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LFR May 4 Number 505

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Suddenly they came out of the tunnel on to the open moor, and there less than a hundred yards ahead, in the middle of the road stood the witch. In one hand a broomstick, at her feet a large tabby cat walked round her feet in an impatient manner, Robert stamped on the brakes; the car stopped in a cloud of dust.

          The witch, if witch she was, didn't look the way they expected a witch to look. She was a bit younger than Robert, and wore a not a black dress and button boots, but tan jodhpurs over brown riding boots, not a cloak but a smart tweed riding jacket, over a check shirt with a sprig of heather attached to her collar by a silver pin.
On her head she wore not a pointed hat, but a tweed cap under which her raven-black hair tumbled to her shoulders, her eyes were bright and active, and she wore a broad grin on her pretty face.

          As they got out of the battered vehicle, she spoke.

"Hello, I say, you gave me quite a start back there. I wasn’t expecting you till tomorrow." She turned and walked towards a tiny cottage almost hidden by a clump of battered Ash trees. "Don't just stand there, gawking! Come on in, I don’t know about you, but I need a cup of tea.”

          To Robert and Emma it was all rather odd, one minute they were plodding gently through the Cornish lanes on their way to their holiday home in Brashleigh, when all of a sudden, they are awoken from their dream-like state, by something zooming back and forth over their heads. 

Now here they were, about to take tea with a witch. 

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Family Events from our database for today May 04

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1665 - Birth: Nathaniel LAWES-1582, Quethiock CON
1684 - Marriage: James DIXON-27428 and Ellinor LAWES-27429, Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK

                                                  Newcastle upon Tyne Northumberland

1718 - Christen: Edward LAWES-1605, Snodland KEN
1763 - Burial: Richard LAWS-5865, Richmond on Thames SRY UK

                                                  River Thames at Richmond, Surrey 

1777 - Marriage: George LAWES-331 and Jenny AMBROSE-332, Damerham?
1801 - Marriage: George Washington LAWS (Revolutionary War Vetran ) -29610 and Sarah                          CARPENTER-29777, Orange Co NC
1802 - Marriage: William LAWS (Master Mariner) -3620 and Elizabeth DURRANT-3621, Great                  Yarmouth NFK UK
1828 - Christen: Hannah LAWS (Spr / Ag Lab) -3112, Welches Dam CAM

                                                     Welches dam, Cambridgeshire

1834 - Christen: Charlotte LAWS-8153, Norwich NFK UK

                                                               Norwich Cathedral

1846 - Birth: Elizabeth Martha LAWS-44249, Heworth DUR UK
1847 - Marriage: John LAWES (Ag Lab) -1612 and Mary Ann HARWOOD-1615, Homington WIL              (St Michaels)
1848 - Residence: Elizabeth LAWS-39806, Pimlico MDX UK
1848 - Burial: William LAWS (Chief Manager at Distillery) -28682, Kensal Green Cemetery, 
           Harrow Road MDX
1851 - Marriage: John Dixon LAWS (Commercial Traveller) -26373 and Elizabeth (Widow)                          FLETCHER-4239,  
1853 - Death: Mary Adelaide LAWS-124325, NY NY United States
1873 - Marriage: Robert Henry LAWS (Master Mariner ) -7639 and Sarah Ann FULLER-34695, Stepney MDX UK (My great grandparents)

                                                    Stepney Parish Church (St Dunstans) 

1879 - Death: John LAWS (Farm Steward) -32131, East Winch NFK

                                                            East Winch, Norfolk

1881 - Death: Robert LAWES (Bricklayer/Builder) -1284, Camberwell, QLD AUSTRALIA
1882 - Will  Proved: Joseph LAWS (Master Baker) -28615, Great Yarmouth NFK

                                                        Great Yarmouth Norfolk

1903 - Birth: Henry Victor LAWES (Woodwork Machinist) -122158, Exmouth DEV
1914 - Birth: Doye Adell LAWS-115400, Carroll Co TN United States
1923 - Miscellaneous: Alfred LAWES (Steward & Cook on Ship) -45869, 
1927 - Death: John Loder LAWES (Chauffeur) -817, Gravel Hill, Droxford HAM (On a Motorcycle)
1933 - Death: Thomas LAWES-2780, Mayday Road Hospital, Croydon SRY
1942 - Death: Clifford LAWS-55144, Lincoln LIN UK

                                                           Lincoln, Castle Square

1944 - Death: Caroline Ellen LAWS (Spinster) -122935, Hastings SSX UK
1944 - Death: Norman LAWS (ARMY Private 4461781) -45117, 
1945 - Miscellaneous: Frederick Cossar LAWS (Commercial Traveller) -37118, 
1946 - Death: Phillip John LAWS (Tailor) -7536, Ipswich SFK UK

                                                  Ipswich Suffolk, St Nicholas Street

Death: Thomas Samuel LAWS-35285, Matcham NSW AUSTRALIA
1996 - Death: Jane Margaret LAWS-125118, 
2004 - Burial: Daniel J LAWS-34532, Windridge Memorial Park in Cary? USA
2006 - Death: Grace LAWS-45219, Old Hanging Rock NC USA

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