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We reach out to all, regardless of Race, Colour, Creed or National Origin, with support for researching family and documenting cultural inhertance

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If you are interested in anyone listed here, email us with the name, date and reference number, and we will happily do a look up, you might even get a whole tree! 


1719 - Christen: Elizabeth LAWS-5005, Exeter DEV UK
1765 - Birth: John LAWS-8573, Heddon on the Wall NBL UK
1776 - Birth: Richard Andrew LAWES-782, Drayton NFK UK
1784 - Birth: Isaiah T LAWS-23502, Sumpter SC USA
1788 - Burial: Alice LAWS-23929, West Hartlepool DUR UK

1794 - Death: Christopher LAWS-31116, Southwold SFK UK

1821 - Christen: Edward LAWS-3477, Folkestone KEN UK

1827 - Burial: Susanna LAWS-7259, Chatteris CAM UK

1845 - Death: Samuel LAWS-(Glazier) 26810, Southwold SFK UK
1862 - Death: Samuel LAWS-8230, 
1870 - Birth: Mary Rose LAWS-20136, Poplar MDX
1878 - Birth: James William LAWS (Army Private 42205) -28828, 
1878 - Birth: Alice LAWS-20577, 
1878 - Death: George LAWS (Stoker) -8017, St Lukes MDX UK
1882 - Birth: Ada Laura LAWES-27288, Droxford HAM UK
1889 - Death: Outten LAWS-20484, 
1891 - Death: James LAWS (Wine Cooper & Tavern Keeper) -6093, Heigham NFK UK
1897 - Occupation: Arthur Robert LAWS (Science Teacher BSc London) -6295, 
1900 - Birth: Mabel Lillian LAWS-35673, Hoo KEN UK
1903 - Birth: Bertha Lou LAWS-41459, Wilkes County NC United States
1904 - Birth: Doris LAWS-38199, 
1904 - Birth: Leonard William LAWS-6710, Silkston, Scott MO United  USA
1907 - Birth: Doris LAWS-35915, 
1909 - Birth: Albert LAWS-37374, 
1917 - Death: Robert Thomas LAWS (Army Private 22531)-22328, 
1919 - Marriage: James Thomas LAWS-3191 and Isabell Elyens ROBERTS-3325, AUSTRALIA
1925 - Death: John Martin LAWS (Railway Locomotive  Driver N E R Co ) -6857, 
          Kingston Upon Hull ERY UK

1925 - Death: Henry Alfred LAWS (Mineral Water Manufacturer) -6169, Wallington SRY UK
1926 - Death: Gilbert LAWES (Coal Merchant / Married) -1992, Basingstoke HAM UK
1933 - Death: Maud LAWES-37858, Kingston ONT CANADA
1947 - Death: Lewis Edward LAWES (Warden Sing Sing) -2282, Garrison New York NY USA
1969 - Burial: Alton LAWS (PFC US Army Air Force)) -16639, Raleigh National Cemetery NC
1976 - Death: Marvin Richard LAWS-17852, Provo UT USA
1998 - Death: Alice LAWS-20557, Grundy Centre IA USA
2002 - Death: Harry Ernest LAWES (Australian Army) -12972, Stanmore NSW AUSTRALIA
2004 - Burial: Carolyn Sue  LAWS (Hosiery Worker)-14052, Liberty Baptist Church, Hickory NC
2004 - Death: James Russell LAWS (Hospital Administrator) -14047, Columbia MO USA

1805 - Marriage: John SOWDEN-34566, 
1812 - Birth: Thomas HAVERSON-26764, West Acre NFK
1815 - Baptism: William Frederick CLEGG- (Watchmaker) 21875
1830 - Birth: Matilda BREWER-170, Ringwood HAM UK
1864 - Birth: Ann PRATT-24306, Haswell DUR UK
1907 - Birth: Doris CARTMELL-39853, Carlisle CUL UK
1915 - Birth: Helen Irene PARMLEY-25078, Moulds IL
1920 - Burial: Andrew DAKER (Coal Miner) -21428, Stanley cun Wrenthorpe WRY UK
1949 - Death: Cordelia MINOR-25125, Welland ONT CANADA
1960 - Death: Winifred THORPE-31537, Canterbury KEN UK

1960 - Residence: Winifred THORPE-31537, Whitstable KEN UK
1963 - Death: Emma Mae SPICER-11633, Rector, IL USA
1969 - Death: William CHILTON-2686, Rock Springs, Wyoming, USA
1972 - Death: William Frederick BARKSFIELD (Civil Servant) -21978, Wathamstow ESS UK
1986 - Death: Cecil Owen MARTIN-14300

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