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We reach out to all, regardless of Race, Colour, Creed or National Origin, with support for researching family and documenting cultural inhertance

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If you are interested in anyone listed here, email us with the name, date and reference number, and we will happily do a look up, you might even get a whole tree! 

Family Events for today10th April. - We have excluded living people to protect their Privacy

1746 - Birth: William LAWS-3916, Billerica, Middlesex Co. MA USA
1775 - Baptism: Robert LAWS (Farmer) -45756, Mealrigg CUL UK
1785 - Birth: John LAWES-100758, Hurstbourne HAM UK
1804 - Birth: John LAWS-41976,
1807 - Birth: Margaret Atkinson LAWS-3633, Great Yarmouth NFK UK

                          HMS 'Victory' Nelsons flagship moored in Portsra Naval Dockyard

1829 - Christen: Jane Ann LAWS-7447, Portsea HAM UK
1836 - Marriage: Charles BOND-7680 and Elizabeth LAWS-7681, Newington SRY UK
1850 - Death: John LAWS-48538, Costessey NFK UK
1851 - Birth: Clara Frances LAWS-167872, AUSTRALIA
1854 - Birth: Charles Nathaniel LAWS-37452, Hamilton Co FL USA
1860 - Marriage: Francis Augustine LAWS-115446 and Harriet Augusta SPAULDING-115447,
1868 - Birth: Dorethy Ann LAWS (Charwoman) -34013, Castle Eden DUR UK
1877 - Birth: James Sydney LAWS- (Bricklayer) 54958, Camberwell SRY UK
1880 - Death: Jerimiah LAWS-48560, Versailles, Woodford IL USA
1883 - Birth: Arthur Matthew LAWS-48118, Norwich NFK UK

                                                    Elm Hill, Norwich NFK UK

1884 - Marriage: Joseph Frank LAWES (Coachman) -568 and Jane JOLLIFFE (Cook)-746,                        Fordingbridge HAM UK
1889 - Birth: Fred LAWS (PFC US Army) -37954,
1890 - Marriage: Reuben HORSELL-45393 and Emily LAWES-33134,
           Brooke Twp., Lambton County, ONT CANADA
1904 - Marriage: Lonnie LAWS-56542 and Salina PEGRAM-56543, Wake NC United States
1907 - Birth: Stanley Newman LAWS-58379, North Witchford CAM UK
1909 - Death: William LAWS-7790, Stockton-On-Tees DUR UK
1913 - Marriage: Edwin George LAWS (Milk Carrier) -57773 and Jenny LONG-57775,
           Edgware MDX UK
1915 - Discharged: George William LAWS (ARMY Private 7488) -54440, Gillingham KEN UK
1917 - Death: Frederick William LAWS (Printers Compositor)-5906,
1920 - Miscellaneous: Thomas LAWS (Assistant Ships Cook) -45868,
1922 - Miscellaneous: Alfred LAWES (Steward & Cook on Ship) -45869,
1929 - Burial: George Herbert LAWES-47793, Norwich NFK UK
1929 - Death: Steven Price LAWS-42305,
1936 - Military: Charles Frederick LAWS (Master Mariner 13605) 8012,
           Late Commander RMSF Comando
1936 - Death: Charles Frederick LAWS (Master Mariner 13605) -8012, Eastbourne SSX UK
           Residence: Great Chart KEN UK
1943 - Death: Walter Trowbridge LAWS-167444, IL United States
1948 - Death: Mary Ledoska LAWS-3897, Ottawa, Franklin Co, Kansas
1950 - Departure: Sheila Beatrix LAWS-124709, Middleton NFK UK
1953 - Miscellaneous: Frank Sydney Bruce LAWES (Export Clerk & Absent Voter 1918-19)                          -122493,
1953 - Cremation: Laura Lucy LAWES-30920, Falkner Green Memorial Park, VIC AUSTRALIA
1970 - Cremation: James Charles LAWES (Coach Driver)S-53568, Kent & Sussex Crematorium
1979 - Death: Alice LAWS-119202, Scarborough NRY UK
1979 - Burial: Stanley Vernon LAWS (S2 US Navy) -38085, Mountain Home National Cemetery,                  Johnson City TN USA
1979 - Death: Bertie James LAWES (Australian Army) -32387, Penrith NSW AUSTRALIA
1994 - Death: Lottie LAWS-50123, Los Angeles CA United States
1997 - Probate: Norman Ian LAWS-125123, Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK
2001 - Cremation: Margaret Joan Burton LAWS-4583, Boston LIN UK

                                                                 Boston LINCS UK

2001 - Burial: Margaret Joan Burton LAWS-4583,
2003 - Death: Jes Willard  LAWS (U.S. Army WWll veteran)-31217, Lenoir NC USA

1846 - Death: Sarah Sally TEAGUE-29073, Wilkesboro, Wilkes Co NC USA
1864 - Burial: Margaret CLARKE (Innkeeper)-34619, Torpenhow CUL UK
1866 - Military: Thomas Edward Laws MOORE-(Navy Captain) 38745
           To retired List as Vice Admiral
1876 - Christen: Thomas Edward G THURSTON (Labourer) -66564, Hingham NFK UK
1878 - Birth: Alfred WILLIAMSON-123503, Staleybridge CHS UK
1887 - Birth: Elizabeth Wilson GREASLEY-54956, 
1904 - Birth: Miriam THOMPSON-120673, 
1912 - Death: George Henry WARE-56526, Union Imfirmary, West Ham ESS UK
1923 - Death: Stella Evelean IRELAND-124317, Park Ridge NJ USA
1936 - Burial: Jane KNIGHT (Widow) -714, Porchester HAM (St Mary)
1944 - Death: Gertrude Florence May PEAKE-297, Tivetshall St Mary NFK

                                                      Tivetshall St Mary NFK UK

1953 - Will  Dated: Eliza Bruce HURD-124051,
1954 - Death: Flora Ann GREEN-55313,
1965 - Death: Laura Dorethy BARTLETT-58740, Winchester HAM UK

                                                    The Cathedral Winchester HAM UK

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