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LFR May 14 Number 515

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“Ok” said Emily Brown and with an audible “pop” both she and the cottage disappeared, and Robert found himself back on the steps with the cat, which looked up at him, gave him a cheshire-cat smile, said “Meow” and disappeared gradually before his eyes starting at the tail, till all that was left was the smile.

Robert returned to the harbour, met up with Emma and returned to the cottage and his wife, later that evening Robert led Emma down to the car park, opened up their trusty ragtop landrover and set off for the church, and sure enough as the church clock struck midnight out popped Emily Brown with Rufus at her side, hr opened the back of the truck and they clambered in.

 “Ok, said Robert Where do I find Mariah?’  

‘They are in a barn between Penhargard and Helland’ said Rufus, ‘but beware the farmer is not a happy bunny’. So when we get near it, Emily and I will go for them, we can move swiftly even in the dark.’

It was a strange journey with Rufus looking over Roberts shoulder with his whiskers tickling Roberts left ear every time one of them moved, as they bounced through the lanes. After half an hour they came into Bodmin, just as they crossed the main road
A police car pulled out of a side road blocking their path, they came to a halt as two large policemen approached the truck.

“Where’ you going?’ demanded one, as the other peered into the dark interior of the truck.

“Tredirrick” replied Robert ‘going out to see to some sheep’ lambs y know alwas come at night,’ Emily Brown pretended to be a sheepdog growling and barking in the back, which seemed to placate him.

As they backed off he said ‘Escaped convict from the prison been seen, an’ that man-eating tiger been seen too, you just watch yourself, y’ hear.

‘Ok, nite’ replied Robert. As he moved off away they waved him though their roadblock. 
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Family Events from our database for today May 14

(note that selected records post 1924 have not been published)

1697 - Baptism: Paul LAWES-49895, North Bradley WIL UK
1797 - Baptism: Eliza LAWS-4221, Shoreditch MDX UK
1798 - Marriage: Thomas LAWS-4101 and Ann MATHER-4102, Kirkwhelpington NBL
1805 - Christen: Mary Ann LAWS-4162, Portsea HAM UK

                                                HMS 'Victory' in Portsea Naval Dockyard

1853 - Birth: Henry Horace LAWES-254, Finsbury MDX UK
1854 - Occupation: Robert LAWS (Navy Storekeeper) -3029,
1855 - Marriage: John KLINE-37617 and Caroline Ann LAWS-37616, Chilwell Geelong VIC                      AUSTRALIA
1855 - Occupation: T J LAWS (Apprentice on ship ) -51794,
1857 - Birth: Mary Ella LAWS-124326, Jersey City Heights NJ USA
1864 - Birth: William Pennington LAWS-35728, Wilkes County NC
1866 - Marriage: William James LAWS (Traveller/ zinc wkr/ Innkeeper) -5827 and Caroline                          CARPENTER-5830, Portsmouth HAM UK
1868 - Emigration: Ernest Albert LAWS-30065, Morton Bay QLD AUSTRALIA
1872 - Marriage: Thomas GIBBON-9399 and Ann Hopper LAWS-9398, Whitburn DUR UK
1872 - Death: Sarah Ann LAWS (Spinster) -19010, 86 Portland Road, Notting Hill MDX
1883 - Miscellaneous: Albert LAWES (Schoolmaster & Tea Dealer) -647,
1884 - Will Proved: Aaron LAWES (Tea Dealer) -649,
1884 - Miscellaneous: Samuel LAWES (Steam Threshing Machine Proprieter) -648,
1890 - Baptism: Violet LAWS-115587, Walworth SRY UK
1891 - Death: Elizabeth LAWS (Spinster) -6348, Bradford WRY UK
1893 - Baptism: Christian George William LAWS-56175, Welney CAM UK
1902 - Birth: Henry Crook LAWS-118430, South Shields DUR UK
1913 - Enlistment: Horace Herbert LAWS (ARMY 23891 Royal Engineers former Ag Lab) -36069,              Norwich NFK UK
                                                              Norwich Cathedral

1914 - Birth: Harold C LAWS (CM2 US Navy) -37965,
1915 - Birth: Hubert Christopher Belgium LAWS-35315, Blayney NSW Australia
1918 - Miscellaneous: John Bell LAWS (Boots Steward on Ship "Scotian") -8463,
1921 - Birth: Bruce Waddell MCLAWS (RAAF) -32435, Orange NSW AUSTRALIA
1921 - Birth: Claude Jonanthan LAWS (Australian Army) -32317, Wahroonga NSW AUSTRALIA
1924 - Birth: Ivy Gloria LAWS (Cashier) -49568,
1930 - Birth: Lois LAWS-123847, Bethany Township NC USA
1936 - Will Proved: Horace LAWS-117310,
1942 - Death: Paul Wilson LAWS-31795, Charlie Lake BC CANADA
1946 - Burial: Arnold Alfred LAWS (Stores Clerk & Workhse Officer) -29128, East Dereham NFK
                                                              East Dereham Norfolk

1957 - Death: Ella Marion LAWS (Spinster) -123217, Bexhill on Sea SSX
1958 - Miscellaneous: Arthur Alfred LAWS (Engine Erector / Electrical engineer) -94145,
1958 - Miscellaneous: Arthur James LAWS (Retired Engineer) -33532,
1965 - Death: Ada Maud LAWES-124118, Hayle CON UK resided at St Ives CON UK

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