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6.LAWS FAMILY REGISTER May 01 Number 502

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Little Silver Bells

By me

Part 6

As they approached Longformacus, Hector turned to Robert and said, “Have you noticed, but every car we've passed has been stationary, even the sheep aren't moving, it’s almost as if time itself, is stood still."

At the bridge they turned right up the valley, and were very soon at Whinrig. Robert and Hector got out of the car, and Robert led them into the cottage. Laura was in the kitchen drying up some cups.

"Hello, you haven't been long. Have you forgotten something? Oh hello Hector, nice to see you" she asked, with a puzzled expression.  “By the way, just after you went, someone called,"

"Who was it?"  Robert asked thinking it might have been Hamish checking to see if they were OK.

"Emma answered the door,” she said, "Emma! Who was at the door?"

"It was a lady," she said, "I think she was looking for someone, called Callum"

"Who's Callum, Dad?" then she added. "And there’s another thing, she was dressed ever so old fashioned but she was very beautiful, she looked a bit like mummy, she was like a storybook princess"

"How do you mean, like a storybook princess?" Laura asked.

"Well she was wearing a long white dress, that came right down to the ground, it had a broad leather belt that glinted in the sunlight, with little silver bells that tinkled as she moved, and around her shoulders a shawl. And do you know what?"

"What else?" Laura asked, looking at Robert, and spreading her hands and shaking her head to tell him she hadn't said anything about his experiences the night before.

"She had no shoes on, just bare feet"

Hector then said, "That's the third time, I've heard of her, the first time she called on us asking exactly the same thing. One day last month, we had been to Edinburgh shopping. When we got back the dogs were howling and carrying on, and there she was, banging at a door into the kitchen, that we don't use now. She wasn't startled by us, but asked for Callum, when we told her that he wasn't there, she vanished before our eyes."

"The second time was when" Robert asked him.

"Well we didn't see her, but you remember Bert our old shepherd, who took Planting End. Well he's seen her. He still helps out you know, well he'd been attending to some ewes down at Redpath, and when as he turned off the lane to approach his home, he saw her come out of the wood, when he stopped to speak to her, she disappeared before his eyes. 

"Well I suppose that's what she did today Daddy, I left her at the door to ask Mum who Callum was, but as I turned away she vanished.” Emma said doubtfully.

Hector said "Excuse me for butting in, but are you ready to go shopping?"

Robert added "Hector is offering to take us, in his car."

"Funny you should say that, yes we are, How long are you going to be in town, Hector?"

"About two hours, I have to go to the feed merchants to settle some accounts, and I'll probably go to the market to view the stock, maybe get a bite to eat. How about meeting opposite the police station at two o'clock, Is that OK?"

When they had shopped, they ate at a little cafe behind the Jewellers, Hot baked Potatoes with Chilli for Robert and Laura, and a Hot Baked Potato with beans and cheese for Emma.

As they came out into the sunshine Robert said "Wait by the paper shop Emma, Mums popping to the bank, and I'm going over to the bakers, pop in if you like, see if they have your magazine,"

As he crossed the road, a familiar voice said, "Hello, didn't expect to see you back here!"

He turned to see the man from the beach standing beside him,  “Oh hello" Robert replied," Just in for some shopping?"

Robert then thoughtlessly added "Is your wife with you?"

At this the man's gaze became suddenly hard and cold, and he stared at Robert in a very direct fashion, and said " Never got married, did we? Nay, I never had a chance.”

Just as Robert was about to excuse himself, to go and find Emma and Laura, he heard another voice, " Callum, who's this?"

Robert turned to see the girl he had seen that first night, The girl the McAndrews had seen, the girl Bert had seen at Planting End, and yes the girl that Emma had seen, a storybook princess in a long white dress, that fell to her bare feet. She had a broad leather belt that glinted in the sunlight, with little silver bells that tinkled as she moved and around her shoulders a shawl.

Suddenly, something brushed Robert's shoulder, and he thought of the sound of a horse at the gallop, as it came up in his direction. It was almost upon him, and he stepped back a pace, just as the huge beast came to him, He heard another cry, and then something struck him very hard. 

"Dad! Look out!"

Robert came to his senses very slowly; everything seemed to be spinning round, "Where am I? He called out but only a whisper escaped from his lips. He seemed to be floating above a bed in a white room, full of mist.

"OK Robert," came a voice beside him "Steady now, take your time.” Robert felt his body sink slowly on to the bed and as he turned his head painfully to his left, he saw beside him as if through a mist, the shepherd in his smock.

Looking again, he saw through the mist Callum and the girl, he wearing a kilt with a cloak flung over one shoulder. A long sword swinging at his waist - she with hair as black as the raven, which fell heavily to her waist. She wore a simple white dress that flowed over her lithe body, to her bare feet. At her waist was a broad leather belt that glinted in the light, with little silver bells that tinkled as she moved. Around her shoulders a plaid shawl.

"You'll be fine," the girl said.

Robert turned his head slowly to the right, and saw Emma and Laura, who reached for his hand.

Laura said. "Thank God!" "I thought we had lost you, you've been unconscious for three days.”

Robert could see the room more clearly now, and looked for the others, but found only a doctor and a nurse.
"How did I get here? "Robert said wearily, lying back onto the pillows, "What ever has happened?" he added "What day is it?"
Emma was the first to speak. "It’s Tuesday Dad. On Saturday you had an accident. You're in the hospital." she quietly continued,” we were getting groceries in Duns before going up to the cottage. Mum was at the Co-op. When I came out of the newsagents, you were in the middle of the road, you appeared to be talking to yourself then, a cattle truck appeared."

Emma caught her breath, and then continued, " How the driver managed to avoid running right over you, I don't know."

Laura spoke next, in her soft and lilting voice, "Robert!” She took his hand in hers, "Do you remember a girl, with hair as black as the raven, which fell heavily to her waist, and who wore a simple white dress that flowed over her, to her bare feet. At her waist, a broad leather belt, studded with little silver bells that that glinted in the light and tinkled as she moved, and what of Callum?"

          Robert smiled to himself and said. "I remember that OK, it was you, when we  were married in Oban” And Callum was from Peebles, who always planned to marry you, but I beat him to it.”

1999 John P Laws
131a High Street
North Berwick

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Family Events from our database for today May 01

1602 - Birth: William LAWES (Musician & Cavalier) -1227, The Close Salisbury WIL UK

                                                          Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire

1664 - Baptism: Ann LAWES-2925, Tynemouth NBL UK

                                                          Tynemouth, Northumberland

1795 - Marriage: Clement LAWS-5560 and Mary RUDD-5561, Saham Toney NFK UK
1801 - Birth: Nathaniel Ford LAWS-119721,
1803 - Birth: Ebenezer LAWS-5500, Peterborough, Hillsborough NH United States
1804 - Marriage: James LAWES- (Farmer) 271 and Jane CANNELL-272, Costessey NFK UK

                                                     Costessey (Cossey) Norfolk

1820 - Marriage: Henry LAWS (Ag Lab) -43362 and Jane BURROWS-43363, Litcham NFK UK

                                                                 Litcham, Norfolk

1838 - Birth: William LAWS (RN 75990) -47663, Titchfield HAM UK
1847 - Birth: Isabel LAWS-56509,
1851 - Burial: William LAWES-334,
1862 - Death: Jane LAWES (Spinster) -1220, Bemerton WIL UK
1866 - Baptism: Jane Jennifer LAWS-9528, Stokesley NRY UK
1866 - Death: James Eastmure LAWS (Master Mariner & Ship Owner) -3632, Hoxton MDX UK
1867 - Occupation: Rebecca LAWS (Stewardess on Steamship) -51793,
1869 - Baptism: Frank Edgar LAWS (Accountant) -35559, Stoke Newington MDX UK
1875 - Burial: John LAWS-32424, Stoke Newington MDX UK
1880 - Marriage: John BROWN-33536 and Hannah LAWS (Ag Lab) -33530, Chatteris CAM UK

                                                           Chatteris, Cambridgeshire

1881 - Christen: Mary Elizabeth LAWS (Infant 1 month old)-6247, Hingham NFK
1889 - Marriage: Joseph LAWS-41546 and Margaret DODDS-41547, Logan, Cache Co UT USA
1892 - Baptism: John George LAWS-54779, Bedlington NBL UK
1897 - Marriage: Thomas Little LAWS (Coal Miner) -6290 and Sarah MURRAY-6293,
           Horton NBL UK
1908 - Admon: Edward LAWS  (Lamp Salesman) -18539,
1915 - Birth: Joseph LAWS-54491, Blyth NBL
1915 - Burial: Stanley E LAWS-46026, Dutton Park, Brisbane QLD AUSTRALIA
1919 - Enlistment: Raymond Herbert LAWS (Canadian Army Private 2606303) -167418,
1921 - Marriage: Albert Frederick Horatio LAWS (Locomotive Driver London Tilbury & Southend              Railway) -46074 and Minnie Dorethy CHAPMAN-46075, Canning Town ESS
1929 - Miscellaneous: Edna Susan LAWS-7852,
1930 - Marriage: Alva Lincoln LAWS-39459 and Ruth Elizabeth SCHOW-39464, Medford OR                  USA
1936 - Death: Harry Augustus LAWES (Commercial traveller) -255, Riddings DBY
1941 - Death: Wilfred LAWS-45550,
1953 - Birth: Barry David LAWES-511, Bournemouth DOR UK
1955 - Death: George Alfred (ARMY Private 12906) LAWS-9724, Shepherds Bush MDX
1969 - Will Proved: Owen Faulkner LAWES(ARMY Colonel) -50300,
1982 - Death: Frank Goodall LAWS-30084, Toowoomba, Warwick QLD AUSTRALIA
1985 - Birth: Matt Wade LAWS-40743, TX USA
1986 - Birth: Samantha Rae LAWS-40758, TX USA
1991 - Death: Jean LAWS-45553, West Hartlepool DUR UK
1992 - Burial: Earl C LAWS (MM1C US Navy) -37932, Fort Custer National Cemetery, Augusta MI            Plot: 2, 0, 105
2000 - Death: Rebecca Kate LAWS-30917, AUSTRALIA
2001 - Birth: Hayley LAWS-44258, Kirwan QLD AUSTRALIA
2003 - Burial: Richard Ben LAWS-120486, South San Francisco CA USA
2003 - Death: Richard LAWS(Teamster retired) -31668, San Francisco CA
2010 - Death: Billy Wayne LAWS-123327,

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