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We reach out to all, regardless of Race, Colour, Creed or National Origin, with support for researching family and documenting cultural inhertance

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If you are interested in anyone listed here, email us with the name, date and reference number, and we will happily do a look up, you might even get a whole tree! 

Family Events for today8th April  -  We have excluded living people to protect their Privacy

1681 - Marriage: Robert NEIL-43558 and Emily Esther LAWS-43557, Lambeth SRY UK

                                  Lambeth Palace, London home of the Archbishop of Canterbury

1748 - Burial: Thomas LAWES-30841, Whitsbury WIL/HAMP
1824 - Marriage: John PURVIS-2937 and Catherine LAWES-2938, Hexham NBL UK
1827 - Baptism: Alfred Charles LAWS (Wool Comber)-4040, Norwich NFK UK

                                                      The Cathedral, Norwich NFK UK

1831 - Baptism: Jane Elizabeth LAWS-31011, Diss NFK UK
1832 - Baptism: Thomas Roger LAWS (Ag Lab) -4596, Copdock SFK UK
1844 - Marriage: James LAWES-2108 and Dinah FOX-2109, Portsmouth HAM UK

                          HMS 'Victory' Nelsons Flagship morred at Portsmouth Naval Dockyard

1849 - Birth: James LAWS (Brickmaker) -5150, Aldeburgh SFK UK
1850 - Christen: Joseph John LAWS-55589, Shottisham SFK UK
1850 - Christen: Frederick William LAWS-55588, Shottisham SFK UK
1868 - Burial: Amelia LAWS-117316, Carisbroke IOW UK
1869 - Marriage: Charles Bennett  LAWES (Sculptor) -226 and Marie Amelia Rose FONTAINE-                227, Harpenden HRT UK
1884 - Birth: Mary Ellen LAWS-122127, Johnson, Kane Co. UT United States
1886 - Birth: Wallace Dryden G  LAWS- (RN F21458) (Tailor Maker)36368, Acton MDX UK
1888 - Baptism: Hyden Mary Sophia LAWS-56176, Welney CAM UK
1893 - Birth: William Curl LAWES-120994, Greenwich KEN UK

                                                               Greenwich KEN UK

1898 - Death: John LAWS- (Ag Lab) 6582, Attlebridge NFK UK
1910 - Birth: Claude Amos LAWS-42405, Butler TN USA
1911 - Death: Alfred LAWS (Coke Drawer / Widower) -4529,
1916 - Enlistment: Charles LAWS (ARMY Private 60409) -111601, Norwich NFK UK
1921 - Burial: John O  LAWS (US ARMY Private)-167519, Ohio Co KY USA
1923 - Death: Charlotte Fanny LAWS (Widow) -9196, The Hospital, Worthing SSX
1925 - Marriage: Frederick Willian James HOWARD (Painter) -47273 and Gladys Margaret
           LAWES (Spinster & Confectioner) -47272, Margate KEN UK

                                                            Margate KEN UK

1932 - Death: James Rogers LAWS (Boilermaker & Plater) -63868,
1933 - Death: Sarah Helon LAWS-125496,
1933 - Death: Alfred LAWS-22257, Brighton SSX UK

                                                                Brighton SSX UK

1933 - Miscellaneous: Arthur William LAWES-2790,
1943 - Death: Esther LAWS-40938, Los Angeles CA USA
1951 - Burial: Wilford Derby LAWS-34174, Blanding UT USA
1966 - Death: Daisy LAWES-123571, Borden HAM UK
1966 - Death: Rose LAWS-123193, Chartham KEN UK
1969 - Death: Rosemary LAWS-33902, Sturgis MI
1975 - Death: Murray Elliot LAWS-121408, Hollow Rock, Carroll TN USA
2005 - Death: Dorethea Merle LAWS-119017, Caringbah, NSW AUSTRALIA

1755 - Birth: Sarah SPALDING-3909, Middlesec Co. MA United States
1806 - Birth: William MCMINN (Wood Turner) -31601, Kirkcudbright KCD UK
1968 - Death: Frederick Thomas (Labourer) BUSHELL-47788, Norwich NFK UK

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