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Family Events from our database for today June 4th

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Family Events

1776 - Marriage: William LAWS (Widower) -31512 and Rachel WHELLBON (Widow)                    - 31513, Edmonton MDX UK
1782 - Marriage: John LAWES-41962 and Ann GALLOP-41963, Sturminster Marshall DOR
1787 - Marriage: George LAWS-54292 and Dorethy KING-54293, Newburn on Tyne NBL 
1815 - Marriage: John LAWS-31472 and Mary Ann SCALES-31473, Edmonton MDX UK
1816 - Birth: Anne LAWS-52156, Gateshead DUR UK
1818 - Death: Edward LAWES-32470, 
1823 - Marriage: William LAWS (Silk Weaver) -9105 and Sarah HAYDEN-30469, 
           Norwich NFK UK

                                                    Norwich Cathedral NFK UK

1831 - Marriage: Daniel LAWES-42125 and Hannah PENNY-42126, Bishopstone by                        Salisbury WIL UK

                                                    Bishopstone WIL UK

1835 - Marriage: Robert LAWS (Builder) -6002 and Elizabeth SANSOM-6003, Wareham                DOR UK

                                                       Wareham DOR UK

1854 - Marriage: John SECKER -(Basket Maker) 45481 and Sophia LAWS -6066,  
           (Housekeeper) Litcham NFK UK

                                                          Litcham NFK UK

1861 - Marriage: John LAWS (Ag Lab) -3109 and Charlotte HOLMES-3129, Doddington                  CAM UK
1861 - Marriage: Robert SHIPLEY-3052 and Sarah LAWS (Servant) -3053, Chatteris CAM 

                                                          Chatteris CAM UK

1868 - Marriage: John Robert LAWS-52862 and Mary Ann CRAVENS-52863, 
1875 - Birth: Bertha LAWS-124318, Jersey City Heights NJ USA
1876 - Birth: Osborne Thomas LAWES-24219, Booton NFK UK
1879 - Death: James Walter LAWS (Pewterer) -4322, Borough SRY UK
1884 - Birth: John LAWS (ARMY) -39165, Heddon on the Wall NBL
1886 - Birth: Mary Lizzie LAWS-43108, Dunston Street, Hebburn DUR
1894 - Birth: Thomas George LAWS (Warehouse Porter) -41916, Bromley MDX UK
1897 - Probate: Edward Frank LAWS-119081, Bristol GLS UK
1903 - Birth: Elizabeth LAWS-32153, 68 Weardale Street, Mt Pleasant, Tudhoe                                Spennymoor DUR UK
1905 - Birth: Alfred William LAWES (Machine Tender) -767, 
1906 - Birth: Alva Lincoln LAWS-39459, Rouge River OR USA
1911 - Birth: George Edward LAWS-54462, Walworth SRY UK
1913 - Arrival: Phillip Umfreville LAWS (ARMY Captain 27194) -3225, Quebec CANADA
1920 - Birth: Dora Virginia LAWS-123840, Bethany Tns NC USA
1921 - Marriage: Edwin Horace Charles BAYLEY (Clerk) -124345 and Gladys Masie                        LAWES-117095, Aldershot HAM UK
1926 - Will  Proved: John LAWS-8614, 
1929 - Birth: Gwendolyn Violet Burton LAWS-37542, Basford NTT UK
1930 - Burial: Adelaide LAWS-38318, Heddon on the Wall NBL
1931 - Death: Catherine Elizabeth LAWES-257, 
1934 - Emigration: William Charles LAWS (Library Attendant)-8411, Quebec CANADA
1936 - Birth: Margaret Grace LAWS-118674, 
1936 - Death: Bertram LAWS (ARMY 5895) -50215, Cardiff GLA UK
1938 - Birth: Michael Norman LAWES-118550, 
1939 - Death: Margaret Helen LAWES (Spinster) -2894, Bath SOM UK
1939 - Death: Eric Frederick George LAWS-117379, Uxbridge MDX
1941 - Marriage: John Eric Edward ROBERTS-119574 and Jessie Joan LAWS-119573,                  Wisbech CAM UK
                                                  Wisbech CAM UK & River Nene

1948 - Death: Lois Mae LAWS-40999, Los Angeles CA United States
1949 - Death: William Henry LAWES-123002, Weymouth DOR UK
1950 - Birth: Phyllis Jean LAWS-40303, TX USA
1951 - Miscellaneous: Albert Francis LAWS (Royal Australian Navy 20095) -31819, 
1953 - Birth: Norma LAWS-43885, 
1954 - Death: Bertie LAWS-123056, Billericay ESS & Residence Basildon ESS UK
1955 - Death: Thomas LAWS-55178, COONAMBLE NSW AUSTRALIA
1960 - Birth: Christopher LAWS (Company Director) -46434, 
1962 - Miscellaneous: Kenneth Peter LAWS (Electrician) -123264, 
1965 - Admon: George Cecil LAWES-300, 
1974 - Cremation: Dorethy Mary LAWS (Widow) -44302, Scatter 5 Jun 1974
1974 - Death: Berry P LAWS-41448, Bell Co KY USA
1984 - Birth: Patrisha Donnelle LAWS-40730, TX USA
1988 - Marriage: Keith BRETT-53959 and Elsie Carol LAWS-53949, Chingford ESS UK
1988 - Marriage: Stephen Charles LAWS-45786 and Debra Anne TYRRELL (Registrar)                - 45787, Woolwich KEN UK
1998 - Burial: Joseph Harold LAWS (AD1 US Navy) -38018, Barrancas National Cemetery,            Pensacola FL (Plot: 42, 0, 153)
2007 - Death: Patrick Miller LAWS-43624, Castle Hill Hospital, Kingston Upon Hull ERY


1737 - Baptism: Mary JENNINGS-107411, Wakefield WRY UK
1738 - Birth: Wiiliam Frederick HANOVER-45423, Norfolk House, St. James' Square, London
1887 - Birth: James WRIGHT-20862, 
1913 - Birth: Aurie EDDLEMAN-34115
1925 - Birth: Helen McLeodSTEEL-BENNETT-43907, Amy Street, Regents Park NSW                     Australia
1962 - Death: Frank BRADY-55274, Stanhope DUR UK 1
1970 - Birth: Byron PLEWS-43931, 
1975 - Death: Elisabeth Alice Frances BROWN-32241, Schoing, Southampton HAM 
           (St Mary)
1993 - Miscellaneous: Simeon MORLEY-14853, 

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