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The next day after breakfast, Robert & Emma started to lay out a plan. First Robert went to the post-office and bought a large scale map of south Cornwall; next they went down to the telephone box and made a number of calls returning later in the day. “OK we start now, see if you can find William, I’ll look for Emily Brown they’ve got to be here somewhere.”

Robert and Emma went together as far as the harbour then split up agreeing to meet back there in an hour, Emma soon spotted William he was in the little boat bobbing about like a cork on the water she called to him and waved her arms but he neither heard or noticed her.

Robert went up to the churchyard and searched all around but found no sign of Emily Brown, William or Rufus but just as he descended the cliff path Socks appeared in front of him. “Take me to Emily Brown” he asked the cat who immediately led him down the steps then into a narrow alley he’d not noticed coming up, it was more of a narrow cleft in the rocks hidden by ferns and after just a few paces opened out into an open meadow and there in the middle was the cottage he’d seen before, Robert wondered how it could be when it was on a steep cliff then suddenly Emily Brown appeared at the door with a basket of washing then disappeared.

“Hello, I say you took me by surprise.” Said a voice behind him and turning he found Emily Brown, with socks the cat at her side.”What can I do for you today.” She asked.

“It’s about Rufus and Mariah”. Robert said “I have a plan.”

“Rufus who?” she replied. Then she remembered “Oh yes, that Rufus.”

“Well, go on then” she snapped, she continued more gently “What are we going to do. I love intrigues, don’t you?”

“Ok - Meet me at the Church gate at Midnight with Rufus, I’ll have some transport, we have a long journey to do” 

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Family Events from our database for today May 13

1758 - Marriage: Richard WATTS-117738 and Mary LAWS-117737, Helston, CON UK
1814 - Birth: Michael LAWS-61952, Ovington NBL UK
1816 - Marriage: John Mills LAWS-119034 and Ann GOURLEY-119035, Sunderland DUR UK


1824 - Marriage: George ANNETTS-37825 and Sarah LAWES-37824, Amport HAM UK
1838 - Death: Hannah LAWS-7737, Chatteris CAM UK


1855 - Marriage: Thomas LAWS-57809 and Ann Maria ALTON-57810, London MDX
           (St George the Martyr)
1855 - Marriage: Samuel LAWS (Passengers Butcher on Ship) -7580 and Sarah Ann FREEMAN-                54850, Queen Square, London (St George the Martyr)
1864 - Birth: Phillip LAWS-58473, Fincham NFK UK

                                                                  Fincham, Norfolk

1870 - Will Proved: Thomas Moore LAWES (Gentleman) -1373,
1878 - Birth: May G LAWS-63908, Kings Norton WOR UK
1879 - Death: Hiram LAWS-29779, Carroll Co TN United States
1883 - Death: William Mead LAWS (Master Builder & Carpenter) -33890, Bungay SFK

                                                                     Bungay Suffolk

1884 - Death: Annie Joyce LAWES-208, Aldermaston BRK UK
1894 - Marriage: John William GENT-123818 and Christiana Elizabeth LAWS-6223,
           Kings Lynn NFK UK
                                                     Kings Lynn & the River Great Ouse

1897 - Birth: Frank Wesley LAWS (Australian Army Sapper) -42479, Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA
1910 - Death: Lily May LAWS-43851, Ashfield, NSW Australia
1918 - Will Proved: George LAWS (ARMY L/Cpl 3545) -54427,
1918 - Miscellaneous: Joseph Arthur LAWS (Warehouseman) -27386,
1919 - Birth: Achsah LAWS-122254, St Louis MO United States
1923 - Miscellaneous: James LAWS-45849,
1925 - Admon: George LAWS-6436,
1930 - Arrival: John Burnett (Company Director) LAWS-29208, New York NY USA
1932 - Birth: Thomas F LAWS (Cricketer) -34313, Dunedin NZ
1935 - Death: William J LAWS-48503, Crown Point, Lake Co IN United States
1938 - Death: George LAWS-117360, Ipswich SFK UK
                                                                Ipswich Suffolk

1944 - Death: George  LAWS (Laithman)-38877, Heaton NBL
1948 - Death: John LAWES-120008, Cleve South Australia
1958 - Death: Eileen Ethel LAWS-30146,
1961 - Death: Bertie LAWES-124230, Tattingstone SFK UK
1969 - Burial: Phyllis Marjorie LAWS-49577, Christchurch NZ
1986 - Death: Henry L LAWS (SM Sgt US Air Force) -37989,
1991 - Residence: Bertie LAWES-124230, Wingfield by Diss SFK
1996 - Probate: Elizabeth Alice LAWS-125115, Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK
                                                           Newcastle upon Tyne NBL

2003 - Death: Charles T LAWS-31017, Beavercreek Dayton OH USA

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