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We reach out to all, regardless of Race, Colour, Creed or National Origin, with support for researching family and documenting cultural inhertance

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If you are interested in anyone listed here, email us with the name, date and reference number, and we will happily do a look up, you might even get a whole tree! 
We have removed possible living people to protect privacy

1765 - Marriage: George QUINSEE 3343 and Sarah LAWS-3344, Chatteris CAM UK

1775 - Marriage: James MURRAY-7554 and Ann LAWS-7553, Southwark SRY UK
1793 - Death: George LAWES-43252, Homington WIL (St Michaels)
1794 - Baptism: Amelia LAWES-1368, Warminster WIL
1805 - Marriage: Edward HOBDAY-8018 and Ann LAWS-7156, Folkestone KEN UK

1817 - Birth: Samuel LAWES-30590, Hevingham NFK UK
1837 - Birth: Edward (Mayor of Tenby /J P) LAWS-3032, Lamphrey PEM 184
1853 - Birth: Samuel LAWS (Gamekeeper) -8931, Thurne NFK 186
1879 - Burial: Samuel LAWES (Teamster) -29989, Booton NFK UK

1891 - Birth: Leonard George LAWS (Tailors Designer) -58259, Camberwell SRY UK
1895 - Birth: Herbert Joseph  LAWS (Army Private 23/375)-41841, Bedlington NBL UK
1896 - Birth: Marie Louise LAWS-34908,
1911 - Birth: Barbara LAWS-41908, Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK

1912 - Birth: Alton LAWS (PFC US Army Air Force)) -37889,
1914 - Residence: Horace Colville LAWS (Sugar Sales Director) Belmount Hotel NYC NY USA
1917 - Death: James Robert LAWS (Slater & Roof Tiler)-43211, FRANCE
1918 - Death: Ralph LAWS (Army Private 32203) -45123,
1925 - Will Proved: Robert LAWS-9194,
1926 - Marriage: John Barker PARFECT (Fruit Salesman) -120880 and Lillie Poppy                                 Ladysmith LAWS- (Clerk) 36752, Great Ilford ESS UK
1932 - Miscellaneous: John Claude Bennett LAWES-234,
1935 - Miscellaneous: Charles LAWS (Surveyor (Rtd) -4851,
1937 - Miscellaneous: Samuel Charles LAWS (University Principal OBE ) -4032,
1938 - Death: Arthur G LAWS-167523, Winnebago Co IL United States
1940 - Miscellaneous: Redvers Roberts Henry LAWS (Civil Servant) -36662,
1940 - Will Proved: Alfred Ernest George LAWS (Elementary School Master) -36156,
1946 - Miscellaneous: Claude Jonathan LAWS (Australian Army) -32317,
1949 - Death: Charles Adolph LAWS-41009, Los Angeles CA United States
1952 - Miscellaneous: Eva Jane LAWS-36830,
1961 - Miscellaneous: Thomas  LAWES (Retired Omnibus Inspector)-124225,
1979 - Burial: Patrick Francis Joseph LAWS- (Labourer) 49576, Christchurch NZ
1996 - Death: Harold Burnett LAWS-120222, Darlington DUR UK
1997 - Death: Alva Lincoln LAWS-39459, Cottage Grove OR USA
2004 - Death: Sandra LAWS-34454, Regional Medical Center, Spartanburg SC USA

1814 - Burial: Joseph CHARTERS-34584, Torpenhow CUL
1821 - Death: Susan WATTS-30040, Norwich NFK UK
1861 - Birth: Catherine RUSCHLI (German ancestry) -46275, Crown Point, Lake Co IN USA
1865 - Birth: John Robert FAWCETT-123501, Leeds WRY UK
1878 - Birth: Mary Matilda MCINTYRE-3491, 
1887 - Birth: Matthew SEELEY-44082, Brumby LIN UK
1891 - Birth: Florence Lilian SNOOK-55475, Donhead St Mary WIL UK
1901 - Burial: James KNIBBS-57240, Oakwood cemetery, Troy NY USA
1916 - Birth: John PARKER-41912, Walker NBL UK
1920 - Burial: Christopher DAKER- (Coal Miner) 43508, Stanley cun Wrenthorpe WRY UK
1937 - Admon: Ellen PHILLIPSON-34353, 
1941 - Death: Arthur J TAYLOR- (Railway Policeman) 45260, Paddington MDX UK
1952 - Admon: Mary Jane PARKER-36828,
1954 - Death: William H HAWBECKER-45404, Detroit, Wayne Co MI USA
1960 - Death: Evelyn Joyce COLEMAN-51549, Stratford ESS
1980 - Death: Mary Isabelle Bird Clegg CHARTERS-34650, Leeds WRY UK
2004 - Death: Gladys Mae HEMBREE-34463,
2008 - Burial: Ruth SMITH-120357, Hyde CHS UK

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