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LFR 26 March 2015 Number 826

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We reach out to all, regardless of Race, Colour, Creed or National Origin, with support for researching family and documenting cultural inhertance

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Family Events today
1707 - Christen: Grace LAWS-7110, Norwich NFK UK

                                                          Norwich Cathedral NFK UK

1731 - Death: Edward LAWES-42189, Coombe Bissett WIL UK

                                                             Coombe Bissett WILT UK

1809 - Baptism: Elizabeth LAWS-4223, Shoreditch MDX UK
1832 - Baptism: Charlotte Jane LAWS-4826, Shoreditch MDX UK
1839 - Baptism: Samuel LAWS (Labourer) -6961, Hellington NFK UK
1868 - Admon: Edward Robert LAWS-8829,
1877 - Marriage: George LAWS (Iron Puddler) -4235 and Harriet PALMER-4236,
           Monkwearmouth DUR UK
1888 - Birth: William Henry LAWES (Railroad Surveyor & Miner) -48842,
           Cowra NSW AUSTRALIA
1889 - Burial: John R LAWS (Physician)-124867, Sussex County, Delaware, USA
1900 - Birth: William Henry Blundell LAWES (RN SS120152/J47856) -47675, Twyford HAM
1909 - Birth: Stanley Norman LAWES-55479, Forest Gate ESS UK
1912 - Birth: Amy Violet LAWS-118602,
1916 - Birth: Alan LAWS-118617,
1916 - Birth: Robert Alan LAWS- (RNVR) 96810, Luton BDF UK
1918 - Birth: Albert Ernest LAWS (Aust Army) -32300, Newtown
1919 - Death: Frederick LAWS (ARMY Private 30228) -54425,
1920 - Birth: William Ephraim LAWS-118753,
1925 - Death: Delia Ann LAWS-29644,
1926 - Birth: Frank LAWS-34878, Swain Co NC USA
1928 - Death: Sarah Ann LAWES-2445, Gateshead DUR UK
1929 - Birth: Leslie Edward LAWS-43858,
1937 - Residence: Eric Godfrey LAWES-32057, Southampton HAM UK
1949 - Birth: Ian LAWS-43926, Parramatta NSW AUSTRALIA
1950 - Death: George Charles (Process Photographer) LAWS-4179, Bexley Heath KEN UK
1951 - Marriage: Colin Rex EVANS-9 and Margaret Eleanor LAWES-8, Isle of Wight
1951 - Birth: Trevor Raymond LAWS-52078, Kingston Upon Hull ERY UK
1955 - Marriage: Robert Stanley GREEN-3547 and Verna Alma (Clerk) LAWS-3499,
           Wesley Church, Shepparton VIC AUSTRALIA
1956 - Birth: William Roger LAWS-45208, Maracaibo, Venezuela
1959 - Death: Edward LAWS-124832, Upwell NFK
1961 - Burial: Ola LAWS-124706, Green Mountain NC USA
1961 - Birth: Malcolm Roy LAWS-55755, Montrose ANS UK
1962 - Death: Sidney Stephen LAWES-124222, Basingstoke HAM UK
1965 - Death: Edgar James LAWES-58019, Ferring SSX UK
1967 - Death: Dorethy May LAWS-41044,
1991 - Death: Charles Benjamin LAWES-30046, Newmarket SFK
2003 - Death: Arthur Granville LAWS (Social Worker) -117186, London Middlesex Co ONT                        CANADA

1853 - Burial: Jane CHARTERS-44073, Torpenhow CUL
1952 - Burial: Fred DACRE-46593, Stanley cun Wrenthorpe WRY UK
1953 - Birth: Gail Margaret (Nursing Assistant) GAMBLE-34104, Basford NTT UK
1955 - Marriage: Jack BRANSON-38324 and Avis TAYLOR-38323,
2004 - Burial: Rachel Mary SALAZAR-34538, Price City Cemetery

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