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If you are a LAWS or a LAWES or have these surnames in your family or perhaps it sounds like this but in fact is spelt differently, we would love to hear from you, we need to extend and expand our knowledge of the families we have already discovered, Come and join us, theres no better time than now.
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Family Events from our database for today June 16th

If you are interested in anyone listed here, email us with the name, date and reference number, and we will happily do a look up, you might get a whole tree! 

Family Events

1764 - Marriage: Allen MYERS (Soldier in 22nd Foot) -38935 and Ann LAWS-38934,
           Canterbury KEN UK
1766 - Burial: Mary LAWS-5869, Richmond on Thames SRY UK

                                                   Richmond on Thames SRY - The River

1799 - Death: John LAWES-43255, Homington WIL (St Michaels)
1813 - Baptism: Charles Henry LAWS-115008, Westminster MDX UK
1849 - Birth: Hannah Rogers LAWS-124330, NY NY United States
1850 - Baptism: George William LAWES-1335, Guildford SRY UK
1851 - Birth: Edward LAWS (RN 64298) -47664, Landport HAM UK
1862 - Death: James Samuel LAWS (Butler) -8024, Pimlico MDX UK
1881 - Birth: Cecil LAWS-31167, Chester Twp, Howard  IOWA USA
1881 - Birth: Vivian LAWS-31166, Chester Twp, Howard  IOWA USA
1891 - Birth: Edward LAWS (Miner) -4261, Murton DUR UK
1892 - Miscellaneous: John LAWS (Mason, Bricklayer) -45765, Kings County Court, Brooklyn NY
1900 - Birth: Doris LAWS-45318,
1906 - Miscellaneous: H Langdon LAWS (Merchant) -45834,
1906 - Birth: Alan LAWS (Prison Officer Chief Eng) -6298, Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK

                                                     Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK

1907 - Birth: Edward Sidney Aylett LAWS (Motor Lorry Driver) -29421, Folkestone KEN UK

                                                           Folkestone KENT UK

1915 - Miscellaneous: Frank Albert LAWS (Australian Army - Private 1153) -36794,
1923 - Marriage: Frederick John LAWES-50245 and Florence Lilian SNOOK-55475,
           Donhead St Mary WIL UK
1928 - Marriage: William George HARDING-117135 and Rose Winifred Brown LAWES-117134,              Kingston SRY UK
1931 - Birth: Courtney Alexander LAWS-119086,
1933 - Death: Thomas LAWS (Miner) -4260,
1934 - Birth: Courtney Alexander LAWS  (OD)-38456, Morant Bay, Jamiaca (St Thomas)
1935 - Death: James Valentine LAWS (Railway Locomotive Fireman) -6720, Manchester LAN UK
            Residence:  Bolton LAN UK
1937 - Death: Henry Shearing (Butler) LAWS-36257, Ryde IOW UK
1939 - Marriage: Charles William LAWES-298 and Dora ASHTON-1343, Williamsburg KY USA
1942 - Miscellaneous: Frederick Henry LAWS (Attourney) -117398,
1942 - Admon: Henry William Frederick LAWS-122900,
1942 - Birth: Carol Ann LAWS (Company Director) -46455,
1944 - Miscellaneous: Henry Victor LAWES (Woodwork Machinist) -122158,
1944 - Will  Proved: Henry LAWS (Joiner & Wood machinist) -8663,
1945 - Will Proved: Robert Henry LAWS (Company Secretary) -7640, Llandudno CAE
            (My paternal grandfather I never knew he died when I was 1)
1950 - Birth: Kenneth Ivan LAWS (Publisher) -39329, Minneapolis Minnesota
1955 - Birth: Louise Alicia Lloyd LAWS-3462,
1960 - Miscellaneous: Leonard George LAWS (Tailors Designer)-58259,
1968 - Marriage: Dean Robert LAWS-39389 and Christine M JOHNSON-124864, Los Angeles CA            United States
1970 - Birth: Kent LAWS-43542, Doncaster WRY UK
1973 - Marriage: Murray Paul CHAPMAN-43836 and Heather LAWS-43837, Melbourne, VIC                    AUSTRALIA
1980 - Marriage: Paul Matthew BENSON-37438 and Suzanne Lynette LAWS-37437, Chelan WA                United States
1994 - Death: Marguerite Irene Louise LAWS-116022, Halstead ESS UK

1714 - Death: Sarah BEVINS-54327, Somertset Co MD USA
1765 - Death: Mary TATE-641, 
1813 - Marriage: Jonathan TEASLEY-45300 and Jane RIGGS-45299, Orange co.NC United States
1813 - Christen (adult): Thomas CHRISTMAS (Master Mariner) -3623,
1818 - Birth: John COATES-44394, Hamsterley, Bishop Auckland DUR UK
1845 - Birth: Susanna MUNRO-41943, 
1899 - Death: Sarah Laws FRASER (Spinster) -8843, Bayonne FRANCE
1908 - Burial: Ivy Ethel JENNINGS-49741, Outwood WRY UK
1918 - Birth: May COX-115720, Holbeach LIN

                                                              Holbeach LIN UK

1945 - Death: Alfred LUTON-119007, Cooma NSW AUSTRALIA
1960 - Admon: Winifred THORPE-58260,
1980 - Death: Harold WOKES-41330, Leeds WRY UK
2009 - Burial: Mary Edith GRIER-115833, Whitby NRY UK

                                                          Whitby Harbour NRY UK

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