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LFR 29 March 2015 - Number 829

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We reach out to all, regardless of Race, Colour, Creed or National Origin, with support for researching family and documenting cultural inhertance

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Family Events for today 29th March

1730 - Marriage: Edward LAWES-1644 and Xyian HUBBERT-1645, Norwich NFK UK

                                                    Elm Hill, Norwich NFK UK

1751 - Christen: George LAWES-331, Martin WIL UK
1770 - Baptism: William LAWES-122180, Tilshead WIL UK
1808 - Baptism: Robert LAWES-2864, Felthorpe NFK UK

                                                               Felthorpe NFK UK

1817 - Birth: Samuel LAWS (Innkeeper) -7940, Ditchingham NFK UK

                                                           Ditchingham NFK UK

1817 - Birth: Samuel LAWS (Iron Founderyman) -5406, Ditchingham NFK UK
1825 - Marriage: Richard POOR-8551 and Elizabeth LAWS-8550, London MDX (St GHS)
1850 - Death: Hannah LAWS-5409, Ditchingham NFK UK
1857 - Baptism: Mary Jane LAWES-43262, Coombe Bissett WIL UK

                                                     Coombe Bissett WIL UK

1859 - Will  Dated: John Milligen LAWS (Navy Rear Admiral) -3030,
1861 - Burial: Hugh Willoughby LAWS-116948, Ovingham or Ovington  DUR UK
1872 - Birth: Junius Eugene LAWS-41019, KS USA
1880 - Birth: Ida LAWS-124321, Jersey City Heights NJ USA
1883 - Marriage: Benjamin Taylor LAWS-7113 and Della O BANKSTON-7116,
           Carroll Co TN USA
1884 - Death: William Gordon LAWS-117033, Prudhoe NBL UK
1884 - Death: George LAWS (Coal Miner) -47355, Westoe DUR UK
1896 - Death: Beatrice Maud LAWS-48788, Cowra NSW AUSTRALIA
1902 - Birth: Vera Amy LAWS-3496,
1904 - Birth: Harry Augustus LAWES-123793, Wallsend NBL UK

                                                    Wallsend NBL UK (The Roman Fort)

1906 - Birth: Phillip Saxelby LAWS-33451,
1915 - Military: J W LAWS (Army Captain) -41129,
1915 - Will Proved: Georgiana LAWES (Spinster) -397,
1918 - Death: Ernest Alexander LAWES (Army Private 9710) -44979,
1927 - Death: David R LAWS-49198, NC USA
1928 - Death: Dudley G LAWS-41476, Boone Co KY USA
1939 - Miscellaneous: Frank James LAWES (Artist & Designer) -37010,
1939 - Miscellaneous: Edgar James LAWES (Lithographer) -59864,
1940 - Miscellaneous: Charles Cecil  LAWES (Farm Manager)-24406,
1943 - Immigration: Hugh Douglas Willoughby LAWS (Merchant Navy) -38660,
           New York NY USA
1943 - Miscellaneous: Frederick LAWS (Tutot) -122924,
1943 - Will  Dated: Henry Donald LAWS (Joiner) -3171,
1945 - Military: George Edward James LAWS (ARMY Sgt  2593116 ) -51907,
1966 - Death: Fred LAWS PFC US Army) -37954,
1969 - Death: Bertha N LAWS-41450, Jefferson Co KY USA
2003 - Death: George LAWS-35221, Toukley, formerly of Leumeah NSW AUSTRALIA
2005 - Death: Hazel Mildred LAWS-122256, Mounds, Pulaski, IL USA
2005 - Burial: Thomas LAWS-57233, Rippleside Cemetery, Ripple Road, Barking ESS UK
2005 - Death: William L LAWS-42571, Orlando FL USA
2014 - Death: Albert Wayne LAWS-124895, Spartanburg SC USA

We have excluded possible living folk from this blog

1749 - Birth: Thomasin WHEATLEY-117009, Lanchester DUR UK
1799 - Death: Susan WIFFAM-5798, Feltwell NFK UK
1893 - Birth: Frances DAVIES-44242, 
1917 - Death: William Frederick CLEGG (Clockmaker) -7565, Manchester LAN UK
1950 - Death: Jane CHEAL-36322, Bexley Heath KEN UK
1963 - Death: Mary Belle LUNSFORD-31088, 
1975 - Death: Doris ELLICK-35405, Erskineville NSW AUSTRALIA
1975 - Death: Norah Daphne QUIGLEY-35240, Erskineville NSW AUSTRALIA
1997 - Death: Kathleen Lutrelle DESENIS-115432, Aurora IN USA

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