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We reach out to all, regardless of Race, Colour, Creed or National Origin, with support for researching family and documenting cultural inhertance

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Family Events for today 1st April - We have excluded living people to protect their Privacy

1750 - Marriage: Samuel HINT-8560 and Margaret LAWS-8032, Pauls Wharf MDX (St Benets)
1837 - Will Proved: Michael LAWS (Gentleman) -29817, Strand MDX UK
1837 - Birth: Jane LAWS-9022, Chertsey SRY UK
1850 - Birth: Marion Jane  LAWS (Milliner)-5006, St Pancras MDX UK
1852 - Birth: Mary Ann LAWS-4047, Tivetshall St Mary NFK UK

Tivetshall St Mary, Norfolk UK

1862 - Birth: Margaret Jane Mckenzie LAWS-43738, Morpeth Northumberland England
1863 - Occupation: Thomas Francis Cresswell  LAWS (Ships Steward)-57936,
           Melbourne to Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA
1864 - Burial: Phillip LAWS (Bathchair Lender) -7457,
1877 - Death: Bertha LAWS-124318, Jersey City Heights NJ USA
1891 - Census: Edwin James LAWES (Canadian Army Private) -38776, Bishops Waltham                              Hampshire England
1895 - Birth: Edgar Eli LAWES-125250,
1896 - Birth: Henry William LAWS (Stoker 1st Class K/25137) HMS "Erebus" -45085,
           Camberwell Surrey England
1896 - Birth: Andrew Thomas LAWS (Baker) -37129, Dunston on Tyne Duram England
1897 - Death: Sidney James LAWES-43244, Coombe Bissett Wiltshire Enfland

                                                   Coombe Bissett Wiltshire England

1901 - Occupation: Charles Joseph LAWS (Timekeeper /Clerk CC) (Private 86245) 
           Canadian 180 Btn -36777,
1901 - Birth: John M LAWS (Metal polisher & Buffer) -123476, Wolf Creek, Whitley Co,
           Kentucky United States
1907 - Marriage: Marshall James PIKE (Fireman) -121530 and Jane Elizabeth LAWS-121529,                      Lewisham Kent England
1909 - Birth: Lola LAWS-120469,
1910 - Birth: Arthur Edward LAWS-42212, Kingston Upon Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire England
1911 - Census: Fred Mclean LAWS (Railway Signalman) -119209, Peterborough Cambridgeshire                    England

                                       The Cathedral, Peterborough Cambridgeshire England

1918 - Death: James Albert LAWS (ARMY Private 871424) -6866, Vimy, Pas de Calais FRANCE
1929 - Marriage: Samuel Stanley Alfred LAWES-121895 and Edith Hilda POWLEY-124397,                      Catton Norfolk England
1931 - Death: Dorethy L LAWS-41475, Boyle Co KY USA
1937 - Will Proved: William Alfred LAWS (Fish Porter) -9691,
1940 - Residence: Ralph Lonzo LAWS- (Farmer) 125471, Bryson City NC USA but at Nantahala,                Swain NC USA at 1940 Census
1940 - Miscellaneous: William LAWES (General Labourer) -116486,
1941 - Death: Doris LAWES-118936,
1941 - Military: Robert Alexander LAWS (Technical Illustrator) -39405, Military Medal
1943 - Death: Alice Louisa LAWS- (Barmaid) 3670, Swainsthorpe Norfolk England
1944 - Death: Sarah Matilda LAWS-40952, Los Angeles CA United States
1944 - Miscellaneous: Charles LAWS (AUSTRALIAN ARMY) -32313,
1957 - Miscellaneous: Sidney Lionel LAWS (Storehouse Assistant)-123212,
1957 - Admon: Bertie LAWS-123211,
1959 - Death: Olivia LAWS-36737, Watford HRT UK
1965 - Admon: Charles LAWS-41918,
1966 - Burial: Fred LAWS (PFC US Army) -37954, South Madison TN USA
1976 - Death: Edward John LAWS-39431, Cincinnati OH USA
1978 - Death: Thomas Henry LAWS-121585,
2004 - Death: Clifford Oliver DODSON-3548, Shepparton VIC
2006 - Death: Esther LAWS-167480,

1813 - Birth: Althea MATTHEWS-48225, Wheeling VAUSA
1820 - Baptism: William WATSON OR WALTON- (Tea Dealer & Grocer) 38921, Warmfield WRY
1828 - Birth: Robert WING-31870, St Marylebone MDX UK
1849 - Death: Sophia CORY-3747, Stratton Strawless NFK UK

                                                   Stratton Strawless Norfolk England

1882 - Birth: Lou MESSENGER-40914, KS USA
1894 - Birth: Ethel Irene  MCDANIEL (supervisor)-42270, Schaal, Howard Co. Arkansas USA
1907 - Birth: Tamar Hargreaves Hayes GIBSON-52401, Cholton LAN UK
1907 - Death: Henry ASHDOWN-6001, Balmain South, Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA
1937 - Miscellaneous: Maud Rosetta WILLOUGHBY (Shirt Ironer) -38511, 
1948 - Death:Agnes JOHNSON (Shopkeeper)-30974, Bournmouth Dorst England

                                                      Bournemouth Hampshire England

1965 - Miscellaneous: Mary Ann Frances STEEL-43389,
1972 - Death: Leslie Michael IRWIN-3517,
2004 - Death: Clifford Oliver DODSON-3548, Shepparton VIC AUSTRALIA

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