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We reach out to all, regardless of Race, Colour, Creed or National Origin, with support for researching family and documenting cultural inhertance

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Family Events for today 7th April - We have excluded living people to protect their Privacy

1700 - Baptism: Cuthbert LAWS-117032, Warden NBL
1725 - Marriage: Robert PIZZEY-1505 and Anne LAWES-1506, Norwich NFK UK

                                                      The Cathedral, Norwich NFK UK

1736 - Death: Leonard LAWES-32467, Milston WIL UK
1804 - Birth: Jane LAWES-619, St.Marylebone MDX UK
1814 - Birth: Thomas Jefferson LAWS-48224, Wheeling VA USA
1817 - Marriage: Henry SOUTHGATE-53935 and Sarah LAWS-53934, Belstead SFK UK
1844 - Birth: Eliza Frances LAWS-29638,
1859 - Will Proved: John LAWS  (Tailor) 38574,
1861 - Marriage: Richard Willoughby LAWS (C J Navy Retired) -55048 and Margaret CARTER-                55049, Southwark SRY UK

                                                     The Cathedral, Southwark SRY UK

1861 - Census: Edward Mingay LAWS (AB)-99608, Ship "Clifton Hall" off Cape Trafalgar
1870 - Burial: Thomas Moors LAWES- (Merchant/Gentleman) 1373, Sturminster Marshall DOR UK
1871 - Marriage: James GODFREY-7326 and Ann Elizabeth LAWS- (Hand Loom Silk Weaver)                  7323, Bethnal Green MDX UK
1877 - Birth: Edward John LAWS (Ships Steward RN 167587) -38902, Inishowen Malin, Donegal,              IRELAND
1881 - Birth: John Robert LAWS-41055, Waikiwi, Invercargill, New Zealand
1882 - Death: William LAWS (Ships Steward) -52650, Royal Roads, Esquimalt, British Columbia                 CANADA
1890 - Marriage: George GUTHRIE-52152 and Mary Jane  Lewery LAWS (Scholar)-6292,
           Earsdon NBL UK
1890 - Marriage: Charles M ROSS (Army Schoolmaster) -50296 and Minnie LAWES-109,                            Aldershot HAM UK
1902 - Birth: George Herbert LAWS-58695,
1904 - Birth: Edgar Charles LAWS (Farmer)-3492, Shepparton VIC AUSTRALIA
1905 - Birth: Sarah Margareta LAWS-48474,
1906 - Birth: Vera Lily LAWS (Secretary)-121091, Hornsey MDX UK
1907 - Birth: Charles Sidney LAWS-55948, Borough SRY UK
1907 - Baptism: Elizabeth LAWS-32153, South Hylton DUR (St Mary)
1916 - Enlistment: Henry Walter LAWS (Farm Yardman / Canadian Army Private 853426) -36455,
1918 - Death: Arthur T LAWS-42380,
1918 - Death: Robert LAWS-8797, Emneth NFK UK
1924 - Marriage: Frank Joseph LUCAS (Mason) -120242 and Sarah Elizabeth LAWS-3086,
           Welland ONT CANADA
1924 - Death: Mary Frances LAWS-38395, Broken Arrow, Tulsa OK USA

                                                           Broken Arrow Tulsa OK USA

1942 - Admon: Charles Eustace LAWS (Master Butcher) -44226,
1946 - Death: Ellen LAWS-41656, Mountain Ash, Pontypridd MON UK
1948 - Burial: Agnes JOHNSON (Shopkeeper) -30974, Chingford ESS UK
1957 - Death: Alvin Marvin LAWS-119985, Broken Arrow, Tulsa OK USA
1959 - Death: Alec Adolphus Edwin  LAWES (Railway Signalman)-460, Romsey HAM UK
1964 - Death: Margaret LAWES-124134, Willesden MDX UK
1981 - Death: Mary Alice Maud LAWS-37779,
2011 - Death: Patrick Wellesley LAWES-125401, Swindon WIL UK

1831 - Death: Jane BOYD-122191, LONDON
1862 - Marriage: Joseph CLEGG (Watchmaker & Photographer) -35602 and Mary Isabella BIRD-              7563, Manchester LAN UK
1862 - Residence: Joseph CLEGG-(Watchmaker & Photographer) 35602, Hulme LAN UK
1876 - Death: Christopher RAPIER (Naval Officer) -31993, London Docks
1907 - Residence: Margaret Ann CRANE-32156, South Hyton DUR
1945 - Death: Annie Evelyn TUNSTALL-122839, Leeds WRY UK
1953 - Burial: Edith Mabel LOVELESS-47350, Christchurch NZ
1960 - Burial: Mary Ann RHODES (Cook to Sir Edmund Stonehouse, Mayor of Wakefield)                          123665, Wortley WRY UK

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