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Family Events from our database for today June 21st

If you are interested in anyone listed here, email us with the name, date and reference number, and we will happily do a look up, you might get a whole tree! 

Family Events
1774 - Birth: William Ryott LAWS  (Farmer & Agent 226 Acres 6 men) -116914, Ovingham,
           Prudhoe NBL UK

                                                         Prudhoe Castle NBL UK

1789 - Death: Hannah LAWS-116945,
1829 - Marriage: Henry Fricker LAWES (Woollen Draper)-2796 and Eliza JAMES-30004,
           Temple, Bristol GLS
1829 - Christen: Sophia Eliza Margaret LAWS-5284, Newington SRY UK
1831 - Birth: Percy Smith LAWS (Gentleman / Butcher) -7910, Ovington NBL UK
1834 - Marriage: Robert LAWS (Coal Miner) -8696 and Elizabeth THOMPSON-9340, Tynemouth NBL UK

                                                                 Tynemouth NBL UK

1839 - Burial: Edwin H LAWS (Infant) -119596, Melcombe Regis DOR UK
1880 - Death: Algernon LAWES (Livery Stable Keeper) -769, Field Cottage, Hornsey Road MDX
1890 - Marriage: William Greenwell LAVERICK-43491 and Jane LAWS-8707, Sunderland DUR

                                                             Sunderland DUR UK

1896 - Birth: Doris Winifred LAWS-125240,
1901 - Birth: Elsie Mary LAWS-58674,
1901 - Birth: Ottis LAWS-42455,
1903 - Birth: Amelia LAWES-118546,
1911 - Birth: Geoffrey Reginald LAWES-167322,
1915 - Death: Thomas LAWS (Coal Pit Deputy) -4979, Brauncepeth Colliery, Willington DUR
1915 - Birth: Fulton LAWS (Sgt US Army) -37955,
1915 - Enlistment: Benjamin Charles LAWS (ARMY Acting Sgt 7228) -8787,
1917 - Birth: Margaret Scott LAWS-30989, West Ham ESS UK
1919 - Residence: John Arnold LAWS-50796, New Herrington DUR
1919 - Residence: Ethel LAWS-50795, New Herrington DUR
1923 - Emigration: Gilbert LAWS (Reverend, Baptist Mininster) -5126, Quebec CANADA
1923 - Will Proved: Harriett LAWS (Spinster) -8300,
1925 - Burial: Jamina LAWS-38388, Park Grove Cemetery, Broken Arrow, Tulsa OK

                                                              Broken Arrow OK USA

1927 - Miscellaneous: Vernon LAWS (Commercial Traveller) -8504,
1929 - Admon: Thomas LAWES-27568,
1932 - Birth: Nigel LAWS-42774,
1936 - Burial: Margaret LAWS-38394, Park Grove Cemetery, Broken Arrow, Tulsa OK
1944 - Death: Maureen Jill LAWS-54685, Dubbo NSW Australia
1952 - Marriage: Derek Herbert SOADBY-48046 and Maureen Grace LAWES-48045,                                  Fordingbridge HAM UK
1953 - Death: James Douglas LAWS (Boilersmith Shipyard) -5572, Wallsend NBL

                                                     Wallsend Roman Fort NBL UK

1955 - Birth: Sheryl LAWS-42091, Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA
1956 - Birth: Graham LAWS-42093, Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA
1957 - Marriage: Joseph Thomas LAWES (Furniture Remover) -59285 and Elsie May EARL-407,              Southend-on-Sea ESS UK

                                                The Pleasure Pier, Southend on Sea Essex

1958 - Marriage: Richard E LAWS-39322 and Julie AUGUSTADT-39323,
1962 - Burial: George LAWS (PVT US Army)-37958, Beverley NJ United States
1964 - Residence: Basil Valentine LAWES-123595, Newbury BRK UK & Death  Chieveley BRK
1969 - Marriage: Wade Lee LAWS-114938 and Carlena Kay NEWBERRY-114939, Las Vegas NV            USA
1980 - Birth: Matthew LAWS-42100,
1982 - Death: Charles Bulford LAWS (T5 US Army) -37910,
1982 - Birth: Michael Brooks LAWS-29711, TX USA
1995 - Death: Elmore Bennett LAWS (T Sgt US Air Force) -37938,
2005 - Death: Edwin Leslie LAWS (Painter & Decorator) -49564, NZ
2006 - Cremation: Derek LAWS-50469, Lincoln LIN UK

1829 - Birth: Grace CHARTERS-50407, Boltongate CUL UK
1858 - Birth: Sarah Ann HOWARD-47855, Narellan NSW AUSTRALIA
1905 - Marriage: Wilfred ATKINSON-44096 and Edwina Ann SEELEY-44095,
1910 - Birth: Enid CHAUVIN-17790, Blackheath KEN UK
1927 - Will  Proved: Ida SELWAY (Dressmaker) -5281, London MDX
1928 - Death: Ida Ethel COMBS-31165, Gardena, Los Angeles CA
1932 - Birth: Mildred Leola WALL-123340, Spartanburg SC USA
1935 - Burial: William Charles FAUX (Jobbing Gardener)-9301, The Lodge, Bowthorpe Rd.                        Norwich NFK UK
1944 - Death: Jane MILLINGTON-119445, South Burslem STS UK
1976 - Death: Ada Matilda WINDUS-37753, Dubbo NSW Australia
1997 - Death: Agnes Erskine STEELE-118431, AUSTRALIA

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