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Family Events from our database for today June 29th

If you are interested in anyone listed here, email us with the name, date and reference number, and we will happily do a look up, you might get a whole tree! 

Family Events

1796 - Birth: Frances LAWES-119521, Down, Hurstbourne HAM UK
1830 - Birth: Elizabeth LAWS (Widow) -38438,
1845 - Baptism: Elizabeth LAWS-123776, Buenos Aires ARGENTINA
1871 - Marriage: Demetrius Ypsilanti LAWS-48451 and Sarah E HOLMES-48452,
           New York NY USA
1877 - Birth: Harriett Louisa LAWS-43488, Litcham NFK UK

                                                                  Litcham NFK UK
1894 - Death: Ellen LAWS-120016,
1898 - Death: William LAWS (Gentleman) -8575, Carlton Colville SFK UK
1898 - Admon: Sarah LAWS (Widow) -8303,
1903 - Death: Charles William LAWS-121958, Glebe NSW Australia
1904 - Birth: Anna Lavinia LAWS-42782, Hanwell MDX UK
1906 - Birth: Elsie LAWS-54488, Blyth NBL
1909 - Birth: Randall LAWS-120139,
1916 - Birth: Winston Verdun LAWS-115430, Wisbech CAM UK

                                               Wisbech CAM UK (on the River Nene)

1917 - Birth: James Arnold LAWS-119331, Coxes Creek, Yancey County NC USA
1917 - Death: Donnie LAWS-41472, Bell Co KY USA
1918 - Death: Alice LAWS-6922,
1921 - Birth: Ivy Hilda LAWS-58042,
1926 - Death: Florence Annie LAWS (Infant aged abt 8 mths) -30063, Brisbane QLD AUSTRALIA
1933 - Death: Frederick LAWS- (Corn Merchant)120227, Sunderland DUR UK

                                                         Sunderland DUR UK

1934 - Miscellaneous: Albert  Tudor LAWS (Engineer) -50706,
1934 - Miscellaneous: Herbert Maurice LAWS (5th Eng / Seaman) -15351,
1934 - Miscellaneous: William Cornelius LAWS (Engineer) -7884,
1935 - Residence: Wallace Herbert LAWS (Sailor) -42947, Palmers Green MDX
           but death Ventnor IOW UK
1940 - Miscellaneous: Fred LAWS (Colliery Cashier) -117404,
1940 - Admon: Robert Stephenson LAWS-66137,
1944 - Death: Harry Frederick John LAWES (ARMY Trooper 14539897) -45001,
1944 - Death: Alice Louisa LAWS (Housemaid / Spinster) -22920, Southend-on-Sea ESS UK

                              Southend on Sea ESS UK With its longest pleasure pier in the World

1946 - Emigration: Douglas LAWS (Sampler) -124803, LONDON
1947 - Residence: Herbert Frederick LAWS (Provisions Shop Salesman) -36673, Hellesdon NFK                  UK & death at Norwich NFK UK
1949 - Birth: Judith Mary LAWES (Accountant) -56099, Wisbech CAM UK
1949 - Birth: Robert Malcolm James LAWS (Graphic Designer) -47400, Birmingham WAR UK
1951 - Immigration: Inez Marjorie LAWS-167486, Buffalo NY United States
1952 - Birth: Jacqueline Ann LAWS-40327, TX USA
1953 - Birth: Clive Ronald LAWES (Company Director)-46380,
1961 - Miscellaneous: Gladys Muriel LAWS-117975,
1963 - Marriage: Jimmy Lee LAWS (Areospace Boeing) -48629 and Judith Ann JOHNSON                         (Executive Boeing) -48630,
1964 - Burial: Frederick LAWS-3213, Lloydminster SK CANADA
1965 - Birth: Angela Gayle LAWS-40473, TX USA
1968 - Marriage: Neil Oswald LAWS-3503 and Berverly Joy WILMOT-3511, Shepparton VIC                    AUSTRALIA
1971 - Death: David Eugene LAWS-167330, Bay Minette, Baldwin, Alabama, USA
1972 - Birth: Aaron Brian LAWS-40556, TX USA
1984 - Birth: Charod D Veon LAWS-40732, TX USA
1987 - Birth: Adam Donald LAWS-42109, Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA
1995 - Burial: Elmore Bennett LAWS (T Sgt US Air Force) -37938, Fort Richardson National                      Cemetery  Anchorage, AK USA
2009 - Death: Frank Henry LAWS (Tea Planter)-9137, Folkestone KEN UK (My Great Uncle)

                                                            Folkestone KEN UK

2012 - Burial: Darren James LAWS-121961, Wagga Wagga, NSW Australia

1639 - Marriage: Anne BLANSHERD-55451, Wickham DUR UK
1787 - Birth: Rebecca SPAHR-4687, 
1884 - Birth: Florence Elizabeth DOWNEY-46910, Orange, Maclean, NSW Australia
1894 - Birth: Patience E POORE-117189, London ENGLAND
1949 - Birth: Janet WEBB-53685, Ilford ESS UK
1961 - Miscellaneous: Gertrude CLARKE-117974, 
1974 - Birth: Clair APPS-53690, NTT UK
1977 - Birth: Dominic Gareth EMPSON-9915, Portsmouth HAM UK
1979 - Burial: Prescilla Mae MORAN-38400, Park Grove Cemetery, Broken Arrow, Tulsa OK

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