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Family Events for today Monday 21 March

1797 - Marriage: James LAWS-124764 and Thankful METCALF-124765, 
1813 - Baptism: Susan LAWS-119490, Ditchingham NFK UK
1813 - Baptism: James LAWES (Carman) -117852, Ditchingham NFK UK
1813 - Baptism: Samuel LAWS (Journeyman Brewer) -48311, Ditchingham NFK UK
1813 - Baptism: John LAWS-30160, Ditchingham NFK UK

                                                         Ditchingham NFK (St Mary's)

1823 - Birth: Harry James LAWES-123800, Portsea HAM UK

                            HMS 'Victory' Nelson's Flagship moored in Portsea Naval Dockyard.

1825 - Marriage: Thomas LAWES (Gentleman) -123801 and Mary Ann BUTLER-123802, 
            Finsbury MDX UK
1841 - Marriage: Samuel BRISTOW (Baker) -49717 and Caroline LAWS (Spinster & Servant)                    49718, Great Yarmouth NFK UK

                                                            Great Yarmouth NFK UK

1875 - Birth: Esther LAWS (Scholar)  6555, St Pancras MDX UK
1875 - Christen: Hannah  LAWS (Scholar)-3317, Chatteris CAM UK

                                                             Chatteris CAM UK

1882 - Miscellaneous: Adelaide LAWS-38318, 
1884 - Death: Frederick William LAWS (Fish Buyer) -29957, Stranraer WIG UK
1886 - Christen: Walter Harry LAWS-2871, Felthorpe NFK UK

                                                        Felthorpe NFK UK (St Mary's)

1887 - Birth: Mayme LAWS-48685, Crown Point, Lake Co IN USA
1888 - Death: Anthony LAWS (Engine Plane Man) -4946, Winlaton DUR UK
1892 - Birth: Edward Herman LAWS-39429, Cincinnati OH USA
1892 - Birth: James T LAWS (PVT US Army) -38004, 
1893 - Birth: Albert LAWS-115297, 
1895 - Marriage: ??? AUTRY (Commodore) -49223 and Sarah LAWS-49222, Yancy Co NC USA
1899 - Birth: Jessie Charlotte LAWS-30082, Brisbane QLD AUSTRALIA
1901 - Birth: Thomas LAWS-121582, 
1907 - Marriage: Franklin John PERRIN-38767 and Martha Alberta LAWS-38766
1907 - Death: Charles Frank LAWS (Carter / Gentleman) -8147,  Great Yarmouth NFK UK
1909 - Marriage: Alfred George LAWS (Free Public Library Assistant) -36103 and 
           Elsie HOCKINGS-116026, Devonport DEV UK
1911 - Enlistment: George LAWS (ARMY Private 1245) -94610, 
1917 - Death: Randloph Blair LAWES (Waiter in Merchant Navy) -45017, 
1918 - Death: George Burgess LAWS (ARMY Private 47165 ) -5405, Bapaume/Arras 
           Nord FRANCE
1921 - Birth: Patrick Francis Joseph LAWS-52337, Timaru NZ
1923 - Will Proved: Thomas Roche LAWS (RC Reverend) (Widower) became a priest after he was                widowed -8050, 
1925 - Departure: Albert Leslie LAWES (Shipping Agent) -51756, Southampton HAM UK
1925 - Death: Sarah Ann LAWS (Spinster) -8600, Plymouth DEV UK

                                                         Plymouth Hoe DEV UK
                       (My Grt Grandmother kept a hotel just yards from this veiw) -WOW!

1931 - Birth: Margaret Rose LAWS-117752, Barnet HRT UK
1936 - Death: Alan James LAWS-57971, Beeston NFK UK

                                                                Beeston NFK UK
                                          (Part of our extended family live at Home Farm)

1938 - Death: Frederick LAWS (Bootmakers Assistant) -36902, Hove SSX UK
1940 - Birth: Trevor Francis LAWS-50621, 
1940 - Death Edwin Frederick Horace LAWES (Tramcar Bodymaker) -1700, Birmingham WAR UK
1941 - Admon: William LAWS-117415, 
1942 - Death: Percy  LAWES- (RN Stoker 1st Class P/KX 96859) 45014, ML-129
1945 - Death: Nancy Ann LAWS 41247, 
1947 - Death: William LAWES (General Labourer) -116486, Slough BKM UK
1952 - Death: Cuthbert Reaveley LAWS-57972, Sheffield WRY Residence:Chesterfield DBY UK
1955 - Birth: David LAWS-120175, 
1955 - Birth: Michael Rodney LAWS-3441, 
1957 - Birth: Leonard Sidney LAWS-54686, Binnaway NSW AUSTRALIA
1964 - Marriage: Peter John LAWES (Chartered Engineer) -1297 and Doris M JEFFELS 
           (Dental Nurse) -1298, Guisborough NRY UK
1965 - Birth: Alan Craig LAWS-37614, Liverpool, Queens County, Nova Scotia CANADA
1965 - Death: George Cecil LAWES-300, Chatteris CAM UK

                                                               Chatteris CAM UK

1971 - Birth: Karen Ruth LAWS-43355, Basford NTT UK
1981 - Birth: Christy Renee LAWS-124690, 
1981 - Birth: Christy LAWS-123346, 
1982 - Birth: Dale LAWS-42103, 
1982 - Birth: Dallas Elayne LAWS-40690, TX USA
1988 - Burial: Glenn E LAWS (PFC US Army)37964, Williamette Natl Cemetery, Portland OR USA
1993 - Miscellaneous: Ann Elizabeth (Hand Loom Silk Weaver) LAWS-7323, 

1993 - Miscellaneous: John (Porter in Silk Warehouse) LAWS-7321, 
1993 - Miscellaneous: Sophia LAWS-4414, 

1826 - Will Proved: John Law MCCLELLAN  (RN Surgeon) -34442, 
1882 - Death: Annie Ruth CATCHESIDE-6217, North Farm, Houghton NBL UK
1931 - Burial: Alice DACRE-46585, Stanley cun Wrenthorpe WRY UK
1939 - Death: John Milton RICHARDSON-31193, Cleveland UT USA
1993 - Miscellaneous: James GODFREY-7326, 
1993 - Miscellaneous: Charles BUSTIN-7325, 
1993 - Miscellaneous: George Holt HUMPHREYS-7324, 
1993 - Miscellaneous: Sophia WILSON-7322, 
2001 - Burial: Mayabelle Rosabelle DEVLIN-117090, Kingston ONT CANADA
2004 - Death: Rachel Mary SALAZAR-34538, Price UT USA

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