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LFR May 27 Number 528

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If you are a LAWS or a LAWES or have these surnames in your family or perhaps it sounds like this but in fact is spelt differently, we would love to hear from you, we need to extend and expand our knowledge of the families we have already discovered, Come and join us, theres no better time than now.
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Family Events from our database for today May 27

1768 - Baptism: George LAWES-46878, Bishopstone by Salisbury WIL

1778 - Birth: Samuel LAWES-825, Drayton NFK UK
1781 - Marriage: James LAWS-57760 and Elizabeth BLENDELL-57761,
1809 - Marriage: John GREEN-5466 and Elizabeth LAWS (Spinster) -5465, Ryton DUR UK
1812 - Christen: George LAWS-3160, Wareham DOR UK
1825 - Birth: Elizabeth LAWS-45716, Washbrook SFK
1827 - Baptism: William LAWS (Tailor) -46146, Whitechapel MDX UK
1827 - Christen: Maria LAWS-6983, St Botolphs, without Aldgate MDX
1849 - Marriage: William HALE (Butcher) -119891 and Mary LAWS-119890, Hornchurch ESS UK
1851 - Marriage: Stephen LAWS-167414 and Catherine MCIRMENY-167415, Tynemouth NBL                UK

1862 - Military: James Snoad LAWS (Retired Wine Merchant) -4316,
1873 - Birth: Eliza Jane LAWS-3381, Folkestone KEN UK

1881 - Death: John LAWES (Innkeeper / Widower) -1768, Trowbridge WIL UK
1885 - Immigration: Alice LAWS-167325, New York NY USA
1885 - Immigration: Thomas LAWS (Labourer) -167324, New York NY USA
1909 - Birth: John George LAWS-4076, Anlaby ERY UK
1914 - Will Proved: Helen Harriett LAWES (Spinster) -2410,
1918 - Death: William Cecil LAWS (Boy Clerk) -36734, FRANCE
1918 - Will Proved: Veronica Perpetua LAWES (Spinster) -772,
1931 - Birth: Josephine Idell LAWS-43656,
1931 - Birth: James Herberts LAWS-42313,
1932 - Birth: John Frederick LAWS-42839, Poole DOR
1936 - Miscellaneous: Charles William LAWS (Chartered Accountant) -17961,
1937 - Death: Janet Mary LAWS-116133, SOUTH AFRICA
1940 - Death: Howard Playford LAWS-124651, South Connellsville, Layette PA USA
1940 - Death: John D LAWS-42346,
1943 - Residence: Stuart Charles LAWS (Civil Construction Corp) -115978, Port Melbourne VIC                  AUSTRALIA
1946 - Residence: Alfred George Charles LAWS (Radio Coms Engineer) -116027, Plymouth DEV                UK &  Emigration from Liverpool LAN UK
1951 - Residence: Lybert Aubourne LAWS-36750, Low Fell DUR UK
           Death: Gateshead DUR UK
1964 - Miscellaneous: Joyce Northan LAWES-124192,
1964 - Miscellaneous: Anthony Northan (Company Director) -46407,
1964 - Estate to: John Northam LAWES (Engineers Suptnt) LAWES-2409,
1965 - Birth: Donald Eugene LAWS-40472, TX
1967 - Death: Elsie Josephine LAWS-48544, Dersingham NFK UK
1972 - Marriage: John CLEVELEY-3356 and Jacqueline Ann (LFR 91007) LAWS-3357,
           Hounslow MDX UK
1972 - Burial: Maggie LAWS (Widow) -49570, Christchurch NZ
1972 - Birth: Robin Renee LAWS-40555, TXtralia
2003 - Death: Helen E ???-31046, The Towne House Health Center, Fort Wayne IN United States
2004 - Death: Norman Colin LAWS-35284, Rutherford NSW
2004 - Death: Olive CHARTERS-34596, Broughton LIN

1667 - Baptism: Hester MATON-30964, Milston WIL UK
1787 - Baptism: John INGRAM-46844, Pentridge DOR UK
1828 - Birth: Andrew HANSLER-115131, Pelham Twp., Welland Co., ONT CANADA
1872 - Birth: Mary MILLER-48191, St Louis MO United States
1895 - Burial: Ethel JENNINGS (8 Weeks) -49743, Outwood WRY UK
1909 - Burial: James JENNINGS (Banksman at Pit) -43518, Stanley WRY UK
1926 - Death: Thomas Augustus MATTINGLEY-45959, Franklin Co TX USA
1933 - Death: Matthew Mathias ROBERTS-55177, Barmedman NSW
1939 - Death: Helen Maria LUMBY (Hospital Nurse) -3224, Kings Langley HRT UK
1980 - Birth: Laura Jane ANDERSON-43933, Port Broughton, Adelaide - SA,Aus

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