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Family Events from our database for today May 31

If you are interested in anyone listed here, email us with the name, date and reference number, and we will happily do a look up, you might get a whole tree! 

1730 - Baptism: Ebenezer LAWS-32595, Stepney MDX UK

1794 - Marriage: Thomas LAWS-57794 and Raechel MORRIS-57795, Bloomsbury MDX
1795 - Baptism: Ceaser Doe LAWS-4929, Tilmey St Lawrence NFK

1810 - Birth: Margaret LAWS-46932, Gateshead DUR UK
1811 - Death: Caroline LAWES-623,
1821 - Marriage: John BURTON-122573 and Elizabeth LAWES-122574, Bower Chalke WIL UK

1857 - Baptism: Alberta LAWES-414, Hellington NFK UK
1862 - Miscellaneous: James Lacey LAWS (Boat Builder) -6939,
1862 - Miscellaneous: William Lacey LAWS (Labourer) -6938,
1862 - Will  Proved: Mary LAWS (Widow) -6937,
1874 - Marriage: Stiles Mounterville TAYLOR-45957 and Alice Matilda LAWS-29569, Pike Co IN
1881 - Baptism: Annie LAWS (Lodginghouse Keeper) -55882, Battersea SRY UK but resided                      Islington MDX UK

1890 - Birth: Herbert LAWS (RN K41001) -47624, Sunderland DUR UK

1892 - Birth: Meda LAWS-56517, Gaspe, Quebec CANADA
1901 - Birth: George LAWS-37576, Shilden DUR UK
1903 - Death: Mary Ann LAWS-34995, Whitby, NRY UK

1909 - Marriage: Frederick Charles SOUTHWOOD-39425 and Edith LAWS-39424,
           Stoke Dameral DEV UK
1913 - Death: William LAWS-5325, Crawcrook DUR (Peartree House) UK

1916 - Death: Herbert Victor LAWS  (RN SS/109446) -45079, HMS "Queen Mary"

1916 - Death: Albert LAWS (RN Act/Leading Stoker, K 22747) -36116, HMS "Queen Mary"
1917 - Birth: Maurice Hammond LAWS (Steam Presser & Tailor Rtd) -35423, NZ
1934 - Death: Frederick Tudor LAWS (Mechanical Engineering Manager in a Rubber Factory)                    - 6107, Lewisham KEN UK
1936 - Marriage: Julian Asa LAWS-39358 and Marie BLACK-39359, Salt Lake City UT USA
1937 - Death: John Learmont LAWS (Teacher)-3282, 73 Wimbledon Road, Sherwood NTT UK
1939 - Miscellaneous: William George LAWES (Printer) -120914,
1940 - Birth: Derek Ernest LAWS-122792,
1941 - Marriage: George Gordon LAWS (Reverend) -29952 and Clair PENN-55264
1948 - Miscellaneous: Ronald John F LAWS-121823,
1948 - Admon: Herbert Frederick LAWS (Provisions Shop Salesman) -36673,
1949 - Birth: Charles Arthur Peter LAWS (Company Director)-46446,
1957 - Naturalization: Gordon Cameron LAWES-167320, Los Angeles CA United States
1957 - Naturalization: Audrey Mary LAWES-167318, Los Angeles, Los Angeles CA United States
1958 - Birth: Judith Linton LAWS-3443,
1960 - Death: Alice Lockwood LAWS (Widow) -123233, Brixham DEV UK
1965 - Miscellaneous: William LAWS (Factory Clerk)-124146,
1965 - Death: Grace Offley LAWS (Spinster) -36637, Downham Market NFK UK
1965 - Marriage: John K LAWS-114914 and Pamela Lee BOUCHER-114915, Clark NV USA
1968 - Birth: Marvin LAWS-40505, TX USA
1969 - Marriage: Ivan WHEATLEY-54761 and Sheila LAWS (Coordinator) -54757,
           Kings Lynn NFK UK
1975 - Marriage: John Frederick BOULTER (Builder) -515 and Carol Ann LAWES (Nurse) -514,                Bristol GLS UK
1975 - Birth: Jennifer Beth LAWS-40589, TX USA
1982 - Death: Thomas Wayne LAWS-31109,
1983 - Death: James A LAWS (Sgt US Army) -38003,
1986 - Marriage: Fiorenza SCUTTI-3482 and Rosalind Annette LAWS-3434,
1990 - Death: Colin Bruce LAWS-35213, Blackette, formerly of South West Rocks NSW
2002 - Death: Opal J Parker LAWS-42398, Galesburg, Knox Co.IL USA
2003 - Birth: Grace Charlotte LAWS-58222, Norwich NFK UK

1801 - Birth: Polly CHILD-119722, 
1840 - Birth: Eliza WARD (Dressmaker) -33891, Bungay SFK UK

1881 - Birth: Hannah KING-30899, Whaplode Fen LIN UK
1903 - Death: Mary Annie LOCKEY-50974, Whitby, NRY UK

1916 - Birth: Joan Toynbee Ellen WILLIAMS-124433, 
1916 - Residence: Kate Ethel VIVYAN-47168, Southsea HAM UK
1925 - Death: Louisa SEXTON-3665, Horsford NFK UK
1928 - Birth: Daisey STRUTT-53684, Canning Town ESS UK
1938 - Birth: Patrick SMITH-53290, Dorking SRY UK
1939 - Burial: Helen Maria (Hospital Nurse) LUMBY-3224, Sarrat HRT
1943 - Birth: John Charles HAYES-43909, 
1948 - Miscellaneous: Rosina ENGLISH-121825, 
1986 - Death: Irene Isabel CARBIS-31840, Sans Souci NSW AUSTRALIA
2010 - Death: Dottie BLACK-34179, 

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