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LFR 3 Oct Number 657

North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland

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Family Events
1742 - Marriage: Henry LAWES-32187 and Mary PETTS-32188,
1756 - Birth: Elizabeth LAWS-3919, Billerica, Middlesex Co. MA USA
1777 - Baptism: Ann LAWS-27464, Stamfordham NBL UK
1804 - Birth: John LAWS-54545, Swannington NFK UK

                                                        Swannington NFK UK

1805 - Marriage: Joseph WRIGHT-41255 and Sally LAWS-41254, Westford, Middlesex Co MA
1834 - Marriage: James Watts BACH-2252 and Harriet LAWES-2251, St.George Hanover Sq MDX, Special Licence

                                                               St GHS MDX UK

1843 - Birth: Charles Bennett LAWES (Sculptor) -226, Teignmouth DEV UK

                                                        Teignmouth DEV UK

1848 - Marriage: William Woods TAYLOR-57765 and Elizabeth Ann LAWS-57764,
           Plumstead KEN UK
1870 - Birth: James LAWES-2870, Felthorpe NFK UK

Felthorpe St Margarets NFK UK

1877 - Death: Johanna Hendrina LAWS-116925, Prudhoe NBL UK

                                                       The Castle, Prudhoe NBL UK

1885 - Birth: Harold Stewart LAWS (Reverend) -29946, Gaspe, Quebec CANADA
1896 - Birth: Walter Edward LAWS-42334,
1906 - Baptism: Norah LAWS-167887, Walworth SRY UK
1906 - Birth: Lincoln Dahl LAWS-41012, MN United States
1907 - Birth: William H LAWS-99907,
1908 - Birth: Stanley Coupland LAWES-115719, Sutton St James LIN UK

                                                           Sutton St James LIN UK

1910 - Burial: Sarah Ann LAWS-119592, Wareham DOR UK

                                                         Wareham DOR UK

1918 - Death: H N LAWS (ARMY Private 201879) -45084,
1919 - Birth: Vera Autumn Joyce LAWES-29279, Newport IOW UK
1921 - Death: Charles LAWS (Brickmaker) -49666, Dunedoo NSW AUSTRALIA
1921 - Miscellaneous: Alfred LAWES (Steward & Cook on Ship)-45869,
1925 - Marriage: Thomas Wayne LAWS-31109 and Pearl GRIFFITHS-31110,
1928 - Marriage: Alwyn Keith WARREN (Reverend) -49619 and Doreen Edna LAWS (Servant)                - 45784, Chelsea MDX UK

Chelsea Royal Hospital & some of the In-Pensioners

1928 - Marriage: George DOWE-3725 and Edith Louise LAWS-3724, Havingland NFK UK

                                             Havingland NFK UK (Note the round tower)

1930 - Birth: Billy Rae LAWS-40942, OK United States
1933 - Birth: Mary Dyneice LAWS-30131,
1946 - Death: Elizabeth Jemima LAWES (Spinster) -122953, Crampmoor HAM UK
1947 - Birth: Virden Newton LAWS-40246, Dallas TX United States
1949 - Birth: Barry Charles LAWS-37758, Coonabarabran, NSW, Australia
1950 - Birth: Ronald Wayne LAWS-40308, TX United States
1950 - Birth: Ronnie LAWS (Jazz Saxophonist) -39275, Houston, Harris Co TX United States
1952 - Death: Johanna Lydia LAWS-3420, Queenscliffe VIC AUSTRALIA
1953 - Birth: Sandra Gail LAWS-40350, TX USA
1960 - Birth: Nancy Anne LAWS-40418, TX USA
1961 - Residence: George William LAWS-123246, Marshland St James NFK UK
1961 - Death: George William LAWS-123246, Kings Lynn NFK UK

                                           Kings Lynn on the River Great Ouse, NFK UK

1961 - Burial: George Nixon LAWS (Army) -38035, Brisbane QLD AUSTRALIA
1962 - Death: William Arthur LAWES (Ag Lab)-34843, Otterbourne HAM UK
1964 - Death: Albert Frederick Horatio LAWS (Locomotive Driver London Tilbury & Southend                  Railway) -46074, West Ham ESS UK
1967 - Birth: Anita LAWS-50946, NBL UK
1967 - Birth: Darrel Wayne LAWS-40498, TX USA
1974 - Birth: Angela LAWS (Company Director) -46340,
1975 - Birth: Miranda Lynne LAWS-40597, TX USA
1979 - Birth: Brendon LAWS-43897,
1980 - Birth: Herbert Lee LAWS (Jnr) -40661, TX USA
1981 - Death: Nancy Elizabeth LAWS (Lizzie)-49200, Yancy Co NC United States
1982 - Marriage: Walter Garrard LAWS-117800 and Gladys PAGE-117803, Tathra NSW                            AUSTRALIA
1986 - Birth: Candance Elaine LAWS-40766, TX USA
1991 - Burial: Donald Raphael LAWES-57926, Worthing SSX UK
1998 - Marriage: John William LAWS-56218 and Melissa Kaye STEVENSON-56219, Newcastle,              NSW AUSTRALIA
2002 - Birth: Maxim LAWES-48269, Norwich NFK UK

                                                      The Cathedral, Norwich NFK UK

2011 - Death: Linton Harmer LAWS (Farmer) -3432, Melbourne VIC AUSTRALIA
2014 - Death: Arthur Grant LAWS-124614,

1811 - Death: Ann ATKINSON-3625, Great Yarmouth NFK UK

                                                     Great Yarmouth NFK UK

1855 - Birth: James HILL (Locomotive Driver) -55721, Gloucester, Ross Hereford ?
1895 - Residence: John CHARTERS (Builder) -34592, Upper Mill WRY
           (My wifes Grt grandfather)
1925 - Marriage: William JENNINGS (Trammer) -125216 and Edith LINDLEY (Land Worker)               - 125217, Stanley WRY UK
1926 - Birth: Francis Dominic LOGAN-30133,
1937 - Death: Fanny Eleanor FENEMORE-116755, The Nook, St.Mildreds Avenue, Broadstairs                  KEN UK

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