEYS (KEAYS)-2193, St.George Hanover Sq MDX

1819 - Burial: Susan LAWS-58447, Fincham NFK UK

                                                                  Fincham Norfolk

1822 - Baptism: William Henry Brookman LAWES-34141, Andover HAM UK
                                                      St Mary's Church, Andover HAM

1842 - Death: Thomas LAWS-37837, Littleport CAM UK

                                                                Littleport CAM

1859 - Marriage: William LAWS (Grocer / Innkeeper / Coal Merchant) -7436 and Mary Ann                        MUNDAY-7437, Woolwich KEN UK

                                                            Woolwich Free Ferry

1867 - Marriage: Charles LAWS (Engine & Crane Driver) -5058 and Elizabeth WISEMAN
           (Dress Maker) -5059, Dagenham ESS UK
1871 - Baptism: Kate LAWES-54079, Kington St Michael WIL
1876 - Death: Thomas LAWES (Cabinet Maker / Snr) -1206, 65 City Road MDX (St Luke)
1877 - Marriage: Robert John LYONS-56491 and Mary Agnes LAWS-56490,
           St Mary Tothill Fields, St GHS MDX
                                                       St George Hanover Square MIDX

1877 - Residence: Mary Agnes LAWS-56490, St GHS MDX UK
1895 - Death: Bertha LAWS-42423,
1896 - Birth: Helen-Marie LAWS-38385,
1903 - Residence: Harry LAWS-45826, Hartford CN USA
1903 - Residence: Elizabeth Ellen LAWS-45825, Hartford CN USA
1903 - Residence: George LAWS-45824, Hartford CN USA
1903 - Residence: James A LAWS-45823, Hartford CN USA
1907 - Birth: Vita May LAWS (Robes & Modes) -116559, Silfield NFK UK
1909 - Birth: William Scott LAWS-119130,
1912 - Death: James LAWS-38387,
1916 - Death: Charlie H LAWS-41460, Whitley Co KY USA
1921 - Will  Proved: John LAWS-8586,
1923 - Miscellaneous: Alfred LAWES (Steward & Cook on Ship) -45869,
1927 - Marriage: Edward LAWS-29235 and Ethel May PATTERSON-29236, Bishopwearmouth                DUR UK
1927 - Death: Charles LAWES (Farmer) -1340, Hoxne SFK UK
1934 - Death: William James LAWS-8533, Southwark SRY UK

                                                          Southwark Cathedral SRY

1941 - Marriage: E J BURKE-37426 and Irma LAWS-37425, Chelan WA United States
1941 - Marriage: Elroy Devon LAWS-31068 and Eava RICHARDSON-31069, Salt Lake City UT              United States
1947 - Birth: Susan Elizabeth LAWS-123629,
1947 - Birth: Cynthia Yvonne LAWS-104685, Wolverhampton STS UK
1953 - Will  Proved: Francis Joseph LAWES-122003,
1953 - Birth: Clinton Larry LAWS-40342, TX USA
1954 - Birth: Richard B LAWS-119051, KY United States
1959 - Residence: John Frederick (Mayor of Bath?) LAWES-35022, Taffs Well GLA UK
           & Death at RAF St Athan GLA UK
1960 - Birth: Michael Graeme LAWS-125290,
1960 - Death: Gordon Lindsay LAWES-122198,
1965 - Estate to: Maud Daisy LAWES-124135,
1972 - Birth: Cameron Stephen LAWES-30326,
1987 - Birth: Stephen LAWS-45374,
1997 - Death: Pearl H LAWS-38755, Sidney, Shelby Co. OH USA
1998 - Death: Victor LAWS-55116, Wycombe BKM UK
2003 - Death: Jessie Betty LAWES


1883 - Death: Samantha HOPPER-34243, Mercer, Mercer MO USA
1906 - Birth: Angus Lesley AUSTIN-29281, Coventry WAR UK
1909 - Marriage: Robert W WHINHAM-54803 and Ethel FIELDS-54802, Kingston Upon Hull                    ERY UK
1919 - Will Proved: Ellen Charlotte PEAKE-311
2003 - Burial: Winifred SNYDER-31121, Mt. Home Cemetery, Otsego MI USA

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