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We reach out to all, regardless of Race, Colour, Creed or National Origin, with support for researching family and documenting cultural inhertance

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If you are interested in anyone listed here, email us with the name, date and reference number, and we will happily do a look up, you might even get a whole tree! 

Family Events for today 13 April  We have excluded living people to protect their Privacy

1635 - Marriage: Robert HUGHES-8659 and Ellen LAWSE-7867, Canterbury KEN UK

                                                     The Cathedral, Canterbury KEN UK

1770 - Death: George LAWS-8031,
1817 - Baptism: Elizabeth Ann LAWS-34002, LONDON
1820 - Marriage: John PHILLIPS-2414 and Hannah LAWES-2415, Homington WIL UK
1821 - Will Proved: Isabella LAWS (Spinster) -29827, Bishop Auckland DUR UK
1828 - Baptism: Robert Henry LAWS (Master Mariner ) -7639, Stepney MDX UK
           (My Grt Grandfather)

                                                       St Dunstans, Stepney MDX UK

1840 - Birth: Sarah LAWS-52197, Norwich NFK UK

                                                      The Cathedral, Norwich NFK UK

1850 - Death: Frederick William LAWS-55588, Shottisham SFK
1853 - Marriage: James Kerridge HART- (A Widower) 3738 and Hannah LAWS-3737, Ipswich SFK            UK

                                                  St Nicholas Street, Ipswich SFK UK

1853 - Miscellaneous: Samuel LAWS-31507, Ipswich SFK UK
1856 - Marriage: Henry Booth HOHLER (Merchant) -58765 and Henrietta Wilheimina LAWES-                58764, Kensington MDX UK
1859 - Birth: Christopher Columbus LAWS (School Teacher) -48212, Fayetteville AK USA
1862 - Birth: Elisabeth Jemima LAWES (Lived on own means) -32213, Crampmoor HAM UK
1863 - Death: Letitia LAWES (Spinster) -2072, Poole DOR UK
1875 - Birth: Percy J LAWS-103235, Ottaumunda IA USA
1876 - Marriage: William H MITCHELL-49166 and Amanda LAWS-49165, Yancy Co NC USA
1879 - Baptism: Harriett Elizabeth LAWS-6235, Great Yarmouth NFK UK

                                                           Great Yarmouth NFK UK

1882 - Death: Washington LAWS-29630, Orange co.NC USA
1884 - Marriage: Edwin Little LAWS (Engine Tuner) -8250 and Rose Hannah SILVEY 
           (Former Widow) -39021, Willesden MDX UK
1890 - Birth: Emily Frances` LAWS-122038,
1891 - Birth: Harriett P LAWS-49192,
1891 - Birth: Ethel Eveline LAWS-28695, Brighton SSX UK

                                                              Brighton SSX UK
1895 - Marriage: Alfred Cannell LAWS (Engineer) -4736 and Emily Marian Jane BAKER-167984,               Islington MDX UK

                                                                  Islington MDX UK

1896 - Death: Ann LAWS-41036,
1896 - Death: William LAWS (Colliery Stoneman) -4978,
1900 - Birth: Ernest Joseph L LAWS-58097,
1904 - Birth: Dorethy E LAWS-119165,
1909 - Marriage: Albert Edward MOORE (Newsagent) -54029 and Alice Louise LAWES-54028,                Lambeth SRY UK

                                    Lambeth Palace, The Archbishop of Canterbury's London home
1909 - Burial: William Cuthbert T LAWS (Retired Engine Fitter) -110694,
           Stockton-On-Tees DUR UK
1909 - Birth: Margaret Huntley LAWS-54509, Ashington NBL UK
1911 - Marriage: Arthur LAWS (Railway Clerk, Scuptor & Painter) -30022 and
           Lilian WATT-30023,
1913 - Marriage: Frank BYRT-116988 and Hilda LAWS-117007, Lloydminster SK CANADA
1916 - Birth: Gladys LAWS-42446,
1918 - Death: Harry LAWES- (ARMY Private 104688) 16785,
1919 - Death: Thomas Norbert Eugene LAWES (RN Yeoman of Signals 222699) -45023,
           HMS "Vivid"
1925 - Marriage: Henry Alfred Lloyd LAWES (Insurance Clerk) -43009 and Gladys Lilian ROLFE-            46189, Dover KEN UK

                                                      The Castle, Dover KEN UK

1925 - Burial: Robert LAWS-53499, Stockton-On-Tees DUR UK
1931 - Admon: ArthurLAWS (Motor Tyre Repairer) -39426,
1937 - Marriage: John LAWS-54896 and Sheila WEBB-54897, Chiselhurst KEN UK
1957 - Death: Edna Susan LAWS-7852, Eastbourne SSX UK
1979 - Death: Patrick Francis Joseph LAWS (Labourer) -49576,
1990 - Burial: Chester Hart LAWS-45622, Provo UT USA
2007 - Death: Rosina Mabel LAWES-54372,

1774 - Birth: John MCMINN (Mill Mechanic) -31600, Borgue KCB UK
1836 - Birth: Andrew DOYLE-39905, Wallsend NBL UK

                                                           The Wallsend Roman Fort

1837 - Death: Alexander MCMINN- (Cartwright) 89482, Girthon KCB UK
1886 - Birth: Jane SHANKLIN-41874, Milton PEM UK
1892 - Baptism: Amy Georgina NEWBERY-42874, Newport IOW
1908 - Death: Ann HUDSON-27460, Bishopwearmouth DUR UK
1931 - Miscellaneous: Bessie Caroline ULPH-39427,
1993 - Death: Jacqueline Anne SHELFORD-42036, Basingstoke HAM UK
2004 - Death: Vera BOST-34530, Kannapolis, Concord NC USA
2004 - Death: Astrid Geraldine DELBON-33711, 
2014 - Death: Irene Helen RENE- Death: Irene Helen RENE-124494, Littlehampton SSX UK

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