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North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland

Welcome to the Laws Family Register. 


If you are a LAWS or a LAWES or have these surnames in your family or perhaps it sounds like this but in fact is spelt differently, we would love to hear from you, we need to extend and expand our knowledge of the families we have already discovered,

Come and join us, theres no better time than now.

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We reach out to all, regardless of race, colour, creed or national origin with support for researching family and documenting cultural inhertance

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If you are interested in anyone listed here, email us with the name, date and reference number, and we will happily do a look up, you might get a whole tree! 

Family Events
1604 - Marriage: John FAULX-20657 and Elen LAWS-45748, Narborough NFK UK
1721 - Burial: Innocent LAWS-5263, Richmond on Thames SRY UK

                                            Richmond on Thames, The River Thames

1754 - Marriage: James LAWS-7009 and Martha UTTING-7010, Felthorpe NFK UK

                                                    St Margarets, Felthorpe NFK UK

1762 - Marriage: William LAWS-30545 and Elizabeth DYBALL-30546, Costessey NFK UK

                                                        Costessey NFK UK

1772 - Marriage: John HALLS-55549 and Elizabeth LAWS-55548, Lakenheath SFK UK
1782 - Marriage: Joseph LAWS-3748 and Elizabeth RICHMOND - SMITH-3749, Heigham NFK              UK
1792 - Death: James LAWS-49752,
1813 - Birth: John LAWS-33915, Ditchingham NFK UK
1818 - Baptism: Luke LAWES (Ag Lab) -938, Coombe Bissett WIL UK

                                         St Michael All Angels, Coombe Bissett WIL UK

1819 - Birth: William LAWS-119868, Dover KEN UK

                                            The Norman Castle, Dover KEN UK

1829 - Christen: George Lewis LAWES-1763, Folkestone KEN UK

                                                  The Harbour, Dover KEN UK

1835 - Burial: Edmund LAWS-58455, Fincham NFK UK

                                                               Fincham NFK UK

1837 - Marriage: John LAWES (Labourer) -49545 and Mary Ann BALAAM-49546, Northampton              NTH UK
1847 - Birth: Isabella LAWS-7995, Cramlington NBL UK
1852 - Marriage: James KNIGHTS (Waterman) -50714 & Isabella LAWS-50715, Beccles SFK UK

                                            Beccles & the River Waveney SFK UK

1854 - Birth: George LAWS (Farmer 175 Acres) -6216, Black Heddon NBL UK
1855 - Death: Shadrach LAWS-34542, Paris VA United States
1865 - Death: Robert LAWS (Gardener) -168292, Dissington NBL UK
1869 - Birth: Elizabeth Jane LAWS-3794, Bedlington NBL UK
1876 - Birth: Roger William LAWS (Scholar) -6192, Beeston NFK UK
1887 - Miscellaneous: Henry LAWS (Railway Gateman)-5169,
1887 - Admon: Elizabeth LAWS-5163,
1896 - Baptism: Victor Percival LAWS-4151, Haverland NFK UK
1900 - Enlistment: Bertram LAWS- (ARMY 5895) 50215, Maidstone KEN UK

                                           Maidstone & the River Medway KEN UK

1904 - Death: Joseph LAWES-2909, Hillside, Caversham OXF UK
1906 - Birth: Violet Irene LAWES-122340,
1910 - Birth: Reuben William LAWS-54817, Mortlake SRY UK
1912 - Birth: James Frederick LAWS-48777, Cowra QLD Australia
1915 - Death: Francis LAWS (ARMY Private 19389) -45063,
1918 - Death: Herbert LAWS (ARMY Rifleman 8780) -7918, killed in Action
1921 - Death: Herbert LAWS-6828, Ilford ESS UK
1922 - Birth: Harold Jameson LAWS-168143,
1925 - Birth: Henry L LAWS (SM Sgt US Air Force) -37989,
1928 - Marriage: Walter Oliver FOSTER-125564 and Mabel Vivian LAWS-30077,
1930 - Death: William Austin LAWES-497, Vancover BC CANADA
1933 - Birth: Gerald Francis LAWES-122161, Devonport DEV UK
1933 - Birth: David Alan LAWES (Company Director) -46377, Northampton NTH UK
1934 - Will  Proved: Mary Ann LAWS (Spinster) -7778,
1936 - Death: Henry LAWS (Driller & Miner) -9419, Seaham Harbour DUR UK
1940 - Birth: Jean Phillippa LAWS-39909, England
1947 - Marriage: Donald Bruce NUTTER-30894 and Beryl Elizabeth LAWS
          (Company Director)-30892, Nunhead SRY (St Silas) UK
1947 - Birth: Robert Terry LAWS-42557, High Point
1951 - Death: Martha Matilda LAWS-125486, Caudwell Co NC United States
1952 - Birth: Charlotte Elaine LAWS-40332, TX USA
1954 - Burial: Eliza Watts LAWS-30907, Fawkner Crem & Memorial Park, VIC Australia
1955 - Birth: Catherine LAWS (Company Director) -46442,
1962 - Miscellaneous: Albert William LAWES (Decorator) -124221,
1962 - Admon: Malcolm James LAWES-124220,
1966 - Burial: Billy Wayne LAWS (US Marine) -31885, Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery                      Kansas USA
1972 - Death: Leonardo Samuel LAWS-7577, Kirkley SFK UK
1973 - Death: Hector Leslie Gunton LAWS (Australian ARMY V364820) -32334, Maffra, VIC                    Australia
1973 - Birth: Kimberley Susan LAWS-29704, TX USA
1975 - Death: James Parley LAWS-34206, Blanding, San Juan Co UT
1976 - Death: Scott L LAWS (PFC US ARMY) -38082,
1997 - Death: Charles Ernest Leo LAWS-35311, Wentworthville NSW Australia

1808 - Marriage: Robert LOTHERINGTON-121336 and Mary Ann FORREST -7705,
           Rotherhithe SRY UK (My Third Great Grandparents)

1834 -Birth: Thomas KING-30898, Newborough NTH UK
1858 - Marriage: Phillip HATTON-48006 and Mary WOOLES-52029, Newnham GLS UK
          (My wifes 3rd great Grand Uncle)

1880 - Birth: Daisey Agnes PITMAN-39458, Corvallis OR USA
1885 - Birth: George S WOOD-125450, Stepney MDX UK
1886 - Birth: Jessie HAY-52253, Attenburrow, Timaru, New Zealand
1895 - Birth: Alice Rosina COWARD-168298, Wandsworth SRY UK
1899 - Birth: Laura Ann TILLSON-124530, 
1912 - Birth: Mayabelle Rosabelle DEVLIN-117090, Brandon MANITOBA CANADA
1917 - Birth: Harley ARMITSTEAD-30099, Warwick, QLD Australia
1930 - Birth: Pamela Coralie BEWLEY-53070, Kensington MDX UK
1951 - Death: Hattie EBERLY-56931, Louisville KY United States
1961 - Death: Kathleen Mary BELSON-43814, Upper Barron Atherton Queensland Australia
1974 - Birth: Scott Terence MILLS (Fleet Insurance) -46083, Romford ESS UK
1986 - Marriage: David COCKS-47047 and Susan Elaine CANEY (Lab Technician) -47048,                       Basingstoke HAM UK

                                                  The Canal, Basingstoke HAM UK

1991 - Death: Clayton Laws KIRBY (Baseball Player) -119977,
2013 - Burial: Mildred Leola WALL-123340, Boiling Springs SC United States

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