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LFR May 6 Number 507

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They slowly got into the Landrover and continued on their way, arriving at the ferry just as it departed for the other side of the river.

“Back in a Jif, Master Robert.”  The boatman called.
To Emma the ferry seemed very old and later that evening she would describe it to her mother on the telephone as a ‘Bit of old roadway with a ramp at each end, sitting on a lot of rowing boats’.

Just then a load horn made Emma jump and, round a bend in the river and up to then hidden from their eyes, came an enormous ship that looked almost too big for the narrow river, "She's the San Demetrio, registered in Lisbon, she’ll be loaded with China Clay ". Robert informed Emma.

When the ferry returned they drove on, and without waiting for anyone else the ferryman set off, the tide by this time was coming in fast and as he fought to keep the ferry straight he kept up a one sided conversation,

          "Down for your hols again, Are ye' Master Robert, seems only days since we last saw ye’...odd nowadays not seeing your' aunt 'bout village”

He continued, without waiting for a reply “Now then.” he said looking at Emma, in a startlingly direct fashion. “I remember bringing your father, -- from Par station when he was no bigger than you are now, -- mind you,” He said wistfully, “That was in the ol’’ days when we had a proper station and real trains. Remember that, Master Robert?” he added, as a statement rather than a question.
“Can we see the cottage yet Dad?” Emma asked hopefully, it had been a long journey and she had, had enough of travelling for one day.
          “Yes” he replied as he pointed across the river. “Do you see the one with the little pointed roof, right on the waterside, that's it.”
         The ferryman grinned and said. “Still got your grandfathers name on the door, Mary polishes that every day, he looked at Robert. “That's my missus, but of course you know that don't ye.” 

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Family Events from our database for today May 06

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1724 - Marriage: John SHAW-27514 and Barbara LAWS-27513 Newcastle upon Tyne NBL

                                                   Newcastle upon Tyne NBL

1736 - Baptism: Samuel LAWS-123443, Stepney MDX UK

                                                     St Dunstan Stepney MDX

1751 - Marriage: John LAWS-29157 and Elizabeth BROWN-7336, Swanton Morley, NFK

                                                           Swanton Morley NFK

1774 - Christen: Thomas LAWS-34425, Padiham LAN UK

                                                           Padiham LAN

1782 - Marriage: John RANCE-31508 and Sarah LAWS-31509, Stanwell MDX UK
1813 - Marriage: John LANEHAM-32273 and Elizabeth LODGE-32272, Bishopstone by Salisbury WIL

                                                     Bishopstone Wiltshire

1827 - Christen: James LAWS-3125, Headley HAM UK
1838 - Baptism: Thomas LAWS (Farmer 30 Acres) -5579, Folkestone KEN UK

                                                          Folkestone KENT

1845 - Birth: John LAWS-95272, Chatteris CAM UK

                                                  Chatteris Cambridgeshire

1858 - Marriage: John Issac HUNTER (Farmer) -50716 and Maria Redelphia LAWS-50717, Beccles SFK UK
                                                             Beccles Suffolk

1875 - Baptism: Mary Jane LAWS (Scholar) -5894, Croydon SRY UK
1875 - Baptism: Emily LAWS (Dressmaker) -5892, Croydon SRY UK
1875 - Baptism: Florence LAWS (Dressmaker) -5893, Croydon SRY UK
1875 - Baptism: Annie LAWS (Nurse) -5890, Croydon SRY UK
1876 - Death: Alice Emily LAWS-117811, Balmain NSW AUSTRALIA
1877 - Birth: Ada LAWS-3334, Doddington CAM UK
1880 - Death: Angelica LAWS-119622, East Weymouth MA USA
1885 - Death: Abraham LAWS-118340, 
1892 - Will Proved: Harriet LAWES (Tobacco Packer) -2196, 
1893 - Immigration: Agnes G LAWS-45760, Ellis Island NY NY USA
1897 - Birth: Albert Henry LAWS-58687, 
1905 - Marriage: Robert CARTER (Coal Miner) -54789 and Alice LAWS-54788, Morpeth 
1906 - Burial: Robert LAWS (Miner)-122606, Osceola Mills PA USA
1907 - Death: Amanda LAWS-124634, Philadelphia PA United States
1909 - Birth: Dorethy May LAWES-118784, 
1911 - Death: George Hiscock LAWS (Brewers Cooper) -3152, Watford HRT UK
1911 - Miscellaneous: Albert LAWES (Organist & MusicTeacher) -874, 
1911 - Will Proved: Samuel LAWES (Steam Threshing Machine Proprieter) -648, 
1917 - Death: J LAWES (ARMY Pioneer 128268) -45002, 
1919 - Death: Mary Louise LAWES (Spinster) -114, Aldershot HAM UK
1925 - Will  Proved: Mary LAWS (Spinster) -5326, 
1929 - Miscellaneous: Samuel LAWS (Railway Clerk retired) -8630, 
1934 - Death: William John LAWS-117772, Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA
1941 - Miscellaneous: Frank Albert LAWS (Civil Servant) -117253, 
1941 - Will Proved: Herbert LAWS (Potato Salesman) -54891, 
1987 - Death: Robert Lewis LAWS-42320, 
1990 - Death: Richard LAWS-43808, Gordonvale Queensland Australia
1991 - Residence: Arthur Gilbert LAWES-124229, Lewisham KEN &  Death
           Reading BRK UK

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