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LFR May 10 Number 511

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Later that morning while her father went to Tregorran to meet Wendy his wife, Mary asked Emma to take a letter to the post office. “Here’s a pound coin, that should cover the stamp and an ice-cream,” she said with a smile.

Emma slipped on her trainers, picked up the coin and the letter, and let herself out into the street. Above her head a sign announced Passage Street and turning and walking to her left, she saw that the old houses almost met at roof level, making the road very much like a passage.

As she made her way along the street she curiously looked in all the windows and doorways, there were neat guesthouses offering bed and Breakfast, with tables set for lunch. There was a curio shop with old furniture; old lamps, even an old brass telescope. Then came a gap between the houses with upturned boats, some with their hulls half-painted in the oddest colours, coils of rope, rusty old anchors, and two old fishermen sucking their pipes, deep in conversation puffing clouds of smoke into the morning air.

After a while she came to the harbour, and seeing the post-office, went in bought a stamp and handed the postmistress her letter, to be popped in the open sack that hung on a large brass hook on the wall behind her. 

Suddenly she could smell of fresh bread and looking around she found a queue of people snaking around a corner to a baker’s shop hidden in a narrow cleft of the cliff. At the head of the queue was Emily Brown in deep conversation with the assistant both totally unaware of the lengthening queue outside.

Emma saw then a shop selling ice-cream, she went in and bought herself one with a large chocolate flake stuck in the top, she found a place to sit down and started to eat it, as she did so the became aware that she had company.

Sat beside her was a large tabby cat, which eyed her ice cream hungrily, she stuck her finger in the ice-cream and offered the cat a lump, the cat purred noisily as it licked it from her finger. It then got up walked around her three times, walked away, then came trotting back and repeated the exercise, was it trying to tell her something. The cat then climbed a flight of steps and stood waiting for Emma to follow, when she did so, it went up a bit higher, then once more waited for her to follow.

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Family Events from our database for today May 10

1646 - Christening: George LAWES-1606, Folkestone KEN UK
                                                                  Folkestone Kent

1674 - Baptism: Alicia LAWS-27442, Heddon on the Wall NBL
1687 - Christening: Richard LAWES-2777, Richmond on Thames SRY UK
                                                             The Thames at Richmond

1712 - Christening: John LAWES-2123, Portsea HAM UK
                                 Nelsons Flagship HMS "Victory" in Portsea Naval Dockyard

1741 - Marriage: Robert CLEMENTS-1457 and Alice LAWES-1458, Heacham NFK 
           (I wonder if they had Lavender Fields Then)
1819 - Birth: Eliz LAWS-30773, Westbury WIL UK
1882 - Marriage: Oswald WALKER-50976 and Elizabeth Mary LAWS-50975, 
1891 - Birth: Irene Daisy Blanche LAWES-32226, Nursling HAM UK
1892 - Birth: Albert Edward LAWES-43245, Coombe Bissett WIL UK
                                                           Coombe Bissett Wiltshire

1893 - Burial: Walter Fred LAWS-121149, Shipley WRY UK
1896 - Marriage Bann: Frederick Tudor LAWS (Mechanical Engineering Manager in a 
           Rubber Factory) -6107 and Maude Mary STUTTER-6108, New Brentford MDX UK 
           (St Laurence)
1904 - Birth: Frank Arthur LAWES (Baptist Minister) -115542, Northampton NTH UK
1905 - Birth: Doris Muriel LAWS-47017, Kensington MDX UK
1906 - Death: Mary LAWS (Widow) -20849, Stradsett NFK UK
1909 - Birth: William Alfred LAWS-119153, 
1918 - Military: William Thomas LAWES (Head Groundsman) -52693, Guards Machine-Gun Regt              (Service Number 3623)
1924 - Emigration: Hubert Alfred Boyce LAWS-117533, Quebec CANADA
1925 - Death: Lawson George LAWS (Nurseryman & Florist) -5957, Beccles SFK UK

                                                                 Beccles SUFFOLK
1933 - Admon: Alfred LAWS-22257, 
1934 - Marriage: Alfred George JAMES-3973 and Helena Olga Marion LAWS-3972, Grafton NSW
1937 - Will Proved: Frederick LAWS (Revenue Officer) -6105, 
1939 - Death: Earl B LAWS-42353, 
1940 - Miscellaneous: Frances Elizabeth Ann LAWES (Widow)-122884, 
1940 - Admon: Edwin Frederick Horace LAWES (Tramcar Bodymaker) -1700, 
1940 - Death: Frederick Stanley LAWS (RAFVR 41431 Pilot Officer 142 Sqdn)) -45066, Petange
1944 - Residence: Bruce Henry LAWS (ARMY Private 5832328) -45048, Worlingham SFK
           died Italy
1944 - Miscellaneous: Arthur James LAWS (Australian Army) -32307, 
1961 - Admon: Horace Christian LAWS (Ag Lab) -54455, 
2002 - Miscellaneous: Samuel LAWS (Bricklayer) -28618
2008 - Death: Margaret Mary LAWS-120797, Canberra NSW AUSTRALIA

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