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We reach out to all, regardless of Race, Colour, Creed or National Origin, with support for researching family and documenting cultural inhertance

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Family Events for today 20th March

1750 - Death: Frederick Louis HANOVER-45418, Leicester House, London
1754 - Baptism: George LAWES-46954, Bower Chalke WIL UK

                                                 St Michaels Bower Chalke WIL UK

1836 - Marriage: William LAWES-2842 and Elizabeth HUNT-2861, Felthorpe NFK UK

                                                      St Margarets, Felthorpe NFK UK

1839 - Birth: William LAWS (Grocer / Innkeeper / Coal Merchant)-7436, Chertsey SRY UK
1852 - Birth: Susan LAWS-54880, City of LONDON UK
1865 - Birth: Ruth LAWS (Spinster) -3808, Sleekburn NBL UK
1873 - Marriage: John LAWES (Farm Bailiff) -700 and Frances Elizabeth DYKE-701,
           Rowde WIL UK
                                                              Rowde WIL UK

1883 - Admon: C LAWS (Spinster) -3228,
1884 - Birth: Rex William LAWS-40995, CA USA
1897 - Birth: Frederick John (Retired Merchant Seaman) (RN J50923) LAWS-36542,
           Aylesham NFK UK
1897 - Death: William LAWS (Gentleman)-9200, Bexhill on Sea SSX UK
1899 - Birth: Edith Laura W LAWS-122789,
1899 - Birth: Charles William Kipling LAWS (Company Director) -54413, Camberwell SRY UK
1900 - Burial: Eveline Annie LAWS-46024, Dutton Park, Brisbane QLD AUSTRALIA
1905 - Miscellaneous: Bertha Marg LAWS-45778,
1913 - Birth: Lucious Cubye Jnr LAWS (Dickey Clay Company) -42271,
           Texarkana, Bowie Co TX USA
1914 - Birth: James Robert LAWS-122048,
1919 - Birth: James Robert LAWS (Master Plumber) -54748, Kings Lynn NFK UK

                             The Old Dock on the River Great Ouse at Kings Lynn NFK UK

1928 - Birth: Rita Dorethy LAWES-118300, Portsmouth HAM UK

                     HMS 'Victory' Nelson's Flagship moored at Portsmouth Naval Dockyard HAM UK

1935 - Marriage: John Edgar LAWS (QX5922 Private in Australian Army)-32343 and
           Catherine Alice BORGER-30134,
1935 - Death: George Henry LAWES (Tobacconist) -2043, Wandsworth SRY UK
1937 - Marriage: Bernard Oswald (Farmer) LAWS-3488 and Doris Lydia GARDNER-3500,                          Shepparton VIC AUSTRALIA
1937 - Birth: Janette Mary LAWES-118589,
1943 - Birth: Peter Francis LAWS-47211, Harlow ESS UK
1945 - Miscellaneous: Mary Ann LAWS (Widow) -122854,
1945 - Miscellaneous: Allen Henry LAWS (Printer Compositor)-29127,
1946 - Death: William H LAWS- (Lt Junior Grade US Navy 0-337347) 120035,
1947 - Burial: Clyde Charlie (Captain US Navy) LAWS-37920, San Bruno CA USA
1949 - Death: Roswell (LAWS) (PVT US Army)-38074,
1951 - Birth: Bob LAWS (Company Director) -46462,
1953 - Death Edwin LAWES (Salvation Army Preacher) -177, Bristol GLS UK
1953 - Birth: Ted Patrick LAWS-40340, TX USA
1954 - Death: William Edward LAWES-124950, St John's, New Brunswick CANADA
1954 - Burial: Cecile LAWS-45534, Mobile AL USA
1961 - Birth: Suzannw Jensen LAWES-167323, Spokane WA USA
1971 - Marriage: Edward Rodney HUNTER-43521 & Victoria Rose LAWS-37720, Wallasey CHS              UK
1975 - Death: Percy Bankston LAWS-31608, Oakland CA USA
1983 - Birth: Karen Maree LAWS-54688, Dubbo NSW AUSTRALIA
1999 - Death: John William LAWS (Dr) (OCBE) (RAM) -61852, Bromley MDX UK
2000 - Death: William Lewis LAWS (US ARMY Technical Sergeant) -123732,
           Burnsville, Yancy Co, NC USA
2015 - Death: John LAWS-167690,
2015 - Will Proved: Harold LAWS-167686, Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK

                                                         Newcastle Upon Tyne NBL UK

1783 - Birth: James MCMINN-43948, Borgue KCB UK
1825 - Birth: Charlotte VINCENT-6740, Feltwell NFK UK

                                                                       Feltwell NFK UK

1845 - Burial: Elizabeth FRAMPTON-3875, Witchampton DOR UK
1854 - Birth: Catherine Elizabeth English JAKEMAN-39081, Clerkenwell MDX UK
1861 - Birth: Charles (Seed Merchant) CAVAYE-120933, Northfield Place, Pierce Hill, S. Leith                     Midlothan, Scotland
1869 - Miscellaneous: Ellen WHITE-7665, 
1891 - Birth: Bertha Algie CRIDER-115399, TN
1914 - Burial: Charles BUTLER-50943, March CAM UK
1927 - Death: John CARR-118266, Greenock RFW UK
1938 - Birth: Anthony John COOPER-53250, Birmingham WAR UK
1944 - Death: EmilMOORE-33136, Ontario CANADA
1965 - Death: Mavis A CLAYTON-35384, Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA

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