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Family Events from our database for today June 22nd

If you are interested in anyone listed here, email us with the name, date and reference number, and we will happily do a look up, you might get a whole tree! 

Family Events
1623 - Marriage: Mark ALLEN-237 and Edwina LAWES-238, Sedgeford NFK
1642 - Marriage: Henry POWELL-1931 and Elizabeth LAWES-1932, Sedgeford NFK
1728 - Marriage: Henry LOADS-9132 and Bridget LAWS-9131, Norwich NFK UK

                                                          Norwich Cathedral NFK UK

1789 - Marriage: John DAY-45279 and Jane LAWS-45278, Bower Chalke WIL UK

                                                   Holy Trinity, Bower Chalke WIL UK

1799 - Burial: Jacob LAWS-37851, Littleport CAM UK

                                                               Littleport CAM UK

1806 - Marriage: Jonah LAWS (Blacksmith) -37700 and Margaret HOOLE OR  HOWELL-42052,            Ryton DUR UK
1823 - Christen: James Robert LAWES-2114, Alverstoke HAM UK
1834 - Birth: Edward LAWS (Navy CPO Pensioner) -5638, Portsmouth HAM UK
1857 - Birth: Mary Ruth Ann LAWS-119577, ETexas MO USA
1857 - Christen: Robert Murray LAWES (Barrister) -58757, St.Thomas ch, St. Marylebone MDX
1858 - Birth: John M LAWS-32245, Princeton, Mercer Co MO USA
1884 - Birth: David LAWS (RN 215185) -47653, Monkwearmouth DUR UK
1889 - Birth: Cora E LAWS-38367,
1893 - Birth: Winifred Emma LAWS-115298,
1903 - Birth: Vida May & Lillian Doris (Twins) LAWS-119451 & 3, Derby DBY UK
1914 - Birth: Royal I LAWS-45378, Wadena MN
1917 - Death: Rachael LAWS (Widow) -48229, County Farm, Jackson, Jasper Co MO USA
1917 - Birth: Stuart Morrison LAWS (Australian Army) -32372, Neath NSW AUSTRALIA
1918 - Death: Sarah LAWES (Widow) -1359, Sherington BKM UK
1919 - Miscellaneous: Carey Russell LAWS (Chief Engineer) -37448,
1925 - Burial: Stanley Cecil LAWES-57263, Ta'Braxia Cemetery MALTA
1925 - Residence: Henry Samuel LAWES (Tram Driver) -29987, East Croydon SRY
1927 - Marriage: Alfred LAWS (Trawler Fisherman) -47470 and Lilian DAVISON-47471,
            North Shields NBL UK
                                                      North Shields Fish Quay NBL UK

1935 - Miscellaneous: Edwin Lawson LAWS (Wholesale Grocer & Provisions Mcht)) -38641,
1936 - Admon: Bertram LAWS (ARMY 5895) -50215,
1940 - Marriage: Frederick Arthur LAWS-50995 and Olive Nellie JACKSON-50996,
           Parkstone DOR UK
1941 - Birth: John William LAWS-118665,
1943 - Miscellaneous: William Ryott LAWS (Wholesale Fruit & Veg Merchant) -122919,
1943 - Miscellaneous: Arthur Joseph LAWS (Postal sorting clerk) -38862,
1943 - Admon: Ellen Blanche LAWS (Spinster) -38861,
1956 - Birth: David LAWES-124178,
1956 - Birth: Mary Ann LAWS-55736, Kensington MDX UK
1956 - Death: Edna LAWS-39829, Dawdon DUR UK
1956 - Birth: Edna LAWS-39829, Easington DUR UK
1959 - Miscellaneous: Audrey LAWS-49864,
1959 - Admon: Anthony Weedy LAWS (Coal Miner) -47335,
1963 - Birth: Anthony Mark LAWS-121951,
1966 - Residence: Ida Jane LAWS-123181, Hailsham SSX UK
1966 - Death: Ida Jane LAWS-123181, Eastbourne SSX UK
1975 - Marriage: Russell E LAWS-37405 and Jody A HARWOOD-37406, Spittalfields MDX UK
1977 - Birth: Amy Christine LAWS-40625, TX USA
1979 - Cremation: Douglas Murray LAWS-30150,
1985 - Death: Edith Louise LAWS-3724, Horsford NFK UK
1987 - Birth: Serrina Aveion LAWS-40777, TX USA
1988 - Death: Colin James LAWS (Lorry Driver)-44049, Stockport CHS UK
1991 - Marriage: Elliott Pearson LAWS (Federal agency administrator) -39253 and Karen Marie                  JACKSON-39254,
1994 - Death: May LAWS-35236,
2002 - Death: Albert Willard LAWS-123912, Kannapolis NC United States
2003 - Death: Norman Jean LAWS-31136, Central Florida Regional Hospital, Sanford FL USA

1809 - Birth: Mariah HINSBY-6757, Lakenheath SFK UK
1827 - Christen: Maria MCMINN-7562, Kirkcudbright KCD UK
1828 - Christen: John CHARTERS-7088, Aspatria, Cumberland, England
1861 - Birth: William Robert ALLEN (Stevedore) -45538, Scarborough NRY UK
1915 - Birth: Esther Helen PETRICK-45617, Hill City Idaho United States
1925 - Birth: Lucille SMITH-124592, Malad City ID USA
1930 - Birth: Margaret Louise JONES-123156, 
1936 - Miscellaneous: Jane SHANKLIN-41874, 
1964 - Death: Richard Sperit MIDDLETON (Blacksmith in Mine) -112136, Shiremoor NBL UK
1985 - Birth: Mary TEARE-38958, The Times 26 Jun 1985

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