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When they got across and Robert had parked the car, at the Ferryboat Inn, Emma turned to her father & said. “Who is that man? He seems to know you ever so well.”

          “Well, when I was a boy, we knew him as Uncle Ben, but of course he's no relation.” He continued, “We boys used to call him Ben Gunn behind his back, after the pirate marooned on Treasure Island.  Mary is his wife, she used to be housekeeper to my aunt, but now she just pops in to keep the old place spick & span. They live up the river at a little place called Tredegar Farm”.

          “This is Passage Street.” Emma said. “And here's Captains Row,” and after a few more paces along the narrow road, she continued. “I can see the brass nameplate now”.  Then She said surprised, "It reads -- Robert Henry Nelson. RN. That's your name, Can I go in first, have you got the key?” 

          Robert took the old key from his pocket and passed it to Emma, who placed it in the lock, it turned easily in the well-oiled, old lock, and they crossed the threshold of history.

The interior of the cottage appeared to have been built from the captain’s cabin of a ship of the line, some two hundred years old. Above their heads a low beam arching from one side of the room to the other as did the floor, a large ships wheel stood at one end, and at the other overlooking the river was a long low window.

Emma almost expected a couple of cannons to lie on either side of the room. Half way along one side there was a narrow stairway to the floors or decks above and below.

Emma glanced at her father and seeing his nod of approval, she first dashed down and found a neat kitchen, and on climbing breathlessly above their heads, she found two bedrooms one above the other each with it’s own balcony and bathroom.

          On returning to the main room she found her father had laid the huge oak table for a meal. He had found two Cornish pasties and a bowl of salad in the fridge, together with a jug of fresh milk straight from the farm, this soon filled them.

After they had eaten and Emma had gone up to unpack, Robert sat looking down the river, it all reminded him of his childhood here, and as sense of peace and tranquillity came over him, he drifted into a secure sleep. 

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Family Events from our database for today May 07

1677 - Birth: Hugh LAWES-2227, Lincoln LIN UK

                                                    Lincoln Castle Square and Cathedral

1783 - Marriage: Edward LAWS-3874 and Elizabeth FRAMPTON-3875, Witchampton DOR
1801 - Christen: Jacob LAWS (Ag Lab) -2989, Littleport CAM UK

                                                         Littleport Cambridgeshire

1809 - Baptism: Robert LAWS (Excavator) -6763, Hilgay NFK UK
                                                                    Hilgay Norfolk

1822 - Marriage: Richard LAWS-30456 and Martha SMITH-30455, Norwich NFK UK

                                                            Norwich Cathedral Norfolk

1837 - Marriage: James LAWS (Wine Cooper & Tavern Keeper) -6455 and Mary Ann MAYHEW-              9262, Coslany NFK (St Michael)
1837 - Birth: Mary LAWS (Errand Girl) -9108, Norwich NFK UK

                                                     Norwich NFK (St Peter Mancroft)

1841 - Marriage: Henry William Woollaston LAWS (MP of Cape of Good Hope) -38592 and                        Wilhelmina Hendrina RICHART-122785, Cape Town RSA
1843 - Christen: Amelia LAWS (Spinster) -3391, Minster in Sheppey KEN
1848 - Marriage: Henry LAWES (Labourer) -2883 and Elizabeth EDWARDS-2884, Stockbridge
1853 - Marriage: Edward LAWS (Railway Superintendent) -4004 and Mary Annie LOCKEY-                      50974, Whitby, NRY UK
1864 - Burial: John LAWS (Ag Lab) -3106, Chatteris CAM UK

                                                           Chatteris Cambridgeshire

1870 - Marriage: Charles Hart SADLER (Customs House Officer) -56346 and Agnes LAWS-56345,            St GHS MDX
1870 - Miscellaneous: Fanny LAWS-56347, St GHS MDX
1882 - Baptism: Storey LAWS (Coal Miner) -54786, Bedlington NBL UK
1882 - Birth: Joseph Edgar LAWS-3422, Kialla VIC AUSTRALIA
1905 - Birth: George Edward LAWS (Bus Driver LPTB) -56074, Poplar MDX
1908 - Miscellaneous: John James LAWS (Joiner) -7774,
1916 - Marriage: George SKINN (Miner) -54185 and Lily LAWS-54183, All Saints Woodlands
1917 - Death: Joseph Springall LAWS (Cabinet Maker) -8744, South Norwood SRY UK
1918 - Miscellaneous: Bertha Marg LAWS-45778,
1922 - Death: Alice Heigham LAWS (Spinster) -7185, University College Hospital, Gower Street                MDX UK
1925 - Death: Matilda Elizabeth LAWS (Spinster) -7839, Fairmile House, Christchurch HAM UK
1932 - Will  Proved: Adam Christopher LAWS (Baker)-4473,
1935 - Death: Mary E LAWS-5502, Newtown Center MS USA
1935 - Will Proved: Daniel LAWES (Ag Lab) -1617,
1943 - Death: Julian Asa LAWS-39358, Blanding, San Juan Co UT USA
1946 - Miscellaneous: Charles Reuben LAWS (RAAF) -32316,
1947 - Death: Arthur William LAWS-40986, Los Angeles CA USA
1953 - Death: Allan Samuel LAWS (Accountant & Auditor) -3660,
1954 - Death: Cuthbert LAWS-123057, Clacton ESS UK
1954 - Death: Ethel Maud LAWES-57992, Gosford NSW AUSTRALIA
1960 - Divorce: Charles Alfred SUTTON-30990 and Margaret Scott LAWS-30989, Nairobi, Kenya              AFRICA
1979 - Death: Joe LAWS (T4 US Army) -38009,
1998 - Death: Gertrude Maud LAWS (Widow) -5955, Kirkley SFK UK
2000 - Death: Edward LAWES-35193, Jannali, formerly of Grays Point NSW AUSTRALIA

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