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LFR 28 March 2016 - Number 828

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Family Events for today 28th March
1597 - Marriage: Lawrence WEBSTER-1914 and Elizabeth LAWES-1915, North Elmham NFK, 
1732 - Will Proved: Cuthbert LAWS(HMS "Greyhound"1732 ) -87785, MDX (St Clement Danes) 
1808 - Baptism: Georgina LAWS-43096, Lavenham SFK UK

Lavernham SFK UK
1837 - Will Proved: Christopher LAWS (Master Mariner of Frigate "Pollock") -97222,                                     Monkwearmouth DUR UK
1861 - Death: Hugh Willoughby LAWS-116948, Prudhoe NBL UK

Prudhoe Castle NBL UK

1862 - Death: Mary LAWS (Widow) -6937, Brighton SSX UK

Brighton SSX UK

1865 - Marriage: James LAWS (Shoemaker) -104679 and Mary Ann L WESTON (Fur Cutter)                      -104680, Norwich NFK UK

The Cathedral, Norwich NFK UK 

1867 - Burial: Ann LAWES-46838, Bower Chalke WIL UK

St Michaels at Bower Chalke WIL UK

1867 - Birth: Joseph William LAWS-34267, Mercer MO USA
1869 - Death: George LAWS (Farmer & Land Surveyor & Gentleman) -3199, Dumphries DFS UK
1872 - Birth: Hiram LAWS-29789, Carroll Co TN USA
1874 - Burial: Maud  LAWS (8 mths old)-51829, 
1875 - Death: James LAWS (Sailmaker) -6704, Great Yarmouth NFK UK

Great Yarmouth NFK UK

1884 - Death: Daniel LAWES-2120, USA
1901 - Marriage: Thomas Henry TATUM-167514 and Edna LAWS-167513, Ohio Co KY USA
1902 - Birth: Alfred LAWES-53871, Headley HAM UK
1905 - Birth: Roy Allen LAWS-55316, Ravens Mountain AZ USA
1905 - Birth: Carl Everett LAWS-47305, OH USA
1905 - Death: George Mortimer LAWS-32000, 
1906 - Birth: Dorethy Hope LAWS-52120, 
1909 - Death: Edward LAWS (Farriers Assistant) -8352, 
1910 - Marriage: W I SHEFFIELD-45537 and Frances E LAWS-45536, 
1911 - Marriage: Earl Grant LAWS-31730 and Ella Florence LADUSAW-56605, 
           Loveland, Larimer CO USA
1915 - Birth: Walter Edward F LAWS-124543, 
1916 - Birth: Eric Victor LAWS (Driver Salesman) -121073, 
1917 - Marriage: William Clair LAWS-115136 and Christina Wood WOODALL-115137, 
           Lincoln Co, ONT CANADA
1921 - Residence: John LAWES (Shop Assistant) -124359, Brighton SSX UK
1921 - Marriage: John LAWES (Shop Assistant) -124359 and Gertrude Ethel LIGHT 
           (Cashier) -124360, Stoke nect Guildford SRY UK
1923 - Death: William Temperly LAWS (Mercantile Clerk) -7793, Ponteland NBL UK
1924 - Birth: Stanley Thomas LAWS-122794, 
1925 - Death: Louisa E LAWS-124810, 
1925 - Arrival: Albert Leslie LAWES- (Shipping Agent) 51756, Lacolle Juction QUEBEC
1928 - Birth: Mildred Pauline LAWS-123845, Bethany Tns NC USA
1930 - Birth: Eric John LAWS-119693, 
1941 - Death: George Godfrey Stone LAWS (RAFVR Sergeant 745649 501-151 Sqdn) -45075, KIA
1942 - Birth: Anne LAWS (Company Director) -46488, 
1944 - Will  Dated: Edmund Williamson  LAWES (Assistant Surveyor of Taxes)-56409, 
1959 - Marriage: Charles Edward LAWS (Academic administrator) -36052 and Carol Ann                              JOHNSON-36055, 
1965 - Death: Christopher James  LAWS (Cat Food man)-116365, Ramsgate KEN UK

Ramsgate KEN UK

1984 - Cremation: William Charles LAWS-115486, 
1986 - Burial: William Charles LAWS-115486, Ryde IOW UK
1990 - Death: Shirley June LAWS-35251, Seven Hills NSW AUSTRALIA

1778 - Birth: John GREENER-41869, Ryton DUR UK
1878 - Marriage: James HILL (Locomotive Driver) -55721 and Alice Mary Jane LOFTUS-9246,                   Rockhampton QLD AUSTRALIA (Methodist)
1881 - Death: Mary HART-34170, Johnson, Kane Co. UT USA

1885 - Birth: Edith Rosanna H SMITH-42234, Ashfield, NSW AUSTRALIA
1906 - Birth: Dorethy ANDERSON-3518, 
1910 - Burial: Lily CORNISH-46582, Stanley cun Wrenthorpe WRY UK
1921 - Residence: Gertrude Ethel LIGHT- (Cashier) 124360, Guildford SRY UK
1938 - Birth: Grania Joan MURRAY-124488, 
1941 - Birth: David John BLOODWORTH-54012, Leicester LEI UK
1966 - Miscellaneous: Ruth E JACOBS-58598, 
1980 - Death: Jean Marie BIGOURDAN-55491, Winnipeg SK CANADA

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