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LFR May 30 Number 531

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If you are a LAWIf you are a LAWS or a LAWES or have these surnames in your family or perhaps it sounds like this but in fact is spelt differently, we would love to hear from you, we need to extend and expand our knowledge of the families we have already discovered, Come and join us, theres no better time than now.
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Family Events from our database for today May 30

1819 - Baptism: Charles Henry LAWES-245, Old Street, Finsbury MDX (St Luke)
1821 - Marriage: Seth LAWES (Plumber & Glazier) -2488 and Harriet MORRIS (Spinster) -2164,              Andover HAM UK

1850 - Birth: John Henry LAWES (Shepherd) -181, Coombe Bissett WIL (St Michaels) UK

1878 - Birth: Virgina Frances LAWS-125499,
1879 - Birth: Amy Vere LAWES (Infant) -702, Rowde WIL UK

1887 - Marriage: James Edward LAWS (Grocer & Fowl Dealer) -310 and Ellen Charlotte PEAKE-              311, Rushall NFK
1889 - Birth: Edward LAWS (ARMY Private 032671) -5412, Dukes Bridge, Bungay SFK UK
1892 - Birth: Herbert J LAWES (Innkeeper & Grocers Assistant) -117101, Trowbridge WIL UK
1895 - Birth: David Nelson LAWS (RN K19843) -54423, Folkestone KEN UK

1895 - Burial: Amelia Florence LAWS-53371, Aldrington SSX
1906 - Birth: Ernest Edward LAWS (Draughtsman) -58661, Wolverhampton STS UK
1909 - Marriage: Richard LAWS (Postman & RN F16271) -47648 and Ada Harriet BUNKER-                    48195, Hampstead MDX UK

1909 - Miscellaneous: Frank Reginald LAWS (Mechanical Engineer) -53052,
1914 - Birth: Wanda LAWS-118507, Provo UT USA
1914 - Birth: Stanley Edgar LAWS (Died Young) -30148, Cowra QLD Australia
1915 - Death: Viola LAWS-48505, Lake Forest Cook County IL USA
1917 - Birth: Albert William LAWS-114986,
1919 - Will  Proved: Edward LAWS (Farmer 440 Acres 13 labs 6 boys) -5630,
1922 - Birth: Edward James LAWS-3296, Ely CAM UK
1927 - Birth: Robert Lewis LAWS-42320,
1932 - Residence: Roger John LAWES-51710, Hayes MDX
1934 - Birth: David Hadley LAWS-34470,
1935 - Birth: Kenneth L LAWS (Physics educator, author) -39336, Pasadena CA United States
1942 - Birth: Basil Francis C LAWS-119079,
1946 - Death: Robert Henry LAWS-122825, Peterborough CAM UK
1949 - Birth: Diann Flowers LAWS-42501,
1961 - Death: Ivy Mary Camelia LAWES-32209, Thurrock ESS UK
1976 - Death: George LAWS-45549, Scotland?
1977 - Burial: Allan Spencer LAWES (RAAF 418853) -30919, Falkner Green Memorial Park, VIC              AUSTRALIA
1989 - Birth: Hannah Marie LAWS-40806, TX USA
1992 - Death: Alford Ray LAWS (SKC US Navy)-37881,
1994 - Death: Vera LAWS-35256, Mudgee Nursing Home, formerly of Coolah NSW
2006 - Death: Albert Henry LAWS-50475, City Hospital, Nottingham NTT
2012 - Death: Anthony Joseph LAWS-121950, Parramatta NSW AUSTRALIA

1840 - Marriage: John MCLAREN (Reverend) -119141 and Elizabeth FISHER-119142,
           Dull, Aberfeldy PER UK
1878 - Birth: Cecil COLEMAN (Chairman of the Norvic Shoe Company) -38646,
1882 - Birth: Henry Alfred MOONEY-48329,
1906 - Birth: Edna Ellen PEACHLEY-118717, QLD AUSTRALIA
1918 - Birth: Ethel Phyllis WILKINS-58566, Edmonton MDX UK
1994 - Death: Veronica Anne LAWTHER-35305, Coolah NSW AUSTRALIA
1996 - Death: Barbara Irene MITCHELL-35293, Mittagong

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