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Family Events from our database for today June 11th

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Family Events
1620 - Christen: Maria LAWS-34409, Padiham LAN UK
1696 - Marriage: Nicholas LAWES-4912 and Susannah (widow of Samuel BERNARD) TEMPLE-            4914, (Nicholas was Govenor of Jamaica)
1718 - Marriage: Anthony LAWES-2933 and Isabel GILLESPY-2934, Stannington NBL UK
1791 - Marriage: Emanuel COMPTON-2417 and Mary LAWES-2416, Whitsbury WIL/HAMP
1802 - Baptism: Sarah LAWES-30848, Whitsbury WIL/HAMP
1803 - Miscellaneous: Stephen LAWS (Army Deserter) -8445, Norfolk Mercury
1818 - Marriage: Joseph Leech CROPLEY-9023 and Mary LAWS-8517, Newington SRY UK
1838 - Birth: John LAWS (Railway Porter) -6914, Hellington NFK UK
1848 - Death: Isaac LAWS-49767,
1855 - Birth: Newman LAWS-34565,
1874 - Marriage: Robert James LAWS (Railroad Official) -38530 and Anna Louise CHURCH-                    38566, Troy, NY USA
1880 - Birth: Margaret LAWS-37696, Ludworth Colliery, Shadforth DUR
1880 - Birth: Ernest Edward LAWS (RN) -8652, Folkestone KEN UK

                                                                Folkestone Kent UK

1885 - Birth: James Albert LAWS (ARMY Private 871424) -6866,
1886 - Birth: Annie Josephine LAWS-124857,
1893 - Birth: Cuthbert F LAWS-116880, Oregon
1895 - Marriage: Cuthbert Umfreville LAWS (Surgeon)-3222 and Grace Margaret Bryham                            LUMBY-3311, Grantchester CAM UK
1909 - Birth: William G LAWES-105595, Hoxne SFK UK
1911 - Birth: Martha Violet LAWS-39461, Rouge River OR USA
1912 - Marriage: John Donald MacKenzie BEATON-48807 and Emily Cecilia LAWS-48766, Cowra            QLD Australia
1919 - Miscellaneous: Samuel LAWS (Painter)-5413,
1920 - Death: Joseph LAWS-7392, Home Lea, Thundersley ESS UK
1923 - Birth: Edward William LAWS-119091,
1925 - Marriage: Miles NEWTON-55321 and Dora LAWS-55320, Willington DUR UK
1927 - Birth: Harry Puddington LAWS (Director of Forestry) -52903, New Brunswick CANADA
1930 - Arrival: John Burnett LAWS (Company Director) -29208, Southampton HAM UK
1931 - Miscellaneous: Henry George LAWS (Postal Clerk)-8056,
1931 - Admon: William Scott LAWS-8055,
1939 - Death: Edith Florence LAWS (Spinster) -117375, Sutton SRY UK
1940 - Death: Frederick LAWES-46818, Launcester, Tasmainia AUSTRALIA
1945 - Residence: Thomas Christopher LAWES (ARMY Driver T/45980) -45024, Cleethorpes LIN
            (Killed in action 1945)
1947 - Birth: Margaret Lilian LAWS-3448,
1955 - Marriage: William Herschel ABERNATHY-45310 and Ruth Janet LAWS-45309,
1956 - Death: Albert George Gregory LAWS (Ironmonger snd WWI Veteran) -39197,
1959 - Death: Doris Edna LAWES-121912, Weybridge SRY UK
1967 - Birth: Shawn Tarrant LAWS-40491, TX USA
1969 - Birth: Kelly Ann LAWS-40516, TX USA
1986 - Birth: Essence Artesh Sade Lynn LAWS-40760, TX USA
1987 - Birth: Shiquaya Lavette LAWS-40776, TX USA
2001 - Birth: Thomas William LAWS-116872, Torbay DEV UK
2002 - Birth: Julian George Fitzroy LAWS-37164,
2006 - Death: Geoffrey Robert LAWS-50463, Nottingham NTT UK
2007 - Birth: Max William LAWS-115554, Stevenage HRT
2007 - Cremation: Patrick Miller LAWS-43624, Chanterlands

1891 - Miscellaneous: Sarah Ann FULLER-34695, (My great Grandmother)
1895 - Occupation: Joseph Rawson LUMBY (Reverend Proffesor DD) -29996, 
1911 - Birth: Lydia KELLAR-118251, Pittsburgh PA USA
1917 - Birth: Rowena Beatrice RAYNER-55480, Leytonstone ESS UK
1932 - Burial: Leslie Stephen DACRE-46587, Stanley WRY UK
1956 - Death: Florence Elaine SMEAD-45345, 
1965 - Admon: Laura Dorethy BARTLETT-58740, 
1973 - Death: John POFF-48728, Jackson Co KY USA USA
1979 - Birth: Victoria Elizabeth BROWN-43828, Derby DBY UK
1989 - Death: Leonard James Francis MACGRATH 7805, Strathfield NSW AUSTRALIA

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