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We reach out to all, regardless of Race, Colour, Creed or National Origin, with support for researching family and documenting cultural inhertance

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Family Events for today 27th March

1739 - Marriage: John LAWS-34252 and Agnes ALEXANDER-34253,
1791 - Baptism: John LAWS-28974, Hevingham NFK UK
1797 - Burial: John LAWS-41596, Beckenham KEN UK
1823 - Marriage: John LAWS-4160 and Sarah COOKE-4164, Portsea HAM UK

1831 - Christen: Samuel LAWS (Passengers Butcher on Ship) -7580, Chertsey SRY UK
1832 - Marriage: Henry Rutter STURT (Bricklayer) -33780 and Harriett LAWS-33781,
           Brighton SSX UK

1848 - Burial: May LAWES-56112, Hellington NFK UK
1853 - Birth: Jonah LAWS (Bers'n Finnisher (Brass) -6908, Gateshead DUR UK
1863 - Occupation: Thomas Francis Cresswell LAWS (Ships Steward) -57936,
           Melbourne to Sydney Australia
1865 - Birth: Eliza LAWS-41886, Newington SRY UK
1869 - Birth: Guy Featherstone LAWS (Boarder & Scholar) -3207, Tynemouth NBL UK
1872 - Death: William Arundel LAWES (Mechanic) -2401, Swindon WIL UK
1875 - Marriage: Robert LAWES (Mechanical Engineer) -104 and Mary Anne ARNOLD-105,                      Tongham, Surrey, England, UK
1883 - Marriage: Arthur James LAWS (Retired Engineer) -33532 and Martha ALLPRESS-1361,                  Chatteris CAM UK

1887 - Marriage: James KESLERS-38254 and Emily Jane LAWES-33920, Booton NFK UK

1897 - Birth: Harriett May LAWS-115301,
1897 - Birth: Charles Bailey LAWS-41195,
1901 - Birth: William LAWS-45659, Morgan Valley, Iowa USA
1906 - Birth: Cyril Francis LAWS-3988, Cowper NSW AUSTRALIA
1908 - Birth: Austen McOlvin LAWS-125351,
1909 - Birth: Wilfred LAWS-118545,
1913 - Death: Robert William LAWS (Innkeeper) -3851, Hunstanton NFK UK
1917 - Burial: Mary LAWES-115489, Freshwater IOW UK
1918 - Death: Alfred LAWES (ARMY Private 32345) -44900,
1918 - Admon: Mathias Robert Seppings LAWS (Army Officer) -8841,
1919 - Birth: Robert W LAWS-52519,
1919 - Death: Elizabeth Ann LAWS (Spinster) -8509, East Dulwich SRY UK
1925 - Arrival: Albert Leslie  LAWES (Shipping Agent)-51756, New York NY USA
1927 - Death: Ida Sarah LAWS-123288, Charleston MS USA
1929 - Marriage: Donald Ernest LAWS-38762 and Lillian Jean BROWN-38763, Vancover BC                      CANADA
1933 - Birth: David LAWS-30118,
1940 - Miscellaneous: Frederick William LAWES (Steel Erector) -122886,
1940 - Admon: Frederick Joseph LAWES-53869,
1944 - Birth: John LAWS-43531, Kimberworth DUR UK
1945 - Birth: Gillian Kathryn LAWS-43810, Atherton QLD AUSTRALIA
1952 - Residence: Alfred Edwin LAWES (Engineer - Well Fitter) -120413, Littlehampton SSX UK
           Death Godalming SRY UK
1959 - Death: Cynthia LAWS-48507, St John, Lake IN USA
1960 - Birth: Colin LAWS-167843,
1960 - Marriage: Peter George LAWS (RAAF) -32358 and Ann DONALDSON-30113,
1969 - Birth: Samantha Jane LAWS-118577,
1971 - Marriage: Barrie Charles LAWS-3447 and Janice Patricia DIXON-3456,
1973 - Birth: Brett Cameron LAWS-3457,
1978 - Birth: Charles William Levi LAWS-40631, TX USA
1982 - Marriage: Robert SMITH-46062 and Elizabeth Ann LAWS-46061, Maffra, VIC Australia
           St Mary's RC)
1984 - Birth: Bryan O'Neil LAWS-40726, TX USA
2004 - Death: Mary Ida LAWS-35283, Islington NSW AUSTRAKIA
2006 - Death: Cecil Harold LAWES (RAAF) -90282, Guildford NSW AUSTRALIA

1886 - Birth: Frank BRADY-55274, Wylam NBL UK
1913 - Birth: Wanda HURST-49408, Ogden, Weber Co. UT USA
1918 - Miscellaneous: Aurelie Emilie S BONARME-9179,
1944 - Burial: John William JENNINGS (Pit Labourer Underground) -43517, Stanley cun                            Wrenthorpe WRY UK
1985 - Death: Freida HOLMFRIDUR-125536, Winnipeg SK CANADA
2003 - Burial: Doris Lydia GARDNER-3500, Shepparton VIC (Pine Lodge Cemetery
           (Banksia Lea Site no 187 )

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