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LFR 4 Oct Number 658

North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland

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If you are interested in anyone listed here, email us with the name, date and reference number, and we will happily do a look up, you might get a whole tree! 

Family Events
1601 - Marriage: John REEVE-53698 and Thomasin LAWES-53699, Barnham NFK
1761 - Christen: Robert LAWES-30694, Ryton DUR UK
1772 - Baptism: Mary LAWES-30842, Bishopstone by Salisbury WIL UK

                                                          Bishopstone WIL UK

1772 - Christen: William LAWES-616, Fittleton WIL UK
1824 - Birth: Elizabeth LAWES-30592, Hevingham NFK UK

                                                              Hevinghan NFK UK

1827 - Marriage: Samuel LAWS (Ag Lab) -7426 and Mary THACKHAM-7427, Newington SRY                UK
1837 - Birth: Henry LAWS-28686,
1843 - Burial: Eliza LAWS-58459, Fincham NFK UK
1846 - Marriage: John LOOKER (Stone Mason)-46150 and Rebecca LAWS-46149, Limerick                       IRELAND
1851 - Birth: Mary Adelaide LAWS-124325, NY NY United States
1859 - Enlistment: Francis LAWS (HM Customs) -51028, Whitby NRY UK

                                                               Whitby NRY UK

1861 - Birth: Elizabeth Jane LAWS-117771, Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA
1862 - Marriage: James FLETCHER-6321 and Barbara LAWS-6320, Lastingham NRY UK
1872 - Birth: William Henry LAWS-115887, TN USA
1883 - Death: John LAWS-116929, NBL UK
1891 - Birth: Daniel Shelvie LAWS-41199, Lebo, Coffey Kansas United States
1902 - Birth: Leslie Harry Walton LAWS-39034, Great Yarmouth NFK UK

                                                         Great Yarmouth NFK UK

1904 - Birth: Sidney Arthur LAWS-3094, LONDON
1904 - Death: Robert James LAWS (Railroad Official) -38530, Soda Springs, nr train wreck at Yubar            Pass, CA United States
1906 - Death: James A LAWS (Coal Miner - Hewer)-38344, Trimdon Grange Colliery DUR UK
1907 - Birth: Mona Edith LAWS-43850, Dulwich Hill, NSW Australia
1912 - Birth: George David LAWS (RNVR L/Cmdr MBE DSC) -39135, Orpington KEN UK
1913 - Birth: Sylvia Violet LAWS-43853, Martin Street, Rookwood (Lidcombe) NSW Australia
1915 - Birth: Arthur Leslie LAWS-121260,
1920 - Birth: Donald Reginald LAWS-122336,
1922 - Birth: Jes Willard LAWS (U.S. Army WWll veteran) -31217, Caldwell County NC
1925 - Birth: Victor LAWS-110667,
1925 - Birth: Chester Gaylord LAWS-5617, MO USA
1926 - Death: Ethel LAWS-118083, COONAMBLE NSW AUSTRALIA
1926 - Birth: Robert William LAWS-53069, Norwich NFK UK

                                                     The Cathedral, Norwich NFK UK

1928 - Death: Sylvester LAWS-49256,
1940 - Birth: Brenda Margaret LAWS-42798, Hamersmith MDX UK
1941 - Marriage: Harold Edward LAWS-52138 and Lilian May PHILLIPS-52140, Keithley WRY
1943 - Birth: Carrie Mae LAWS-40160, Fayette Co TX United States
1944 - Death: Frederick LAWS (RAFVR Sergeant 1593644 5 OTU) -45065, Sansum Narrows BC                CANADA Burial: Victoria BC CANADA Mon Ins: Ottawa CANADA
1949 - Death: William Henry LAWS-115887,
1951 - Birth: Camille Beth LAWS-40318, TX USA
1956 - Birth: Reba Jenese LAWS-40383, TX USA
1960 - Miscellaneous: Frederick George LAWS (Engineer) -36813,
1961 - Miscellaneous: LAWS Reginald William (Retired Builders Labourer) -58540,
1965 - Birth: Alistair Stuart LAWS (Company Director) -46323,
1971 - Death: Joseph Thomas LAWES (Furniture Remover) -59285, Southend-on-Sea ESS UK

             Southend on Sea ESS UK (The Longest pleasure pier in the world, has it's own railway)

1985 - Death: Ellen Flora LAWES (Hand Sewer) -47787, Norwich NFK UK
1995 - Miscellaneous: Elizabeth LAWS-33435,
1996 - Death: John S LAWS (Military Vetran) -42393,
2003 - Death: William Frank LAWS-30124, Southport QLD AUSTRALIA
2007 - Burial: Harry  LAWS (MRPharmS)-51584, Hadleigh SFK UK
2007 - Death: Sammye Carol LAWS-50855, Stanton TX UK

1801 - Birth: Mary THACKHAM-7427, Chertsey SRY UK
1813 - Birth: Charles Thomas WARDE-35661, Cubbington OXF UK
1857 - Baptism: Robert CHARTERS (Labourer) -44012, Torpenhow CUL
1874 - Burial: William Frederick CLEGG (Watchmaker) -44034, Ardwick, Manchester LAN
1911 - Birth: Arthur PECK-54115, Armley WRY UK
1930 - Birth: Audrey D BELSHAM-3261,
1944 - Birth: David Christopher SAVILLE (IT Consultant) -45191, Bromley MDX UK
1948 - Birth: Kerry Michael STUBBS-48352, Brentwood ESS UK
1961 - Admon: Florence Louise HURST-58541, 
2001 - Marriage: Scott Terence MILLS (Fleet Insurance) -46083 and Sarah SPEARPOINT-46084,              CYPRUS

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