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Family Events from our database for today June 20th

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Family Events
1726 - Marriage: Joseph SIMMS-9130 and Bridget LAWS-9129, Norwich NFK UK

                                                          Norwich Cathedral  NFK UK

1743 - Marriage: William LAWS-34195 and Elizabeth CANEY-34196, Feltwell NFK UK

                                                                 Feltwell NFK UK

1776 - Baptism: William LAWES-1253, Costessey NFK

                                                         Costessey NFK UK

1778 - Will Proved: Hannah LAWS (Widow) -29818, Cheshunt HRT
1790 - Christen: Charlotte LAWS-7408, Swaffam NFK

                                                           Swaffam NFK UK

1794 - Death: Cuthbert LAWES-3191,
1824 - Baptism: John LAWES (Ag Lab) -722, Tivetshall St Mary NFK

                                               Tivetshall St Mary (Old Church) NFK UK

1846 - Birth: Henrietta LAWS-34697, Stepney MDX UK  (My Grt Gtandfathers sibling)

                                                        St Dunstan, Stepney MDX UK

1854 - Christen: Edith Emma LAWS (Actress) -61762, St.Faith under St.Pauls MDX
1861 - Occupation: Thomas LAWS (Steerage Steward) LAWS-51774,
1867 - Military: John Milligan LAWS (Navy Officer) -3035, Appointed Midshipman to
           HMS "Minotaur"
HMS Minatour (The Longest single-screw Warship ever built)

1871 - Death: William John LAWS-118408,
1871 - Death: Mary Ann  LAWS (Housekeeper)-56469, Westleton SFK
1878 - Birth: Ellen Maria LAWES-2801, Felthorpe NFK UK

                                                       Felthorpe St Margarets NFK UK

1883 - Birth: John Wesley LAWS-123681, NC United States
1884 - Birth: John William LAWS-49189,
1885 - Birth: Ernest Frederick LAWS (Butchers Assistant) -39073, Hastings SSX UK
1886 - Baptism: Kate Beatrice LAWS-119696, Newington SRY UK
1888 - Admon: Anna Margaret LAWS (Spinster)-7163,

1892 - Residence: Rosie LAWS-8977, Boston MA USA
1892 - Residence: Rosie LAWS-8977, Wortley WRY
1892 - Residence: Jessie LAWS-8976, Boston MA USA
1892 - Residence: Jessie LAWS-8976, Wortley WRY
1892 - Residence: Frank LAWS-6644, Boston MA USA
1892 - Residence: Frank LAWS-6644, Wortley WRY
1892 - Residence: Henry LAWS (Twin & Shoemaker) -6642, Boston MA USA
1892 - Residence: Henry LAWS (Twin & Shoemaker)-6642, Wortley WRY

1908 - Birth: Stuart Charles LAWS (Civil Construction Corp) -115978,
1908 - Admon: William LAWS (Ag Lab) -7883,
1913 - Birth: Gilbert James LAWS (RNVR) -39136, Loughborough LEI
1915 - Cause of death: Thomas LAWS-4979,
1916 - Birth: Douglas Glenfield LAWS-121798, Wisbech CAM UK

                                                          Wisbech CAM UK

1918 - Marriage: James Albert OAKLEY (a Carter) of Cobham SRY-124375 and Hilda Southorn                  LAWS (Illegit) (Domestic Cook) -8971, at Claygate SRY UK
1922 - Birth: Stuart Eldon LAWS (Carpenter) -117006, Lloydminster SK CANADA
1924 - Death: Jamina LAWS-38388, Broken Arrow, Tulsa OK USA

                                                               Broken Arrow OK USA

1928 - Marriage: Robin Joseph WILES (Storekeeper) -124346 and Gladys Masie LAWES-117095,              Aldershot HAM UK
1929 - Birth: John Dudley LAWES-59283, Southend-on-Sea ESS UK

                                                              Southend on Sea ESS UK

1929 - Will Proved: George LAWS-8500,
1931 - Death: Hudson LAWS (Shipbuilders Clerk) -6865, Sunderland DUR UK

                                                               Sunderland DUR UK

1933 - Emigration: William Charles LAWS (Library Attendant) -8411, Quebec CANADA
1940 - Military: Bernard Patrick LAWS-55743,
1943 - Birth: Geoffrey Ashleigh LAWS (Laws Glass) -42814, Sunderland DUR UK
1950 - Admon: William Henry LAWES-123002,
1951 - Birth: Ann Olivia Chloe LAWS-116875, Tanganyika EAST AFRICA
1969 - Birth: Janathan LAWS-37585,
1970 - Marriage: Roger John LAWES-51710 and Sara Kathleen PETTET-51711, Bridport DOR
1976 - Birth: Christopher Douglas LAWS-43914, Parramatta NSW AUSTRALIA
1976 - Birth: Benjamin Matthew LAWS-43913, Parramatta NSW AUSTRALIA
1979 - Death: Alice Mary LAWES-119215, Salisbury WIL UK

                                                         Salisbury Cathedral WILT UK

1982 - Death: Gordon Schuler LAWS (Mechanic) RCAF -52914, London ONT CANADA
1987 - Marriage: Donald GOODMAN-45936 and Maudine LAWS-31876,
1988 - Birth: Keiron LAWS-54904, Sidcup KEN UK
1989 - Birth: John Christopher LAWS-40807, TX USA
1996 - Probate: Henry LAWS-125112, Leeds WRY UK
1998 - Death: Francis M LAWS (PFC US Air Force) -37893,
2002 - Death: Dewy Weaver LAWS (Cpl US Army) -34910,

1816 - Marriage: William Frederick CLEGG (Watchmaker) -44034 and Ann PARSLER-44035,                  Manchester LAN UK
1875 - Christen: Lavinia CHEESEBOROUGH-2829, Methley WRY UK
1905 - Birth: Carmel Franklen WIDENER-39709, Washington VA USA
1912 - Residence: Harriett LAWRENCE-29985, Croydon SRY UK
1913 - Death: Annie Fannie CLAUS-115135, Pelham Twp., Welland Co., ON
1914 - Birth: Calvert Watson WHITEHEAD-124611, Utah, United States
1919 - Birth: Joyce HESLOP-47979, Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK
1924 - Death: Jemima Elvina PEARSON-115434,
1970 - Birth: Ryan Michael MUNRO-9925,
2012 - Death: Michael John WOKES-52129, Leeds WRY UK

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