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Family Events from our database for today June 2nd

If you are interested in anyone listed here, email us with the name, date and reference number, and we will happily do a look up, you might get a whole tree! 

1779 - Baptism: James Townsend LAWES (Reverend) -2062, Warminster WIL
1799 - Christen: Jacob LAWS-37851, Littleport CAM UK

                                                              Littleport CAM UK

1800 - Marriage: James COOPER-2115 and Jane LAWES-2116, Alverstoke HAM UK
1849 - Death: Henrietta LAWES-45711, West Lavington WIL UK
1864 - Burial: Bannester LAWS (PVT US Army, G 58 N.C.) -37899, Rock Island Confederate                      Cemetery, Moline IL United States
1874 - Will Proved: Harry LAWES (Wood & Coal Mcht) -149,
1878 - Baptism: Alfred LAWS (Farm Bailliff) -3674, Horstead NFK
1884 - Marriage: Charles CAVAYE (Seed Merchant) -120933 and Marion Louise LAWES-120932,            Walthamstow ESS UK
1898 - Birth: Elrich Rice LAWS-120465, Mascotte FL
1899 - Marriage: George Wadell MCLAWS-120364 and Laura M FLYNN-120368, Sydney NSW                AUSTRALIA
1899 - Will  Proved: Samuel LAWS (Lodging House keeper) -9198,
1899 - Birth: James Martin LAWS-3294, Littleport CAM UK

                                                                 Littleport CAM UK

1903 - Birth: Allen Lee LAWS-45803, NJ USA
1908 - Marriage: Colin LAWS (Ag Lab) -117985 and Mary Ellen WRIGHT-117986,
           Wrawby LIN UK
1908 - Military: Albert Reginald Howell LAWES (General Labourer)-2958, HMS Nelson,                            Portsmouth HAM UK
1909 - Birth: Floy Lucinda LAWS-56183, Carroll Co TN United States
1911 - Birth: Eileen LAWS-122509,
1917 - Birth: Maurice Hart LAWS-45650, Blanding, San Juan Co UT USA
1917 - Death: William Edward LAWES (ARMY Driver T4/198161) -16739, Broome NFK UK

                                                              Broome NFK UK

1919 - Marriage: William Grover LAWS (Boot Trade Machinist) -94545 and Davis May SMITH-                57860, Residence 28 Regents Square MDX
1923 - Birth: Charles T LAWS-31017, Hamilton OH United States
1926 - Birth: Andrew LAWS (CE2 US Navy) -37891,
1927 - Birth: Kathleen Ellen LAWS-120172,
1930 - Birth: Ronald Alfred LAWES-120388, West Ham ESS UK
1932 - Death: William LAWS-38841, Corbridge on Tyne NBL UK
1942 - Will  Proved: William Walton LAWS (Harness Maker & Storekeeper) -13674,
1942 - Miscellaneous: William LAWS (Policeman) -116854,
1946 - Birth: Margaret LAWS (Nurse) -6308, Battersea SRY UK
1949 - Residence: Joe Pinkney LAWS (Labourer) -120719, Pinecola NC USA and death
           Banner Elk, Avery NC USA (Grace Hospital)
1949 - Birth: Linda Sue LAWS-40281, Gregg Co TX USA
1949 - Birth: Randy Carl LAWS (Accountant)-39355, Lenoir NC
1955 - Birth: Anthony John LAWES-53277, Kensington MDX UK
1956 - Marriage: James Leroy LAWS (Mechanical Engineer) -39286 and Dorethy Irene
1968 - Death: Margaret Mary LAWS-30130, Clfton QLD AUSTRALIA
1971 - Death: Harold Norman John LAWS-35433, Darlinghurst NSW AUSTRALIA
1974 - Death: Dorethy Mary LAWS (Widow) -44302, Dunedin NZ
1981 - Birth: Richard Anthony LAWES-53283, Brighton SSX UK

                                                                 Brighton SSX UK

1981 - Birth: David Sharrief LAWS-40682, TX USA
1983 - Cremation: Douglas James LAWS-115202, Kettering NTH UK
1984 - Death: Margaret LAWES-55413, Bristol GLS UK
1988 - Birth: Conneka Lashaun LAWS-40790, TX USA
1992 - Burial: Alford Ray LAWS (SKC US Navy) -37881, Mountain Home National Cemetery,                     Johnson City TN USA
1996 - Death: Eleanor S LAWS-45627, San Francisco CA USA
1998 - Probate: Bertram William George LAWS-124481, Ipswich SFK UK

                                               St Nicholas Street, Ipswich SFK UK

1998 - Death: Joseph Harold LAWS (AD1 US Navy) -38018,
2003 - Cremation: Jessie Betty LAWES (Widow) -53569, Kent & Sussex Crematorium
2005 - Death: Willie Bell Huff LAWS-124293, USA


1816 - Birth: Elisabeth Anna LANEHAM-32274, Bishopstone by Salisbury WIL

                                                            Bishopstone WIL UK

1844 - Birth: John Donald MCLAREN-3950, Dull, Aberfeldy PER
1858 - Birth: Edward William ARKLE-124881, St Lukes MDX UK
1874 - Miscellaneous: Hephzibah TAYLOR-150,
1878 - Death: Garson BLAKE (Builders, Coal & General Mcht) -3641, Mutford SFK (RD)
1883 - Birth: Annie Robertson WEBSTER-118119, Wallsend NBL UK
1890 - Death: John BUTTERY-13649, Cleland LNK
1891 - Birth: Mathilda SANDMAN-39430, Hamilton County, Cincinnati, OH
1891 - Birth: Ethel Louise PENDLE-3361, Folkestone KEN UK

                                                              Folkestone KEN UK

1892 - Burial: Benjamin JENNINGS (Banksman at Colliery) -38792, Stanley WRY UK
1896 - Death: Emma Selina T MURRAY-58754, Old Deer Park, Dover KEN

                                                          Dover Castle KEN UK

1914 - Birth: Joan Mabel PEARSON-29316
1919 - Death: Thomas SMITH SMITH-57862,
1919 - Residence: Davis May SMITH-57860, London 28 Regent Square MDX
1921 - Birth: Eileen QUALE-124462,
1928 - Marriage: Frank Laws JOHNSON-38674 and Vera Maud JARMAIN-38675,
1949 - Death: Barnabas SHAWL-30900, Newark on Trent NTT UK
1978 - Miscellaneous: Frank Laws JOHNSON-38674,
1996 - Death: Eleanor SMITH-120484,
2004 - Death: Janet Marie STOLL-38142, League City TX USA

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