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We reach out to all, regardless of Race, Colour, Creed or National Origin, with support for researching family and documenting cultural inhertance

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Family Events for today 14April  We have excluded living people to protect their Privacy

1599 - Christen: John LAWES (Musician) -32026, Bristol GLS UK
1766 - Birth: Sarah LAWS-55555, Necton NFK UK
1782 - Baptism: Anthony LAWS-27507, Cramlington NBL UK
1804 - Marriage: Henry WILD-27491 and Anne LAWS-27492, Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK

                                                   Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK

1816 - Christen: Sarah Ann LAWS-6999, Woking SRY UK
1832 - Birth: Hannah Maria LAWS-7816,
1839 - Christen: James LAWS (Innkeeper) -6604, Stratton Strawless NFK UK

                                                       Stratton Strawless NBL UK

1863 - Marriage: James CHEESEMAN (Watchouse Keeper) -33104 and Martha Bush LAWS-                      33105, Stepney MDX UK

                                                       St Dunstan Stepney MDX UK

1868 - Birth: Thomas LAWS (Dog Catcher) -41560, West Auckland DUR UK
1872 - Birth: Larry Wilson LAWS-38497, Yancy Co NC United States
1873 - Marriage: William Samuel LAWS (Bookseller's Shopman) -35539 and Martha Amelia                        GOLDSMITH-41028, Horsham SSX UK
1880 - Death: Timothy Bush LAWS (Soda Water Manufacturer) -41775, Clapton MDX UK
1882 - Birth: Herbert George LAWES-107940, Bristol GLS UK
1885 - Birth: Alfred George LAWS (Bricklayer) -3360, Folkestone KEN UK

                                                           Folkestone KEN UK

1888 - Death: Anna Margaret LAWS (Spinster) -7163, Moreland House, Seaforth LAN
1891 - Burial: Frances Letitia LAWES (Spinster) -214, Twickenham MDX UK
1892 - Marriage: Herbert LAWES (Warehouseman & ASC Pensioner) -54089 and Emily Alice                      HIBBIT-54097, Greenwich KEN UK

                                                       Greenwich Park KEN UK

1898 - Birth: Stella LAWS-45340, Carroll Co MS USA
1898 - Birth: Allie Baxter LAWS-45338, Carrolton, Carroll Co MS USA
1904 - Birth: Frederick Leonard LAWS-26415, NZ
1907 - Marriage: Francis Frederick LAWS (Master Clerk at Gressenhall Workhouse) -29122 and                    Dorothy Elizabeth FANTHORPE-29123, East Dereham NFK UK

1909 - Birth: Laurabella Ruby Frances LAWS-3974, Grafton NSW AUSTRALIA
1910 - Birth: Rose Myrtle LAWS-48729, Madison Co KY United States
1915 - Birth: Winifred May P LAWES-118749,
1916 - Discharged: George LAWS (ARMY Private ) -54343, Great Clacton ESS UK
1916 - Burial: Robert LAWS (Artificer Artillery) -38070, Sandston VA United States
1917 - Death: James R LAWS (Army Private 325639) -45108,
1928 - Marriage: George Dewey LAWS-38123 and Thelma Ann WOOLS-38124,
1931 - Marriage: Ronald Edgar Coggan SHUTLER (Farmer) -124401 and Helena Emily Sarah                    LAWES-116686, Witchampton DOR UK
1949 - Death: Margaret Elizabeth LAWES (Spinster) -125443, Devizes WIL UK

                                                Kennet & Avon Canal at Devizes WIL UK

1962 - Death: Louis V LAWS-45648, Salt Lake City UT United States
1963 - Death: Aldon Charles LAWS-120511,
1965 - Death: Benjamin Charles LAWS-124143, Chichester SSX UK resided Bognar Regis SSX UK
1967 - Death: William Frederick (Ag Lab) LAWES-2805, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach FL USA -              Burial: Pine Grove Cemetery, Manchester, Hillsborough NH USA
1979 - Death: Laurabella Ruby Frances LAWS-3974, Manley NSW AUSTRALIA
1991 - Death: Jesse Raymond LAWS-34509, Granite City, Madison County IL USA
2003 - Cremation: Charles Sydney LAWS-42823, Darlington DUR UK

2003 - Death: Willie Maynard LAWS-31111, Hillsborough NC USA

1765 - Baptism: Ann CHARTERS-34675, Torpenhow CUL UK
1889 - Birth: Edmund Powell GALBRAITH-34183, Chihuahua MEXICO
1914 - Death: Jane WING-31873, Weston Super Mare SOM UK

                                                   Weston Super Mare SOM UK

1915 - Death: Luisa Theodore Ernestine Albertine DAHLMANN-116922, Southbourne-on-Sea                    HAM UK
1921 - Admon: Emily Elizabeth BURDETT-117836, 
1994 - Death: Ivan Roger WATKINS-54833, Monticello, San Juan Co UT USA

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