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LFR 23 March 2016 - Number 823

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Family Events for today 23 March

1722 - Miscellaneous: William LAWS-45984, 
1777 - Birth: Cassandra LAWES-1331, Coombe Bissett WIL UK

                                                          Coombe Bisset Wiltshire UK

1800 - Death: Simon LAWS-48535, Brinton NFK UK
1802 - Christen: Henry LAWS-8627, Gosport HAM UK
1808 - Death: John LAWS-30039, Norwich NFK UK
                                                      The Cathedral, Norwich NFK UK

1818 - Death: Edward LAWES-38271, Chippenham WIL UK
1824 - Birth: Samuel Spahr LAWS (Reverend DD) -4688, Ohio, Fulton MO USA
1833 - Baptism: Jane LAWS-55390, Copdock SFK UK
1838 - Birth: Sarah LAWS-52196, Norwich NFK UK

                                                      Elm Hill, Norwich NFK UK

1838 - Birth: Anna Margaret LAWS-5996, Walworth SRY UK
1839 - Birth: Samuel LAWS (Labourer) -6961, Hellington NFK UK
1841 - Baptism: Mary Ann LAWS-9234, Norwich NFK UK

                                                   Norwich (St Peter Mancroft) NFK UK

1852 - Baptism: Elizabeth LAWES-42230, 
1861 - Marriage: Solomon LAWES (Ag Lab) -803 and Harriett LANE-16306, Coombe Bissett WIL            UK

                                           Coombe Bissett (St Michael all Angels) WIL UK

1862 - Marriage: Robert LAWS (Shepherd) -6501 and Sarah HOWARD-6502, Litcham NFK UK

                                                                Litchasm NFK UK

1866 - Birth: Frederick Charles LAWES (Commercial Traveller) -27566, Newcastle upon Tyne NBL            UK

                                                       Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK

1884 - Burial: John LAWS-123779, Rosario ARGENTINA
1885 - Birth: Mary Abby LAWS-34192, Johnson, Kane Co. UT USA

                                                                  Johnson UT USA

1887 - Death: Barbara LAWS-46625, Dunston NBL UK
1888 - Birth: Annie Maria LAWES-749, Ryde IOW UK
1889 - Death: John R LAWS (Physician) -124867, Philadelphia PA USA
1890 - Birth: Emily Martha LAWS-34904, 
1891 - Death: Cuthbert Reavley LAWS (Railway Locomotive Driver) -5566, Doncaster WRY UK
1892 - Birth: Herbert Henry LAWES (Chauffeur) -167430, Bournmouth HAN UK

                                                        Bournmouth HAM UK

1893 - Birth: Rose Ellen LAWS-36349, Wolferton NFK UK
1895 - Death: Luke (Ag Lab) LAWES-938, Coombe Bissett WIL UK
1896 - Birth: Benjamin George LAWS  ARMY) -54410, 
1896 - Birth: Maurice Edward Seymour LAWS-38526, South Stoneham HAM UK
1898 - Will Proved: George Henry LAWS (Carpenter) -3935, 
1900 - Birth: Alfred Harry LAWS (RN J45269) -47627, Finchley MDX UK
1902 - Birth: Leslie William LAWES-116475, Reading BRK UK
1904 - Marriage: William Sampson LAWS (Farmer) -3412 and Helen DOW-3486, 
           Shepparton VIC (Methodist Parsonage) Australia
1905 - Death: Edward LAWS (Railway Superintendent) -4004, Whitby NRY UK

                                                              Whitby NRY UK

1906 - Emigration: Ellen Ann LAWES (Scholar) -24218, 
1913 - Miscellaneous: H Langdon LAWS (Merchant) -45834, 
1915 - Enlistment: Benjamin George LAWS (ARMY)-54410, 
1918 - Death: Richard LAWS (ARMY Private 201474)-45126, 
1922 - Miscellaneous: Albert LAWS (Fireman on RMS Homeric) -45762, Ellis Island NY NY USA

                                                                         RMS Homeric

1922 - Miscellaneous: Cuthbert George LAWS (Barrister) -3227, 
1923 - Birth: Colbey Thaxton LAWS-167394, 
1923 - Marriage: John BECKWITH-56541 and Madgie Mattie LAWS-56540, Wake NC USA
1923 - Birth: Douglas Stanley LAWS-30829, Ongar ESS UK
1923 - Birth: Bruce Newlands LAWS-26409, NZ
1930 - Death: Albert Gidean LAWS-115442, Coffuer IL USA
1938 - Death: Paul LAWS (Infant) -7586, 
1939 - Death: William Richardson LAWS (Bill Distrubutor) -58142, Waterloo LAN UK
1945 - Miscellaneous: Herbert J LAWES (Innkeeper & Grocers Assistant) -117101, 
1945 - Admon: John Warren LAWES (Publican) -1769, 
1947 - Residence: Walter LAWS-36084, Chatteris CAM UK

                                                              Chatteris CAM UK

1947 - Death: Walter LAWS-36084, Doddington CAM UK
1952 - Residence: Catherine Amelia LAWS (Spinster) -122878, Epsom SRY Death Coulsdon SRY                UK
1953 - Birth: Desmond Wayne LAWES-121013, Bridgend GLA UK
1957 - Marriage: Thomas LAWS (Engineer) -9310 and Anne Christine HETHERINGTON-50978,              Withington LAN UK
1959 - Admon: William G LAWES (Welder) -53315, 
1962 - Burial: Dudley LAWS-37763, Sydney NSW UK
1967 - Marriage: Barry SMITH-54997 and Kathleen Yvonne Eileen LAWS Chef) -54995,                            Kensington MDX UK
1970 - Marriage: William W LAWS-114960 and Penny L MCINTYRE-114961, Las Vegas NV USA
1972 - Death: Ernest Lindsey LAWS (Tobacco Grower) -3494, Shepparton VIC AUSTRALIA
1987 - Birth: Andrew Robert LAWS-121092, Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK

                                                 Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK

1988 - Birth: Olive Penny LAWS-43816, Cairns QLD AUSTRALIA
1989 - Death: Reginald Lucas LAWS-46001, South Shields DUR UK
2003 - Death: Marjorie LAWS (Accountant with CKCW) -31052, K.E. Spencer Memorial Home,                  Monkton NB CANADA

2006 - Miscellaneous: Christopher Peter LAWS (Bankrupt Tree surgeon/Gardener) -58123, 

1812 - Birth: Mary PECOVER-202, Reading BRK UK
1858 - Marriage: Thomas KING-30898 and Hannah  LAW DARLOW-10076, 
1863 - Birth: Margaret Malinda SILVERS-49195, NC USA
1874 - Birth: Ann Christian MAIR (Scholar) -29500, Dublin IRELAND
1906 - Death: Louisa WHITE-8660, Acton MDX UK
1914 - Birth: Dora Louise WARWICK-125339, St Pancras MDX UK
1922 - Birth: Edna RICHARDSON (Cleaner/Barmaid) -53921, Murton DUR UK
1929 - Birth: Celia TURLAND-53944, Fulham MDX UK
1942 - Residence: Ada  Louise HARVEY-57998, Brentry GLS Death at Clifton GLS UK
1943 - Birth: Frank WILLIS-115550, Seaham Harbour DUR UK
1959 - Miscellaneous: Edith Alice  SPOARD (Servant)-53316, 
1962 - Birth: Sandra Jane NEASMITH-45372, Canberra ACT AUSTRALIA

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