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LFR Jun 6 Number 538

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If you are a LAWIf you are a LAWS or a LAWES or have these surnames in your family or perhaps it sounds like this but in fact is spelt differently, we would love to hear from you, we need to extend and expand our knowledge of the families we have already discovered, Come and join us, theres no better time than now.
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Family Events from our database for today June 6th

If you are interested in anyone listed here, email us with the name, date and reference number, and we will happily do a look up, you might get a whole tree! 

Family Events
1631 - Marriage: Thomas LAWES-30952 and Anna MATON-30953, Milston WIL UK
1705 - Baptism: Edward LAWS-34222, Mildenhall SFK UK
1738 - Christen: Isabel LAWS-34951, Mealrigg CUL UK
1748 - Baptism: Thomas LAWES-42166, Coombe Bissett WIL (St Michaels)

                                                          Coombe Bissett Wiltshire UK

1756 - Baptism: John LAWS-18768, West Dereham NFK UK
1769 - Marriage: Michael BULL-57759 and Margaret LAWS-57758, Deptford KEN UK
1778 - Christen: Ellen LAWS-34427, Padiham LAN UK
1790 - Christen: Mary Ann LAWS-7412, St Mary the Virgin Dover KEN

                                                             Dover Castle KENT UK

1798 - Birth: Edward LAWS-41975, Gateshead DUR UK
1807 - Marriage: Benjamin Stephen LAWS-3353 and Isabella NIGHTINGALE-3354, Stoke                        Dameral DEV UK
1812 - Birth: William LAWS (Agent & Farmer / 2200 Acres) -116910, Ovington NBL UK
1819 - Birth: Frances LAWES-2665, Mercer Co KY USA
1830 - Birth: Thomas LAWS (Widower) -100290,
1833 - Marriage: William LAWES-32768 and Maria Jones LITTLE-32769, Harnhill GLS UK
1860 - Death: James Edgar LAWS-124334, Jersey City Heights NJ USA
1869 - Baptism: William Gabriel LAWS (Railway Porter) -8123, Portsmouth HAM UK

                          Nelson's Flagship HMS 'Victory' moored in Portsmouth Naval Dockyard

1870 - Burial: Charles Carter LAWS-124485, Islington MDX UK

                                                               Islington MDX UK

1872 - Will Proved: William Ryott LAWS (Farmer & Agent 226 Acres 6 men) -116914,
1881 - Birth: Fred Percy LAWS-29694,
1882 - Death: Helen E LAWS-3034, Tenby PEM WALES UK
1888 - Birth: Frederick LAWS-3213, Prudhoe NBL UK

                                                  Prudhoe Castle, Northumberland UK

1901 - Birth: Marjorie Gertrude LAWES-47831, Portland DOR UK
1902 - Birth: Charles Sidney LAWS-49749, Felmingham NFK UK
1906 - Burial: Ellen Elizabeth LAWS-51813,
1909 - Miscellaneous: Robert George LAWS (Stockbroker) -96272,
1909 - Admon: Charles Frank LAWS (Carter / Gentleman) -8147,
1910 - Birth: Edward George LAWS-54843, Ealing MDX UK
1911 - Will Proved: George Hiscock LAWS (Brewers Cooper)-3152,
1912 - Miscellaneous: Henry William LAWS (Brewers Cooper) -5139,
1913 - Birth: Elijah LAWS-124264,
1915 - Birth: Susan LAWS-54485, Pittington DUR
1916 - Birth: Bernard William LAWS (Tax Officer) -58199, Lincoln LIN UK

                                       Lincoln Castle Square and Cathedral, Lincolnshire UK

1916 - Birth: William Eric LAWES (Consultant Anaesthetist) -32927, Burnley LAN UK
1916 - Death: Ellen Ann LAWS (Widow) -7730, Apsley Guise BDF UK
1917 - Marriage: Charles Bernard  ANGEL (Teacher) -47510 and Edith LAWS-47509,
1917 - Birth: Cecil Albert LAWES (ARMY Private C/612520) -44904, Frankford ONT CANADA
1921 - Miscellaneous: George Henry LAWS (Carpenter/Builder Retired) -4859,
1923 - Marriage: Victor George LAWS (Australian Army) -30083 and Norma Victoria HOLMES-              30111, Allora QLD AUSTRALIA
1932 - Birth: William Allen LAWS-37857,
1936 - Marriage: Frederick Charles LAWS-30085 and Madge JARROTT-30122, Cowra QLD                      Australia
1936 - Death: William Septimus LAWES (Ag Lab - Cowman) -57207, Ravensthorpe WRY UK
1954 - Death: John LAWS (Boiler Attendant) -4315, Walthamstow ESS UK
1962 - Estate to: David LAWES-124207,
1962 - Marriage: Bill LAWS-46917 and Judith Marie MCCAULEY-46918,
1964 - Death: Adolphus Henry LAWS-48442, Moulds IL USA
1969 - Birth: Damien Michael LAWS-40515, TX USA
1970 - Marriage: Barry Charles LAWS-37758 and Karan Christina NICOLAISEN-37759,                            Essendon, Melbourne, VIC Australia (Aberfeldie Methodist)
1971 - Marriage: James Woodford LAWS (MD) -33558 and Joyce Nell DAVIS (Artist) -39318,
1973 - Marriage: James Terry LAWS (Lawyer) -39297 and Lynn Marie WATSON-39298,
1979 - Death: Irene Blanche LAWS-53560, Birchwood House, Stockland Green, Speldhurst KEN
1985 - Occupation: Richard Maitland LAWS (FRS Director of British Antartic Survey) -38737,
1988 - Birth: Coridon Aunice LAWS-40791, TX USA
1990 - Death: Kathryn Merle LAWES-120012,
1994 - Birth: Junior Lee LAWS-40865, TX USA
2003 - Death: Alfred Taylor LAWS-123886,
2004 - Birth: George Alexander LAWS-43537, Kingston upon Thames SRY UK
2008 - Birth: Virginia Merecedes LAWS-56839, Viersen, Nordrhein Westfalen, Germany

1778 - Death: John CHARTERS-34578, Torpenhow CUL UK
1847 - Birth: Samuel SEWELL (Ag Lab) -29115, Hardingham NFK (St George)
1848 - Marriage: William HANSON (Gardener) -125196 and Elizabeth JENNINGS-125195,                        Stanley WRY UK
1885 - Death: Jane CASE (Agricultual Pauper / Widow) -16307, Alderbury WIL UK
1889 - Residence: C LAWRENCE (Solicitor) -28748, Norwood  SRY UK
1895 - Marriage: Charles CROSSLAND (Greengrocer) -125209 and Sarah Jane JENNINGS-43515,            Stanley WRY UK
1896 - Birth: Daisey Ivy WARD (Spinster) -124306,
1909 - Birth: George Stewkley Frederick STAITE-123795, Glanford Briggs LIN UK
1911 - Marriage: Arthur WARWICK (Coal Office Clerk) -125335 and Ada Eliza CORNELIUS-                125336, St Pancras MDX UK
1912 - Death: Sarah ROBINSON-124412, Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK

                                                        Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK

1917 - Death: James Alexander MILLS (Landowner) -33417, Castlereagh, NSW Australia
1921 - Will Proved: Elizabeth EDWARDS-4860,
1941 - Birth: Cecil COULTAS (Electrical Engineer (retired) -54799, Bedlington NBL UK
1959 - Death: Margaret SMITH-50938, Great Grimsby LIN UK
1972 - Death: Arthur James JONES-45963, Mt Vernon, Franklin Co TX USA
1996 - Burial: Eleanor SMITH-120484, Lehi City Cemetery UT USA
2004 - Burial: Janet Marie STOLL-38142, Forest Park East Cemetery TX USA
2009 - Death: Mary Edith GRIER-115833,

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