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LFR 4 April 2016 - 835

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We reach out to all, regardless of Race, Colour, Creed or National Origin, with support for researching family and documenting cultural inhertance

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If you are interested in anyone listed here, email us with the name, date and reference number, and we will happily do a look up, you might even get a whole tree! 

Family Events for today30th March We have excluded living people to protect their Privacy

1731 - Baptism: Anthony LAWS-27502, Ponteland NBL UK
1742 - Christen: Peter LAWS-4213, Stoke Dameral DEV UK
1804 - Birth: Matthew LAWS-7766, South Shields DUR UK
1807 - Marriage: Thomas LAWS-38448 and Mary MOODY-17545, Harkstow LIN UK
1816 - Birth: William LAWS (Innkeeper) -33897, Ditchingham NFK UK

                                                     Ditchingham NFK UK

1828 - Birth: Hannah LAWS (2nd / Spr / Ag Lab)-3112, Welches Dam CAM UK

                                                         Welches Dam CAM UK

1845 - Birth: James Samuel LAWS-31549,
1851 - Birth: George Miller LAWS (Dock Labourer) -6244, Mulbarton NFK UK
1852 - Marriage: Jonathan  SPALDING (Lab)-50712 and Elizabeth LAWS-50713, Beccles SFK UK

                                                             Beccles SFK UK

1852 - Christen: John LAWS- (Painter or Printer &  former Mariner) 7232, Dymchurch KEN UK
1858 - Baptism: Francis W LAWS (Carpenter) -8161, South Cerney GLS UK
1858 - Birth: Harry LAWES (Wheelwright) -399, Bishopstone WIL UK

                                                           Bishopstone WILT UK

1871 - Census: Elizabeth LAWS-3380, Folkestone KEN UK

                                                           Folkestone KENT UK

1873 - Marriage: John Donald MCLAREN-3950 and Eliza Jane LAWS-3948, Cowra NSW                          AUSTRALIA
1874 - Birth: Charles Frederick LAWES-252, Camberwell SRY UK
1882 - Death: Joseph LAWS (Master Baker) -28615, South Street, Great Yarmouth NFK UK

                                                      Great Yarmouth NFK UK

1883 - Birth: Leonard Miller  (LAWS) (ARMY Private)-30650, Hingham NFK UK
1888 - Marriage: James Thompson LAWS (Architect & Surveyor)-6153 and Alice Annie                                DALGLEISH-36202, Hampstead MDX UK
1888 - Birth: Esther LAWS (Milliner) -45458, Byker NBL UK
1891 - Marriage: William BINLEY-47081 and Mary Ann (Scholar) LAWS-4531,
           Willington DUR UK
1891 - Death: George LAWS (Farmer 58 acres) -5531, Bishops Waltham HAM UK
1892 - Marriage: William Robert ALLEN (Stevedore) -45538 and Jane Jennifer LAWS-9528,                        Middlesborough NRY UK
1896 - Death: Anthony LAWS (Railway Booking Clerk) -4639, Darlington DUR UK
1901 - Marriage: Henry Walton LAWS (Clerk to Gas Company) -4343 and Alice Maud Mary                        MORRIS-39033, Great Yarmouth NFK UK

1901 - Burial: Henry LAWS-117342, School of Anatomy
1904 - Marriage: George Henry MILLER (Blacksmith) -115018 and Thirza Peninnah Arabella                      LAWS-4515, Hampton Wick MDX UK
1907 - Birth: Arthur R P LAWS (Plumber) -168009,
1909 - Residence: Cissie LAWS (Nurse) -45792, Statten Island NY USA & West Croydon SRY UK
1909 - Birth: Edith Evelyn LAWS-4090, Anlaby ERY UK
1916 - Miscellaneous: Ada Isabella LAWS (Spinster)  -27437,
1916 - Death: John LAWS-9293, Chatteris CAM UK

                                                              Chatteris CAM UK

1916 - Will Proved: John LAWS (Laithman / Iron Turner) -5210,
1929 - Marriage: Edward Francis HARKCOM-45478 and Edith LAWS-45477, Sheffield WRY UK
1931 - Marriage: John JESSOP-33671 and Elsie Esther LAWS-5143, Tilbury ESS
           (St John the Baptist)
1931 - Death: Otis LAWS-42454,
1935 - Death: Madison J LAWS-45960, Mt Vernon, Franklin Co TX USA
1939 - Miscellaneous: Charles Cecil LAWES (Farm Manager) -24406,
1939 - Miscellaneous: Frederick John LAWES (Commercial Traveller) -24338,
1944 - Miscellaneous: Arthur Cecil LAWS-122028,
1944 - Will  Dated: John Morris LAWS (Turner Ship Engineering) -6586,
1944 - Marriage: Harold Stanley LAWES-269 and Ruby Georgina COBBETT-270, ITALY Naples
1945 - Will  Dated: Frank Herbert LAWES-122949,
1945 - Death: Marshall Noah LAWES (ARMY Private C/612664)-44911,
1951 - Death: Wilford Derby LAWS-34174, Monticello, San Juan UT UK
1953 - Death: Elizabeth LAWS-48677, Calumet City IL USA
1970 - Marriage: Barbara Gene LAWS-114940 and Charles A GUARD-114941, Las Vegas NV USA
1977 - Death: Thomas Samuel LAWS-43854,
1977 - Death: Thomas Samuel LAWES-35279, Matcham NSW AUSTRALIA
1996 - Death: David LAWS-120175, Stepney MDX UK
2003 - Death: Albert Edward LAWS (Australian Army) -32298, Melbourne AUSTRALIA

1835 - Marriage: William (Miller) HARDING-92554 and Georgiana Isabella MALIN-34811,
            St Pancras MDX UK
1842 - Birth: Martha Catherine BENTLEY-41145, NC United States
1863 - Birth: Adam PREHLER-48506,
1868 - Birth: Augustus A GODFREY-40898, Los Angeles CA USA
1873 - Birth: William Broadus WOOLFOLK-121402, Claybrook Co TN USA
1888 - Death: Harriet WALLER-29636,
1910 - Birth: Flossy Mae VAUGHN-32564, Vienna, Johnson Co IL USA
1923 - Marriage: George Arthur SUTTON-20415 and Ivy STONE-55658, Stratford ESS UK
1995 - Death: Alfred Archie ALLEN-29265, Ashville NC USA

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