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Family Events from our database for today June 5th

If you are interested in anyone listed here, email us with the name, date and reference number, and we will happily do a look up, you might get a whole tree! 

Family Events
1722 - Death: Peter LAWES (Reverend) -2728, Hales NFK UK
1735 - Baptism: John LAWES-1246, Bawburgh NFK UK
1747 - Christen: John LAWS-34417, Padiham LAN UK
1768 - Christen: Susanna LAWES-30697, Ryton DUR UK
1803 - Marriage: John LAWS-7339 and Sarah CRISP-7340, St.Marylebone MDX
1803 - Ordination: James Townsend LAWES (Reverend) -2062, 
1853 - Marriage: William FOUNTAIN (Post Office Clerk & Widower) -57819 and Emma                    LAWS-30614, St Pancras MDX UK
1856 - Birth: Ida Sarah LAWS-123288, MS United States
1859 - Birth: James LAWS (Butcher) -54701, Windsor or Liverpool NSW AUSTRALIA
1859 - Birth: Alice LAWS-31594, Great Yarmouth NFK UK

                                                     Great Yarmouth NFK UK

1870 - Baptism: Henry James LAWS-57749, Stanwell MDX (St Mary the Virgin)
1878 - Birth: Hiram LAWS-42449, 
1883 - Marriage: George LAWS (Farmer 175 Acres) -6216 and Mary LIDDELL-39164,                    Castle Ward, Houghton NBL (Cheesburn Grange R.C. Chapel)
1885 - Birth: Cherry R LAWS-42758, 
1891 - Admon: Vitruvius LAWES (Surgeon East Indis Company Service) -388, 
1904 - Birth: Phyllis Mariah Louisa LAWES-32229, Romsey HAM UK
1907 - Marriage: Henry LAWS (Chemists Apprentice) -38962 and Ann Gregory (Nancy)                  GLENDENNING-3248, South Shields DUR UK
1910 - Marriage: Ernest Charles LAWS (Bill Brokers Clerk) -6086 and May Georgina                        COWLEY-6087, Bloomsbury MDX UK
1910 - Birth: David John B LAWS-120377, 
1910 - Residence: Ernest Charles LAWS (Bill Brokers Clerk) -6086, Neasden MDX UK
1912 - Birth: Edward William LAWES-120974, 
1913 - Birth: Howard Stacey LAWS (Lt. Colonel / Reverend) -38607, 
1915 - Military: William Thomas LAWES (Head Groundsman) -52693, Enlisted in Life                      Guards Service no 3623
1919 - Birth: Olga Lillian LAWS (RAAF) -32356, Nanango QLD AUSTRALIA
1920 - Baptism: Wilford Derby LAWS (Jnr) -21367, 
1922 - Miscellaneous: Alfred LAWES (Steward & Cook on Ship) -45869, 
1926 - Marriage: Cyril Richard Henry LAWES (Gardener) -121911 and Ivy PLUMBRIDGE-             124343, Hersham SRY UK
1926 - Marriage: Fred LAWS-4061 and Ethel CROSS-4062, Anlaby ERY UK
1930 - Birth: Waverley LAWS-124263, 
1934 - Military: Albert Francis  LAWS(Royal Australian Navy 20095)31819, RAN during                WWII Chief EA 20095
1942 - Death: Henry LAWS (ARMY Private 4461351) -45081, 
1945 - Death: David William LAWS (Linotype Operator) -122844, Kew SRY
1945 - Death: Robert George LAWS (Stockbroker) -96272, Weston Super Mare SOM UK

                                              Weston Super Mare SOM UK

1945 - Death: George William LAWS-40961, Mare Island Naval Base, San Francisco CA
1946 - Death: William LAWS (ARMY Fusilier 4279345) -45155, 
1948 - Birth: Ann Sylvia LAWES (Company Director) -46419, 
1948 - Burial: Daniel E LAWS-37923, Baltimore MD United States
1954 - Admon: Cuthbert LAWS-123057, 
1959 - Death: Henry LAWES-124284, Hinton Martel DOR UK
1967 - Birth: Bradley Paul LAWES (Company Director) -46400, Rochford ESS UK
1970 - Death: Florabella LAWS-37776, 
1982 - Death: Margaret LAWS-167437, 
1982 - Marriage: Victor H LAWS III -39301 and Jean SADOWSKY (Lawyer) -39302, 
1990 - Death: Juanita Bessie LAWS-120741, Los Angeles CA United States
1993 - Burial: Loren Kenneth LAWS-45646, Farmington, Davis Co UT USA
2007 - Death: Robert LAWS-49786, Palliative CareCenter & Hospice, Catawba Valley NC
2008 - Burial: George LAWS (MBE) -55112, 

1863 - Baptism: Lucy Elizabeth DOWNING-41169, Costessey NFK UK

                                                        Costessey NFK UK

1870 - Birth: Margaret SMITH-50938, Great Coates LIN UK
1872 - Birth: Frank Oliver NEWMAN-37618, Thetford NFK UK
1882 - Marriage: Sarah OUGHTON (Servant) -4478, Fulwell DUR UK
1910 - Birth: Margaret NELSON-40214, Austin, Travis Co TX USA
1919 - Residence: May Georgina COWLEY-6087, Bloomsbury MDX UK
1926 - Residence: Ivy PLUMBRIDGE-124343, Hersham SRY UK
1935 - Death: Charity THOMAS-125542,
1958 - Death: Hannah Coe CURLE-55194, Shotley Bridge DUR 
1964 - Death: Minnie Dorethy CHAPMAN-46075, West Ham ESS UK
1995 - Death: Alfred WRIGHT-20862, 
1997 - Death: Jacob Albie SIMMONS-115401, 
1997 - Birth: Robert Matthew PARKER-43800, Berkhampsted HRT

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