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Family Events from our database for today June 26th

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amily Events
1631 - Christen: Jusith LAWS-34410, Padiham LAN UK
1693 - Marriage: John HEBGIN-55440 and Agnes LAWES-55441, West Acre NFK UK
1754 - Death: Edward LAWES-42182, Coombe Bissett WIL (St Michaels) UK

                                                            Coombe Bissett WIL UK

1774  - Baptism: William M Ryott LAWS (Farmer & Agent 226 Acres 6 men) -116914,    
            Prudhoe NBL UK
1794 - Birth: William LAWS-41973, Gateshead DUR UK
1810 - Marriage: Robert LAWS-5383 and Margaret LAWS-5384, Feltwell NFK UK

                                                            Feltwell NFK UK

1810 - Death: George LAWES-42187, Homington WIL (St Michaels)
1823 - Marriage: Stephen LAWES (Farm Bailiff) -24387 and Elizabeth BARRETT-24388,
           Overton WILUK
1825 - Christen: George LAWS-5693, Folkestone KEN UK

                                                            Folkstone KEN UK

1833 - Birth: Sarah LAWS-44199, Littleport CAM UK

                                                              Littleport CAM UK

1836 - Marriage: Jacob SMITHPETER-42211 and Nancy LAWS-42210, Johnson City,
           Washington Co TN United States
1836 - Marriage: John Milligen LAWS (Navy Captain) -3030 and Mary MATHIAS-3031,
           Lamphrey PEM UK
1840 - Death: Daniel LAWES-42125, Coombe Bissett WIL (St Michaels) UK
1842 - Marriage: George Lesper WRAY (Coal Miner) -9329 and Grace LAWS-9328,
           Warkworth NBL UK
1859 - Christen: John Thomas LAWS (Clerk) -4523, Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK

                                                        Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK

1859 - Baptism: Harry Louis LAWES-1336, Guildford SRY UK

Former 'Royal ArmsTemperence Hotel', Guildford SRY UK (kept by my great-grandmother Mary Ann R E HARDING until her death in 1925)

1863 - Birth: Agnes LAWS-52523, Yankalilla, SA AUSTRALIA
1865 - Occupation: Henry LAWS (Ships Lamp Trimmer) -51779,
1866 - Occupation: Francis J LAWS (Seaman AB) -51798,
1876 - Death: Elizabeth LAWES-38588, Melbourne, VIC AUSTRALIA
1876 - Miscellaneous: Matilda LAWES-1207,
1876 - Will Proved: Thomas LAWES (Cabinet Maker / Snr) -1206,
1880 - Burial: Algernon LAWES (Livery Stable Keeper) -769,
1886 - Birth: Ernyst Graham LAWS (Science Teacher Bsc Oxf MA 1st Hon at BA Oxf) -36739,                    Croydon SRY UK
1893 - Birth: Ida May LAWS-42422,
1898 - Birth: Harold Thomas LAWES-121910, Wandsworth SRY UK
1900 - Birth: Emily Annie Marshall LAWS-30657, Gateshead DUR UK
1911 - Birth: Eric LAWS-115377, Wigton CUL UK
1914 - Marriage: Daniel LAWS-24244 and Emily SMITH-48081, Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA
1917 - Military: Edward LAWS (ARMY Private 032671) -5412, Royal Armourerd Corps
1918 - Miscellaneous: John Bell LAWS (Boots Steward on Ship "Scotian") -8463,

                                                 (courtesy of

1928 - Marriage: Wallace HEARN-117794 and Gladys Lilian LAWS-117793, Sydney NSW                        AUSTRALIA
1928 - Burial: John Julian LAWS (20 hrs old) -40129, East Sheen SRY UK
1937 - Marriage: Calvert Watson WHITEHEAD-124611 and Norma LAWS-118509,
1940 - Residence: Walter George LAWS (Royal Navy C/JX 129599) -124963,
           The Street, Lound SFK UK
1941 - Birth: Judith Ann LAWS-39388, Almeda CA USA
1948 - Birth: David LAWS-40257, Harris Co TX USA
1950 - Miscellaneous: Evelyn May LAWS (Spinster) -116025,
1950 - Miscellaneous: Harold Edwin LAWS  (Photo Engraver ) -36323,
1953 - Death: Albert Robert LAWS (Builders Labourer) -52062, Coventry WAR UK
1954 - Death: Francis Timothy LAWS (Coal Clerk) -3779, Whitstable KEN UK
1963 - Death: Mary Catherine LAWS-3414, Shepparton VIC AUSTRALIA
1966 - Marriage: Maxwell Robert LAWS-3520 and Sylvia Georgina VINCENT-3523,
1967 - Retirement: John Robert LAWS (Accountant Rtd) -7648, Standard Telephones and Cables                  Limited, Oakleigh Road, New Southgate, London  N11 (My late father)
1974 - Death: Jean Learmonth LAWES-35198, St Ives NSW, formerly of Rockhampton, QLD                      AUSTRALIA
1978 - Death: Arthur R LAWS (PFC US Marine Corps) -37897,
1989 - Death: Gertrude Jean LAWS-31834, Christchurch NZ
1990 - Birth: David Robert LAWS-40823, TX
2000 - Death: Claire Emme Rose LAWS-31824, Redfern NSW AUSTRALIA

1823 - Baptism: Elizabeth CHARTERS-34628, Blennerhasset CUL UK
1911 - Death: George SPENCER-118853, Folkestone KEN UK

                                                                Folkestone KEN UK

1911 - Death: Emma SMEDLEY-17573, Guelph ONT CANADA
1950 - Will  Proved: Jane CHEAL-36322, 
1958 - Birth: Lynne1958 - Birth: Lynne WALTERS-52080, Kingston Upon Hull ERY UK
1963 - Birth: Anthony John PARKER-43798, Epsom SRY -52080, Kingston Upon Hull ERY UK
2003 - Burial: Pearl GRIFFITHS-31110, Hatler's Chapel Cemetery, Martin TN United States
2009 - Death: Donald George BROWN-118978, Launcester, Tasmainia AUSTRALIA

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