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If you are a LAWS or a LAWES or have these surnames in your family or perhaps it sounds like this but in fact is spelt differently, we would love to hear from you, we need to extend and expand our knowledge of the families we have already discovered,

Come and join us, theres no better time than now.

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We reach out to all, regardless of race, colour, creed or national origin with support for researching family and documenting cultural inhertance

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If you are interested in anyone listed here, email us with the name, date and reference number, and we will happily do a look up, you might get a whole tree! 

Family Events
1662 - Will: Henry LAWES (Composer) -1226,
1769 - Marriage: John LAWS (Husbandman) -7347 and Elizabeth HORTON-7348, St.Mildreds,                  Canterbury KEN, Marriage Licences 1751-80
1800 - Birth: Henry LAWS (Ostler) -55530, Houghton Le Spring DUR UK
1822 - Marriage: Ann ROLFE-58442 and William LAWES-58441, Fincham NFK UK

                                                         Fincham NFK UK

1822 - Marriage: Ann HALL-58440 and Robert LAWES-58439, Fincham NFK UK
1823 - Marriage: Henry LAWS (Coal carrier) -6118 and Mary PAPSON-6119, Folkestone KEN UK

                                                             Folkestone KEN UK

1827 - Marriage: Thomas FULLER-47029 and Elizabeth LAWS-47030, Doddington CAM UK
1832 - Baptism: John Thomas LAWS (Labourer in Timber Yard) -6900, Overton WIL UK
1843 - Marriage: William LAWS (Ag Lab) -54906 and Elizabeth CLARKE-54907, Ipswich SFK                UK

                                         Old Houses in St Nicholas Street, Ipswich SFK UK

1844 - Marriage: John LAWS (Ag Lab) -4590 and Elizabeth WEBB-4595, KEN Lyminge KEN
1856 - Birth: Charlotte Maria LAWES-256, Walworth SRY UK
1862 - Death: Hannah LAWES (Widow) -1345, Beccles SFK UK

                                               Beccles & the River Waveney SFK  UK

1863 - Will  Proved: Sophia LAWS (Spinster) -8444, Canterbury KEN UK

                                                    The Cathedral, Canterbury KEN UK

1865 - Marriage: William B LAWS (Journeyman Tailor) -5814 and Jane A MARQUESS-5815,
1874 - Birth: Anna G Mead LAWS-33894, Bungay SFK UK

                                                             Bungay SFK UK

1882 - Marriage: Thomas LAWS (Wholesale provisions Manager) -8339 and Ellen Elizabeth                        BETTS-28704, Stoke Newington MDX UK
1882 - Birth: George Alpheus LAWS (Railway Ticket Collector) -120787, Portsmouth HAM UK

                                     HMS 'Victory' moored in Portsmouth Naval Dockyard

1883 - Death: Mary Ann WILSON (Farmer 400 acres 10 men 4 boys) -5636, Stamford LIN UK
1884 - Birth: Hannah Allison LAWS-41836, Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK

                                                     Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK

1891 - Marriage: Frank EAGER (Waiter) -57757 and Ellen LAWES (Domestic Servant) -54087,                  Greenwich KEN UK

                                                The Naval College, Greenwich KEN UK

1891 - Burial: Henry French LAWS-119600, Poole DOR UK
1895 - Marriage: John Henry ROBINSON-168123 and Lizzie Greenwell LAWS-43478,                                Monkwearmouth DUR UK
1895 - Death: John LAWS-7872, Dover KEN UK

                                                   The Castle, Dover KEN UK

1901 - Birth: Ernest LAWS-121759,
1906 - Birth: Alice Margaret LAWS-167716, Southwark SRY UK

                                           The Cathedral, Southwark SRY UK
                                             St Margarets, Felthorpe NFK UK

1907 - Birth: John David LAWS (Civilian War Dead WWII) -45105, London SW9
1909 - Marriage: Harry REED-2802 and Ellen Maria LAWES -2801, Felthorpe NFK UK
1914 - Birth: Nora LAWS-30529,
1916 - discharged: James Warren  LAWS (ARMY Private 1891)-54458,
1918 - Marriage: Frederick William Henry LAWES (Locomotive Engine Driver) -55492 and                        Victoria Edith Kate MOORE-55493, Brighton SSX UK

                                                          Brighton SSX UK

1918 - Burial: Eric Cecil LAWS (Army Private) -30818, West-Vlaanderen BELGIUM
1918 - Death: Charles LAWS (ARMY Private) -7915, FRANCE & FLANDERS, Killed in Action
1922 - Will  Proved: Edward William LAWS-5766,
1931 - Birth: Thomas LAWS (Retired Miner)-56761,
1942 - Death: Raymond Dwight LAWS (Air Corps Pilot) -56612, Puerto Rico
1944 - Birth: David Thomas LAWS (Taxi Driver) -50445, Battersea SRY UK
1946 - Miscellaneous: Emma Louisa LAWS (Widow) -122831,

1950 - Departure: Neville John E LAWS-119694, Middleton St George DUR UK
1950 - Departure: Beatrice Emma GALE-123397, Middleton St George DUR UK
1950 - Departure: Sydney Gibson LAWS (Civil Servant & Radiographer) -116210, Middleton St                  George DUR UK

1961 - Birth: Brian LAWS (Scunthorpe FC Manager) -37853, Wallsend NBL UK

                                      The Roman Fort, Hadrians Wall, Wallsend NBL UK

1963 - Miscellaneous: Victor William George LAWS-42791,
1963 - Miscellaneous: Ernest LAWS-49481,
1972 - Birth: Paul Edwin LAWS-44254, Caringbah, NSW AUSTRALIA
1975 - Burial: James Parley LAWS-34206, Blanding, San Juan Co UT United States
1976 - Death: Norman LAWS-30655, Lincoln LIN UK

                                        The Cathedral, from Castle Square Lincoln LIN UK

1980 - Birth: Nathan Alexander LAWS-117326,
1981 - Birth: Ricky Lee LAWES (Technician)-48143, Ferntree Gully, Yarra-Dandenong Ranges -                Victoria, Australia
1983 - Birth: Dawanna LAWS-42247,
1986 - Birth: Ashley LAWES-115955, Aylesbury BKM UK
1987 - Burial: Ollie Madie LAWS-37675, Memorial Park, Lamesa, TX USA

1859 - Death: Anne HALL-4608, Chelsea MDX UK
1860 - Birth: Tom WOODMAN-54071, Kington St Michael WIL UK
1881 - Will: Walton HARDY (Solicitors Clerk) -2076, 
1908 - Birth: Stella Elizabeth WACKETT-58746,
1910 - Burial: Ann CLIFFORD (Widow) -30165, Whitby NRY UK

                                               The Harbour, Whitby NRY UK

1910 - Birth: Fredrick William ARKLE-34774, Edmonton MDX UK
1912 - Birth: Ivy BRANT-34730, Edmonton MDX UK
1915 - Birth: Kathleen Lutrelle DESENIS-115432, Chicago IL United States
1917 - Death: Sarah ELGAR-205, Camberwell SRY UK
1927 - Birth: Helen India INGRAM-119183, Carter Co TN United States
1948 - Admon: Frances Ann WRIGHT-5855, 
1963 - Miscellaneous: Bettina Mary CRANFIELD-42792,
1963 - Miscellaneous: Peggy NELSON-49482, 
1991 - Death: Kathryn DAVIDSON-124612, Provo UT USA

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