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We reach out to all, regardless of Race, Colour, Creed or National Origin, with support for researching family and documenting cultural inhertance

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Family Events for today31th March We have excluded living people to protect their Privacy

1716 - Christen: Henry LAWS-34413, Padiham LAN UK
1817 - Miscellaneous: John LAWES (Labourer) -38273, 
1822 - Burial: Thomas LAWS-31973, Portsea HAM UK
1825 - Birth: George LAWS (RN 48648 A B Pensioner) -8135, Portsea HAM UK

                             HMS 'Victory' Nelsons Flagship moored in Portsea Naval Dockyard

1829 - Baptism: William LAWES (Ag Lab) -170, Ellingham HAM UK
1839 - Baptism: Mary LAWS-3151, Wareham DOR UK

                                                            Wareham DOR UK

1857 - Burial: James Thomas LAWS-51822, Stoke Newington MDX UK
1861 - Burial: James LAWS (Reverend) -4686, Cincinnati OH USA
1863 - Birth: Albert Fisher LAWS-29647, 
1866 - Burial: Alfred LAWS (Coachmakers apprentice) -3154, Wareham DOR UK
1877 - Birth: Charles Adolph LAWS-41009, NV USA
1879 - Death: William LAWS-7952, Middlesbrough NRY UK
1883 - Birth: Earl Grant LAWS-31730, Boulder CO USA
1892 - Death: Elsie Barbara LAWS-42845, Shillingstone DOR UK
1899 - Birth: Hilda Maud LAWES-118587, 
1902 - Birth: Thomas Brignell LAWS (RN CPO Stoker K58535 DSM 1945) -28699, 
           Brighton SSX UK

                                                                 Brighton SSX UK

1909 - Marriage: Zenos Marvin LAWS (Section Hand - Steam Railroad) -34173 and Mary Luella                    ROWLEY-45623, Diaz, Galeana, Chihuahua MEXICO
1909 - Enlistment: George LAWS (ARMY Private ) -54343, 
1913 - Birth: Robert S LAWS-52521, 
1914 - Birth: Arthur Rowland LAWS-167736, 
1918 - Military: Henry John LAWS (RN F5221) -47610, Served in HMS 'President ll'
1918 - Death: R LAWS (ARMY Private 18444) -45122, 
1919 - Birth: Victor James LAWS-35291, Martin Street, Rookwood (Lidcombe) NSW Australia
1931 - Will Proved: William James LAWES-2459, 
1934 - Death: Martha LAWS-122241, Poolville, Parker Co TX
1937 - Admon: Lewis Alfred LAWS (Electrical engineer) -3659, 
1943 - Death: George  LAWS (Innkeeper)-122920, Witham ESS UK
1943 - Death: Benjamin Elijah  LAWS- (Retired Boat Builder)7972, Berkhampsted HRT UK
1943 - Burial: William James LAWS-3892, Talbot, Bournemouth DOR (St Mark) UK

                                                        Bournemouth HAM UK

1944 - Military: A D LAWES (RAAF F/Sgt 1629171 10 Sqdn) -115976, 
1949 - Burial: Collins L LAWS (Military?) -38370, Park Grove Cemetery, Broken Arrow, Tulsa OK
1953 - Death: Ottis LAWS-42455, 
1953 - Death: Cecil O LAWS-41456, Rockcastle Co KY USA
1957 - Death: Agnes Elizabeth LAWS-121945, Ranwick NSW AUSTRALIA
2005 - Death: William T LAWS-42572, Valdese General Hospital, Granite Falls NC USA

1784 - Will Proved: John CHARTERS-34578, 
1812 - Birth: Elizabeth MCMINN-31595, Kirkcudbright KCD UK
1855 - Birth: Jennie Ann JOHNSON-34172, Kaneville, Pottawattamie IA (Council Bluffs) USA
1857 - Burial: Agnes T LAFFERTY-35418, Rookwood NSW AUSTRALIA (C of E Cemetery)
1866 - Miscellaneous: Thomas Edward Laws MOORE (Navy Captain) -38745, 
1908 - Death: Catherine STUART-41898, NBL
1909 - Birth: Rose BRAILSFORD-125393, Paddington MDX UK
1923 - Death: Robinson BELL (Jnr, Innkeeper) -41334, Wigton CUL
1945 - Death: Eva LaVon STREADBECK-39230, Provo UT USA
1963 - Death: Frederick William HOCKNELL- (French Polisher)46078, Edmonton MDX UK

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