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Family Events for today 22 March 2016

1701 - Birth: Phoebe LAWS-47285, Mildenhall SFK UK
1759 - Christen: James LAWES-2147, Portsmouth HAM UK

                                HMS 'Victory' Nelsons Flagship in Portsmouth Naval Dockyard

1776 - Marriage: James LAWS-6860 and Mary FINDLOW-6861, St.Marylebone MDX
1789 - Christen: Susannah LAWS-3011, St. Paul Deptford KEN
1815 - Marriage: George OSBORNE-57802 and Mary LAWS-57801, St Pancras MDX UK
1815 - Miscellaneous: Mary LAWS-57801, 
1816 - Marriage: Valentine LAWS (Vermin Killer/Widower) -5977 and Sarah SAVORY-41931,                    Beetley NFK UK
1830 - Birth: Sarah LAWS (Servant) -3053, Welches Dam CAM UK

                                           Welches Dam, CAM in the Middlw of the fens

1833 - Death: ??? (Mrs) LAWS-38274, Melksham WIL UK
1840 - Birth: Robert Palmer LAWS-41170, Costessey NFK UK

                                               The Round Cottage Nr Costessey NFK UK

1846 - Marriage: George LAWS-6369 and Sarah EAGLES-6370, Feltwell NFK UK
1858 - Marriage: William Durrant LAWS (Master Mariner )widower & Disabled by 1861) -8457 and             Mary Ann AYERS-125142, Great Yarmouth NFK UK

                                                       Great Yarmouth NFK UK

1874 - Marriage: John GRIGGS-52179 and Rachel LAWS-35581, Littleport CAM UK

                                                         Littleport CAM UK

1883 - Marriage: William Edwin Ralph  LAWES (Boat Builder)-2452 and Florence Adelaide                        PRYOR-2793, Southampton HAM UK
1884 - Death: John LAWS-123779, Buenos Aires ARGENTINA
1886 - Birth: Emily Matilda LAWES-45416, Launcester, Tasmainia AUSTRALIA
1889 - Birth: Robert Edward LAWS-41556, Johnson, Kane Co. UT USA

                                                                     Johnson UT USA

1896 - Birth: Walter Gordon LAWES (Australian Army)-32406, Gawler Sth Aust AUSTRALIA
1900 - Birth: Enid Katherine Field LAWS-36095, Great Abington CAM UK
1900 - Death: Albert LAWS (Grocer) -4485, Bishops Stortford HRT UK
1900 - Death: Mary Ann LAWES(Widow) 2775, Kennington SRY UK
1901 - Death: Robert LAWS (Railway Goods Clerk) -4241, Kroonstad, Orange Freestate, RSA
1903 - Birth: Clyde LAWS-38754, 
1910 - Burial: John Robert LAWS (Builder Bricklayer) -6904, Wareham DOR UK

                                                         Wareham DOR UK

1919 - Marriage: Claude HOLCOMB-37672 and Norah Lee LAWS-37671, 
1921 - Miscellaneous: Margaret LAWS-9185, 
1923 - Miscellaneous: Alfred  LAWES (Steward & Cook on Ship)-45869, 
1924 - Birth: George Herbert J LAWS-123466, Howden ERY UK
1932 - Miscellaneous: Fred Victor LAWS (Tailor) -7487, 
1934 - Will  Dated: Ellen Mary LAWS (Widow) -9015, Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK

                                                        Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK

1939 - Birth: Barbara Joan LAWS (Company Director) -46468, 
1941 - Marriage: Gordon Charles  LAWS (RAAF)-3427 and Dorethy Lilian WILLIAMS-3446, 
1943 - Death: Reginald James LAWES (ARMY Gunner 993875) -45018, 
1949 - Residence: Frederick Charles LAWES-125442, Cricklewood MDX Death:Paddington MDX
1950 - Death: Charles C LAWS-48513, USA
1951 - Death: Frank John LAWS (Stationer) -120847, Whinchmore Hill MDX UK
1953 - Birth: Terence LAWS-52105, Kingston Upon Hull ERY UK

                                                  Kingston upon Hull ERY UK

1954 - Birth: David Ross LAWS-3461, 
1958 - Birth: Valery LAWS-55157, Port Macquare NSW AUSTRALIA
1961 - Admon: John William LAWES-124236, 
1962 - Death: Dudley LAWS-37763, Paddington NSW Australia
1963 - Burial: Eugene LAWS- (SFC US Army) 37947, Sandston VA USA
1963 - Death: Samuel Charles LAWS (University Principal OBE ) -4032, Bedmond HRT UK
1965 - Residence: Reginald William LAWES (Farmer) -2423, Bere Regis DOR Death  Dorchester                DOR UK
1977 - Birth: Matthew James LAWS (Banker) -7842, Bishops Stortford HRT UK
1982 - Birth: Sarah LAWES-56831, Liverpool LAN UK
1982 - Birth: Lindsay Kay LAWS-40691, TX USA
1987 - Death: Frank George LAWS-117327, 
2001 - Cremation: Elizabeth Mary LAWS-53559, Kent & Sussex Crematorium
2006 - Burial: Stanley Lee LAWS-45245, McCurry Cemetery, Barns Road Jacks creek Road NC                    USA
2008 - Death: Robert Gilman LAWS-122545, Scarborough MN USA

1819 - Birth: Harriet WALLER-29636, 
1834 - Birth: Henry OMER-48100, St Marylebone MDX UK
1857 - Birth: Susannah Elizabeth CARR-3847, Swannington NFK (St Margarets) UK

                                                           Swanninghton NFK UK

1933 - Death: Nathaniel Hatch SKILES-56927, Belmont Co OH USA
1944 - Birth: Wanda Faye WILSON-167440, Camden TN USA
1959 - Death: Robert Charles BODIE-11961, Vancover BC CANADA
1960 - Death: Ada Louisa BENNETT-96276, Weston Super Mare SOM UK

Weston Super Mare SOM UK

1980 - Marriage: Linda Carol REEVES-9918, Garlinge KEN UK
2007 - Death: Loretta Edith BRIGHT-50613, Leon IA USA

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