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We reach out to all, regardless of Race, Colour, Creed or National Origin, with support for researching family and documenting cultural inhertance

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If you are interested in anyone listed here, email us with the name, date and reference number, and we will happily do a look up, you might even get a whole tree! 

Family Events for today 26th April  We have excluded living people to protect their Privacy -we are not showing births after 1920 or marriages after 1940 If you are looking for folk after these dates, you should join the LAWS FAMILY REGISTER  

Family Events

1670 - Marriage: Henry LAWES-2392 and Anne NUNN-2397, Hadleigh SFK UK

1744 - Death: Mary LAWES-12074, Milston WIL UK
1783 - Death: Bolitha LAWS 35879, Mispillion, Kent Co DE USA
1837 - Baptism: John LAWS-8436, Chertsey SRY UK
1838 - Birth: William John LAWS-35171, SRY
1876 - Birth: Ernest Edward LAWS (Army Private 4387) -5085, Bungay SFK UK

1880 - Death: Elizabeth LAWS (Laundress) -2846, Hotham (Melbourne) VIC AUSTRALIA
1887 - Marriage: John STANNER (Labourer) -31653 and Emma LAWS (Cook / Spinster) -7683,                 Litcham NFK UK

1897 - Marriage: Evelyn David SAUNDERS (Beer Seller) -37282 and Beatrice LAWS-3130, Little             Ilford ESS UK (St Mary the Virgin)
1898 - Birth: E'lnor LAWS-25983,
1898 - Birth: Vernon Cyril LAWS (Patient in Small Pox Hospital) -16048, Derby DBY UK
1903 - Birth: Eleanor M LAWS (Spinster) -42458,
1903 - Birth: Allan George Holman LAWES (Australian Army) -12961, Petersham NSW                             AUSTRALIA
1903 - Death: Samuel LAWS (Yeoman) -7413, Ipswich SFK UK

1904 - Birth: May Florence LAWES-35752,
1910 - Birth: Hilda Isabel LAWS-32823,
1916 - Birth: Elizabeth Violet S LAWS-36727,
1916 - Burial: Christopher Columbus LAWS (School Teacher) -24893, Jenkins Cemetery
1916 - Death: J LAWS (Army Private 28347) -22291,
1916 - Death: Rachel LAWS-14880, Walthamstow ESS UK
1919 - Marriage: Augustus W LAWS (Clerk) -40411 and Ellen Mary BAGGET-40405, Merton                   SRY UK
1923 - Death: David Crockett LAWS-41901, Alexander Co. NC USA
1951 - Death: Edward Henry LAWES (Auctioneer) -10358, Devizes WIL UK
1994 - Burial: Robert John LAWS (Beneficiary) -25725, Christchurch NZ
1994 - Death: John William LAWS (Retired Accountant) -22121, Sacred Heart HM, Dunedin NZ
1996 - Death: Rosina Ivy LAWS-41123,

1812 - Christen: Thomas HALVERSON--26764, West Acre NFK
1818 - Birth: Henry SEDGWICK-13939, Stepney MDX UK
1839 - Birth: James FILBY (Labourer) -16191, Gedney LIN UK
1856 - Birth: J Newton HOOVER (Butcher) -12273, Ringgold MD USA
1882 - Birth: Herbert Scott BOYERS-22581, Franklin Twp. Owen Co, IN USA
1882 - Birth: Robert Richard DODMAN-20364, Kings Lynn NFK UK

1905 - Birth: Edward Albert CLARRICOATS-30449, West Ham MDX UK
1909 - Burial: Hannah SMITH-28169, Tunbridge Wells KEN UK
1914 - Birth: Louisa Elizabeth HEMMINGS-37438, Poplar MDX
1915 - Birth: Catherine Eva LUCKHAM-12673, 
1949 - Burial: Cordelia MINOR-25125, Lundy's Lane cemetery, Port Colborne ONT CANADA
2005 - Death: Evelyn Mary WALMSLEY (Cook) -21470, 

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"This organization recognizes the United Nations' International Decade for People of African Descent 2015-2024. We reach out to all regardless of race, color, creed or national origin with support for researching family and documenting cultural inheritance.”

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