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LFR 12 Apr 2011 - Number 843

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We reach out to all, regardless of Race, Colour, Creed or National Origin, with support for researching family and documenting cultural inhertance

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Family Events for today 12th April  We have excluded living people to protect their Privacy

1646 - Christen: Margaret LAWES-2283, Clerkenwell MDX UK
1674 - Christen: Issac LAWES-2258,
1828 - Birth: Robert Henry LAWS (Master Mariner ) -7639, Stepney MDX UK
           (My Grt Grandfather)

                                                      St Dunstans Stepney MDX UK

1840 - Birth &  Death: Alfred LAWS  London MDX (St GHS),
1843 - Marriage: James Dick LAWS (Carriage Maker) -30255 and Sarah SINEXON-30256,
           PA United States
1843 - Birth: John LAWS-38489, Wilkes County NC USA
1843- Will Proved: William LAWS (Master Mariner) -3620, Great Yarmouth NFK UK

                                                        Great Yarmouth NFK UK

1844 - Birth: Henry Joseph LAWS-7134, Feltwell NFK UK
1853 - Indicted: Charles William LAWS (Merchants Clerk/Ship Agent) -61758,
           City of LONDON UK
1854 - Birth: Anna LAWS-47451, Portsea HAM UK

                                         Nelson's 'Victory. moored at Portsea Naval Dockyard

1861 - Birth: Thomas LAWS-122235, Parker Co TX USA
1862 - Occupation: Thomas LAWS (Steerage Steward) -51774,
1873 - Marriage: Thomas BROOKER (Pianoforte Tuner) -55398 and                                                              Elizabeth  LAWES (Twin) -55397, Brighton SSX UK

                                                                 Brighton SSX UK

1873 - Death: Ann LAWS-41037,
1882 - Marriage: Albert Morse LAWES756 and Fanny WATERS-757, Sandy Creek, Gawler
            STH AUST, IGIMAY84
1883 - Marriage: William Gulder LAWS-119075 and Evaline HUFF-119076, Cocke Co TN USA
1888 - Death: Edward (Coal Miner) LAWS-38336, Washington DUR UK
1895 - Residence: Alfred Cannell LAWS (Engineer) -4736, Islington MDX UK

                                                              Islington MDX UK

1904 - Birth: Lizzie Mary LAWES-118706,
1904 - Birth: Edward William LAWS (Australian Army) -32321, Leichhardt, NSW AUSTRALIA
1912 - Birth: Chester Hart LAWS-45622, Chihuahua MEXICO
1922 - Marriage: Charles Henry LAWES-45407 and Ila G WORTS-45408,
1932 - Death: William LAWS-7792, Sparkhill STS UK
1933 - Admon: Thomas LAWS-9299,
1948 - Burial: Mary Ledoska LAWS-3897, Williamsburg, Franklin Co, Kansas Mt. Hope
1953 - Death: Francis Joseph LAWES-122003, Devizes WIL UK

                                              Staircase of Canal Locks at Devizes WIL UK

1965 - Admon: Arthur Ernest LAWES-124121,
1969 - Death: Owen Faulkner LAWES (ARMY Colonel) -50300, St Saviour JERSEY
1989 - Death: Jessie Florence LAWS-(Pensioner) 7198, Kirkley SFK UK
1994 - Burial: Burl Owen LAWS-38363, New Diggins, Spring, town Washington Co, MO USA
1994 - Burial: Carlton John LAWS- PFC US Marine Corps) 37907, Riverhead, Suffolk Co NY USA
1995 - Death: Charles John LAWES (Assistant Postal inspector) -42201, Southend-on-Sea ESS UK

                                                     The Pier, Southend on Sea ESS UK

1995 - Death: Annie Taylor LAWS-41909, Tyne & Wear


1685 - Birth: Hannah BARBEE-118140, Middlsex Co VA USA
1810 - Birth: Maria PALMER-41817, Hackney MDX UK
1835 - Baptism: Sarah Sophia GOODALL-9222, Fareham HAM UK
1876 - Burial: Christopher RAPIER- Naval officer) 31993, Brockley KEN UK
1883 - Birth: Charles Foster BLANCHARD (Steel Worker) -50903, Limber LIN UK
1889 - Birth: Barbara COLLINSON-48025, Ryhope DUR UK
1895 - Residence: Emily Marian Jane BAKER-167984, Islington MDX UK
1900 - Birth: Gladys BROWN-119448, Stoke on Trent STS UK
1900 - Birth: Kathleen Anne SCRIVENER-46188,
1921 - Death: Elizabeth EDWARDS-4860, Tanni, Godstone Road Kenley SRY
1928 - Death: Thomas Henry TATUM-167514, Vanderbugh Co IN United States
1934 - Residence: Mary Ann RHODES- (Cook to Sir Edmund Stonehouse, Mayor of Wakefield)                  123665, Bramley WRY UK
1934 - Residence: Walter WEBBER-34597, Bramley WRY UK
1942 - Death: Elliott Theo WRIGHT-40935, Santa Cruz CA USA
1973 - Death: Bertie John WARREN-3704, Horsford NFK

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